Uncle Sam, My Man

George Washington Praying

George Washington Praying

Uncle Sam, My Man

by Mary Pacheco


You promised me freedom from tyranny,

Uncle Sam, My Man.

It’s been written with the lives of those who fought in the Revolution,

Instituting the Constitution,

Adorned with the Bill of Rights,

Marked, “We the People”

Granting us Unalienable Rights,

Uncle Sam, My Man.

George Washington crossed the Delaware for me

Treading the hard cold winters, praying on bended knee,

to the Lord for victory,

Strengthened by the thoughts of religious freedoms,

Uncle Sam, My Man.

For a while it seemed all was well in the good old USA,

Uncle Sam, My Man.

Bells ringing in each new year, with promises of an

Even better life from the previous year,

Uncle Sam, My Man.

Then slowly, a planned evil, in disguise, you call Agenda 21

Crept across this mighty land,

Stealing, killing our freedoms.

From sea to shiny sea,

One by one, you tore down our rights,

Smearing, choking out the dreams of a life long past.

You forced your tyrannical ideology on me.

One New World Order, you call it

Uncle Sam, My Man.

One global system

One government

One economy

One military

One society

One religion

Each trampling deep on long hard fought freedom rights.

We had visions of fulfilling our dreams.

But you stole our livelihood

“Sold to the highest bidder!” to the bankers you said,

throwing us into bondage,

Uncle Sam, My Man.

But I’m here to say,

Uncle Sam, My Man,

God’s Watchers are sounding the alarm,

From the purple mountains of Tennessee, to the Gulf States,

From Washington State to the high rises of New York,

From the hills of Texas,

Citizens are rising from their sleep

For United We Stand.

We march forward heavily armed with the Sword of the Spirit,

Reclaiming our freedoms

One Nation, indivisible with Liberty and Justice for All

Let freedom ring once again

and “Let My People Go!”

Uncle Sam, My Man

@ by Mary Pacheco




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2 thoughts on “Uncle Sam, My Man

  1. My friend you have blown me out of the water totally with your words and the truth of your poetry! What an awesome work of words God has blessed you to produce. God amazes me many times through His people, just as He did with you and your poetry. This is a very special piece my friend, in fact you should be up the Nobel Peace Prize Award! 🙂
    Blessings my friend,
    Lily (lilygodsgirl)

  2. Dear Lily:

    Hello my faithful friend. Thank you for your very, very kind words of encouragement. Glad you liked the poetry. I was watching Mear One (on Youtube) admiring his artistic abilities to bring about discussion on the New World Order to people directly off the sidewalk and started thinking how I could use words to express my point of view.

    Here’s to the Lord for His indwelling in me to encourage me in His endeavor.

    Blessings to you Lily.

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