Under The Shadows Of Darkness

 Under the shadows of darkness

Stream moon beams of light

Shafts of sunshine

Beaming by my side.

Under the shadows of darkness

Dismal in disrepair

Comes a glimmer of hope,

Flickering in the fire

Hints of restoration

Igniting sparks of life

Traces of life’s yester year

Patching the broken heart pieces

Darning, mending the vibrant vessels

Sparkling in the night.

Under the shadows of darkness

Ever by my side

Spewing its evil ways

Trying to take me away.

Under the shadows of darkness

Rippling in the night

Unaware of my Lord Knight’s saving grace

Ever ready to sweep me away.

Riding high up past the gleaming stars

Holding me close to His beating heart

Tightly winding up through celestial skies

Heaven’s doors at the ready to whisk me away

Into His eternal safety

Beyond those gleaming pearly gates

Breaking the shadows of darkness

From breaching heaven’s doorway evermore.

@ by Mary Pacheco


2 thoughts on “Under The Shadows Of Darkness

  1. Beathtakingly beautiful poem Mary! Someday I’ll be taken away, up, up until I too reach heaven’s door, so evil will hold no power over me forever more. Such inspiring and hopeful words, words of safety with the message of eternal rest for those who are God’s children. Bless you my friend.
    Lily (lilygodsgirl)

  2. Hi Lily! I was working on an entirely different topic when I got inspired to work on a poem and the words just “came.’ It’s true that we should always point our lives in Jesus’ direction.

    Thanks always for your kind and encouraging words my friend.


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