A Hurtless Heart

William Blake's etching/watercolour "Anci...

A Hurtless Heart

by Mary Pacheco,



Time, over the years, I gave you my heart,

a hurtless heart.

Through the laughter through the tears of a growing child,

I caressed my hurtless heart.

Contented, uncommitted to others, a youth,

Ever swiftly stepping into adulthood.

Now one lonely evening,

I looked up at the azure, cloudless sky,

Through the varying tones of blues and thin layers of fluffy whites,

Giving way to the shining flashing stars,

In my hurtless heart.

Oblivious to the true meaning of untainted caring,

l saw the wheels of you, Time,  whirling, flashing embers of fire,

High up in the sky,

With its spokes representing the could have been,

Each recording acts denying the true values of life:

a worshipping heart,

A marriage, a wife, a child,

The moral ideals of the breath of life.

Time, you were madly spinning past the pages of events of denied cares,

 Each firm shaft carried my unspoken secrets of secrets,

The twinge of a hurting heart.

By and by Time, you moved your gnarling hands of age,

Hurtling past what I thought was a hurtless heart.

Then the booming voice of the One called Ancient of Days,

The Father of Time, spoke clearly:

“Your hurtless heart hurts!”

“You cannot complete your life’s journey

Without a healthy heart.”

“It crept inside your chest from each perceived denied care.”

“I have inclined mine ear onto you;”

“I’ve come to rescue your hurting heart.”

Leaning forward He fanned His fiery breath into me,

In a flash, He healed my hurting heart.

Relieved, with a quickening, grateful heart,

because He has inclined His ear unto me,

I will call upon Him as long as I live.

For He has saved me from

A hurtless but hurting heart,

Restoring in me a clean perfect heart!

@ by Mary Pacheco




Ms. Mary Pacheco,

aka: SeashoreMary

Christian Author, Website Designer,  Website Consultant

Corpus Christi Website Designs   Youtube Channel   Abide In Me   Twitter


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