Assisting my friend, Author,  LA Marzulli and his quest for donations to a once in a lifetime trip to Mayan’s Chichen Itza, Mexico, December 2012!

This is the El Castillo Pyramid that boasts of legendary Quetzecoatl,  the fiery feathered serpent beast’s expected return, specifically December 2012, to rule and reign over humanity.  Supernatural warfare will intensify for the souls of millions who are expected to attend the event.

Help if you can–prayers also appreciated.  Blessings


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    • Hi Maurie! Thanks for all your prayers. LA Marzulli is quite close to his goal. I believe it’s going to be quite a trip (I did invest $$). I can’t go but I like adventure and I certainly like the idea of punching the enemy in the face!

      Will keep updating info as I receive it.


      • Hi Mary, nice to hear from on a personal basis….a long time eh ?.. Trivia , we leave to join our Son in Auckland N.Z. Saturday Aug 18th. on a permanent basis … Blessings Maurie & Margaret

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