Crying…at the Church Door

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“Crying…at the Church Door” by friend and Author, Jeanne Webster.  She has struck a nerve about the church doors not being open on a daily basis to serve the needs of people who want to go to the Lord and pray in solitude or in “one accord.”

“The day we shut up the doors to God’s house for anything but per functionary events was the day we turned the needs of the people over to Satan.”

I saw this article late last night and prayed to the Lord if He wanted me to reblog it.  Since it’s late at night I thought I would forget about it so I asked the Lord to remind me if He, indeed, wanted me to reblog it.

In prayer this morning, He reminded me about the article. So, Jeanne, my friend, it’s God who wants to make His church available to everyone 24/7.

Thanks for hearing from Him and doing His will.

 Crying In The Chapel

 by Elvis Presley





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2 thoughts on “Crying…at the Church Door

  1. Thank you for praying about this with me, Mary. My spirit is and was convicted of this need and I pray church pastors and leaders will take this to the Lord also. Where does the soul go to find solace today…in drugs, movies, video games, alcohol, casinos, and movies? We need the Lord!

    Shalom, sis.

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