Fleecing God’s People: Due Diligence

Exposing the Ponzi Masters

Exposing the Ponzi Masters

eBook Review:  Exposing the Ponzi Masters

by James L. Paris, Author


I wrote the following review on Exposing the Ponzi Masters, an e-book Kindle edition, written by James L. Paris, Author, now appearing on Amazon.com:

The powerful eBook front cover reflects the strength of Christ the Redeemer (identifiable to the Christian) in the  background with hands extended to the impressive bold Title text fonts.

I read this e-book from beginning to end in one rainy afternoon. I couldn’t walk away because this book simply riveted my attention. I love to read mystery criminal stories and this is e-book is a very large financial based criminal  story.

The story is a genuine adventure, a true life experience for the author, James L. Paris, who undertook a year’s worth of his personal time out to explore the structure and the validity of the Profitable Sunrise program that masterfully targeted trusting Christians.

Profitable Sunrise:

One lead led James L. Paris to another lead, similar to a hunter hunting a rabbit in a heavily mazed wooded area; Profitable Sunrise, too, spanned the world in a maze of locations, from the U.S. to operating in offshore entities, as well as Birmingham, England, to Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Panama, New Zealand, Australia, the African island of Seychelles, and finally to where it ends, the tiny town of Bryan, Ohio.

A professional hunter would use a rifle to bring down its intended victim, the naive, ignorant rabbit, who found himself exposed in open view ready to be pounced on, as did Profitable Sunrise who built on “cult-like statements of faith” i.e., “Professionals will lead you to prosperity and peace, if you follow us, you will shortly `praise the Lord’ that he led you here.” They constantly referred to Christian based programs that they were funding to help better their lives in third world countries, as a ruse to exploit the trust of the Christian investor to release their finances into the Profitable Sunrise company.

Unusual Rates of Interest:

The lens of Profitable Sunrise were zeroed in on giving hope to the investor to reap a reward from multi-level  interest rates from 2.7% – 3% per day (noted impossible rates of return) to 4% a day scheme.

As an example: a $500,000 loan for funding a McDonald’s franchise ( the interest owed on 2.7% for 20 business days would be $351,000! (Profitable Sunrise charged interest, and paid out interest to investors, based on the Monday through Friday business week).

Profitable Sunrise guaranteed a Risk-Free scenario: An investment with a certain rate of return and no chance of default, inclusive of the Simple Security, a security which is equal to the amount of loan plus the interest on the loan.

The rates of return quoted were astronomical, which automatically placed discernment blinders on the Christian investors (including pastors) to do due diligence to check out how great this program really was or wasn’t.

James L. Paris,

With James L. Paris’ “hunter and investigative” capabilities, his financial experience acumen, his masterful abilities in using various internet tools, including Google Maps (street level) for tracking, and accessing his professional resources, he exposed the scam to the public using his Christianmoney.com blog, he notified various law enforcement agencies at local, national, and international levels and alerting news media resulting in “Profitable Sunrise and Inter Reef, Ltd., from Birmingham, England, were deemed to be operating illegally in the United States after multiple temporary cease and desist orders became permanent when no response was filed.”

James Paris’ statement “join me on an e-ticket ride into the dark world of Ponzi schemes, money laundering, international bank accounts, shell corporations, and black market weapons trafficking,” is an understatement. The eBook contains links to a large number of audio and video files-many that I did actually take time to review and hear plus supporting images. This function lends even more reliable credibility into the dark world of evil the greed of theft mentality.

Video #1 Nancy Jo Frazer:

Nancy Jo Frazer’s “credentials” would be considered impeccable. She first suspected then perceived that Profitable Sunrise was a dubious offshore company! She sold the offshore regulations concept that they are not as strict as in the U.S.

The company is not structured to sell a “product”. They rent money to a private lending arm that is then paying a daily award–that’s the cycle. She clearly was advising that the program was free from the Atty General’s or FCC

Even though she admits she is not a licensed securities officer, she sold Profitable Sunrise as a global charity–a 501 (c) (3) for tax purposes and called it “being blessed.” She created an image of exemption by using known Christian cult-like language, ie.: “Personal fund-raising finances for creating scholarships for kids, making the investor debt free stewards. She encouraged “In other words don’t use language referring to securities (in response to the question `Are you selling securities?’) defer to personal fund-raising.”

Video #2 Interview with Lynn Edgington:

The interview with Lynn Edgington Founder of Eagle Research Associates a non-profit fraud-busters organization–Realscam.com is a must hear interview–very detailed plus he lent a synopsis of why people will fall for these Ponzi schemes with patterns of inconsistencies.

Arch Villain/Criminal, Roman Novak:

Is Roman Novak real? Purportedly he is the primary criminal mastermind of Profitable Sunrise. Is he real? There doesn’t appear to be any viable identifiable information available on him. Other than Nancy Jo Frazer, no one has seen or spoken to him. No one knows where is located?

He was, however, court ordered to cease and desist Profitable Sunrise from the State of North Carolina.

Is it business as usual for Mr. Novak? Will he continue to operate Profitable Sunrise under another name?

The monetary estimates of Profitable Sunrise profits range between $100,000-$450,000 plus, making it
almost a million dollar scam, perhaps more.

Due diligence:

Due diligence answers to the very basic questions normally asked before anyone makes an investment into anything.

Having to simply accept certain things by “faith” can turn a trusting Christian into a professional con artist using their gifts of persuasion. This one characteristic is greatly abused because many Christians knowingly led many unsuspecting Christians into the scheme.

Avoid being fleeced. Christians should not automatically place their trust in just anyone, sometimes not even the friendly pastor, simply because they share the same faith.

Great work, great investigative techniques, great scenario and lastly great learning lessons involved.

Profitable Sunrise Book – Shocking New Information About Profitable

(James L. Paris)

You can purchase the e-Book (Kindle Version) through Amazon:

Exposing the Ponzi Masters

Exposing the Ponzi Masters



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2 thoughts on “Fleecing God’s People: Due Diligence

  1. Hello Mary:
    It’s been some time since I could make it to Abide in Me Blog and I’ve sure missed being here. Fine job on the E-Book review for James L. Paris new book, Exposing the Ponzi Masters. What must James have felt when it dawned on him what he was into! Then the courage and tenacity to go forward and expose the villians duping our Christian brothers and sisters. We are so blessed he is such a man of God!
    Yours sister in Christ,
    Lily (lilygodsgirl) 🙂

    • Hi Lily! Yes, we definitely are blessed to have Jim Paris as our coach and mentor. His journey into the shadowy world of the Ponzi Masters was an eye opener for him, I’m sure.

      I think his curiosity drove him then developed into a compulsion to see the process through to it’s end. However, I don’t think it’s over–there are still too many questions that are not answered yet.

      Thanks for visiting my friend.

      Have a great day in the Lord.



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