New Pope: Jorge Mario Bergoglio now Pope Francis I

Pope Francis I

Pope Francis I

New Pope Elected!

3 13 13

Wednesday, 1:45 pm cst; 8:00 pm Italian time

The white smoke appeared overhead—a new Pope has been elected!

I am waiting for his name and appearance at the St. Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City, Rome.

Watched as the Benedictine Band marched up the street to place themselves in front of the Basilica to play an introduction to the new Pope who is scheduled to appear in front of the doors of the balcony to wave to the massive crowds of people waiting in anticipation.

Also, there is a company of guards lining the front of the Basilica holding swords, standing in attention.

What a mystery!  The new name hasn’t been made public yet!

People from all nations are represented in the crowds, oriental, Italians, Caucasian, Americans, students, etc.  There are arms and flags waving and cheering in anticipation and smiling their approval to the end of the conclave.

This history making moment ushers in an era of, hopefully, changes in the Church for the better—better communication, better spiritual leadership with responsibility and accountability for their actions, between the church and its faithful followers.

Also, there is a company of guards lining the front of the Basilica holding swords, standing in attention.

How suspenseful!  Lights are now appearing behind the massive windows of the balcony.  Everyone is waiting for those powerful words to be spoken and then followed by the name of the new Pope in Latin:

“French Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, the senior cardinal in the order of the deacons, is expected to step onto the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica shortly to announce, “Habemus Papam,” Latin for “We have a pope.” (source: ABC World News)

For the moment though, anyone notice today’s numerical date?  3 13 13 How many 3’s does it take to get anyone’s attention? The #3 stands for the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit! How significant!?

The the curtains were drawn and out stepped the cardinals to announce the new Pope amid tears of joy and clapping.

The newly elected Pope, from Argentina is 76-year-old, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a Jesuit from Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He has taken the title: Pope Francis I.

It’s being reported that this Pope had a vision from the Lord Jesus:  “Francis, rebuild my church!”

At the time of the vision, he didn’t understand the name Francis until now.

Prayers of peace for the world going out from the balcony from this new Pope!




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