Papal Conclave Oath of Secrecy

Thrilling!  Just caught a glimpse of never before scenes in the Vatican City, Rome,  of the 115 Catholic Cardinals gathered together from around the world, taking an oath of secrecy for their upcoming elections for the new Pope in the Sistine Chapel.

Holy Bible

Holy Bible

The Sistine Chapel was lined in rows of seats along the inner walls which are heavily draped with Michelangelo’s mosaic art.

It was a solemn and  serene occasion as each Cardinal clothed in graceful crimson robes walked forming a single line in a procession to a golden ornate stand encrusted in jewels on the sides, holding a book of the majestic holy gospels, the Bible, written in Latin.

Each Cardinal read an entry in this Bible while holding his right hand over it, silently committing to “promise, pledge and swear” to uphold the oath of secrecy, then stepping aside  while the next Cardinal immediately behind him came forward to also commit himself to the oath of secrecy.

Then the last Cardinal took his oath and the echos of the massive, wide and elaborately carved wooden, mahogany colored, doors were shut from the public and locked from the inside while  Swiss Guards stood  in alert and attention immediately outside one on each side of  the conclave.

 Cardinal electors vow to keep conclave proceedings secret

 Sistine Chapel ready for Conclave

Who will be the next Pope?  Who will the Cardinals vote for that will perhaps bring about St. Malachy‘s, The Prophecy of the Popes?

The first vote will be held this afternoon and perhaps by late Wednesday a final vote and the new Pope elected.




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