NWO: Are You Prepared?

  • all the people rejoiced that God had prepared the people, since the events took place so suddenly. (2 Chronicles 29:36)
Strait of Hormutz

Strait of Hormutz

I recently read a blog where the author states he visits different portions of the United States and has found that there are so many citizens highly concerned over the current sinister events or “end times” taking place in the United States, particularly the massing of armada ships in the Strait of Hormutz.

I note that they were almost resigned to allowing events control their lives,  a very depressing scenario.

Global events are rapidly accelerating and we’re at the cusp of WW III as a result of unjust laws.

The wheels are in motion, financial collapse is looming too close for comfort–US currency will be no more as we know it very soon.

Nations have  naval ships stationed at the Strait of Hormutz in the Persian Gulf waiting for their final orders before firing their weapons.

Civil unrest is expected to break loose in the United States, igniting Martial Law, and likely in other countries as the situation worsens.

Laws in the United States have been implemented that will forever change the normal lives of the average citizen, stripping our rights–in the name of the government, the New World Order (Agenda 21).

Below is my response to this despondency:

“Jesus fought long before he died…

”Then Jesus went into the temple of God and drove out all those who bought and sold in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who sold doves.” (Matthew 21:12)

So, too, must we continue to fight the good fight that the Lord started.  If we don’t like something evil, do something about it.  Stand up and fight.  Sign petitions, pray, approach the blind with the good news, change the status of the underprivileged.  Do something–educate the people.

Stand against tyranny, after all our forefathers stood against tyranny, so must we.

We must count for something and not just complain.  So, too, must we fight before we die.

Hope to hear Him say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

Are we truly His “servants?”

I pray and plead the Blood of the Lamb daily over myself, my family and the United States.   I’d like to believe that there are others who are doing the same.

Perhaps with deluge of prayer into God’s throne room will be enough to avert the upcoming disastrous events.

  • “People crushed by law, have no hopes but from power. If laws are their enemies, they will be enemies to laws; and those who have much to hope and nothing to lose, will always be dangerous.” (Edmund Burke Oct 8, 1777, letter to Charles James Fox)

 Mear One – Allegory Of Complacency




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