Executive Order 11110, Did The Fed Kill JFK? eBook Review

Executive Order 11110, Did The Fed Kill JFK

Executive Order 11110, Did The Fed Kill JFK?

by Author James L. Paris

and co-Author Robert G. Yetman, Jr.

eBook Review


With the commemoration and 50th anniversary of the assassination of  President John F. Kennedy, November 22, 1963,  not much attention, if any at all, has been placed on the very powerful Federal Reserve banking system as the prime suspect.

Author James L. Paris with co-author,  Robert G. Yetman, Jr.,  make their case on why the forceful Federal Reserve should be considered the prime suspect.

Parts 1 & 2: Introduction & Assassination Theories

The eBook opening chapter explores some of Kennedy’s compelling enemies “conspiracy theory” connections  ie.:  reported sour relationship between Kennedy and Vice President, Lyndon Johnson,  the CIA, Mafia organized crime, the Russians, Fidel Castro’s the Cuban rebels who had been failed by Kennedy to give enough air support to overtake Fidel Castro referring to the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. The authors didn’t overlook the commanding Military Industrial Complex theory either.  This involves pulling  the military from the Viet Nam conflict.  Kennedy had cancelled millions in military contracts–war is lucrative in terms of finances and the military wanted to keep the “cash flowing.”

Various forms of historical currency is explained  including the value of the U.S. currency.

Part 3:  What is the Federal Reserve

A very IMPORTANT CHAPTER because the authors explain the Federal Reserve Act and the controlling Federal Reserve System aka: the “Fed” who manage the central banking mechanism in the U.S. by manipulating interest rates.  (JFK Assassination Executive Order 11110 – Did The Fed Kill JFK? (Kindle Locations 551-553). Premier Financial Communications. Kindle Edition. )

Explaining the Why’s:

The authors explain the before and after  circumstances and why the creation of the Federal Reserve System and its impact on American financial applications.  They explain why Great Britain, with its own financial debts, was so adamant on taking control of the newly created colonies and colonists, the “central bank” concept with chartering expiration including power grabbing between pro and con central banking illustrating President Andrew Jackson’s interest against the central banking systems.

Part IVA History of the Federal Reserve And It’s Influence

Content includes:

  • the 1907 financial crises Panic
  • reformation of the financial system
  • taking into consideration “a mix of public and private interests.”
  • the 1913 Federal Reserve Act
  • the blueprint introduction of the Aldrich Plan (pro-central banking system) was created in secret at Jekyll Island
  • the Jekyll Island meeting’s “participants were what many would consider an insidious mix of public officials and private bankers, getting together to iron out their vision of an elite-centered financial system to which the rest of the country would be forced to adhere.” (source: Paris, James L.; Yetman Jr., Robert G. (2013-11-22). JFK Assassination: Executive Order 11110 – Did The Fed Kill JFK? (Kindle Locations 551-553). Premier Financial Communications. Kindle Edition. ) For a list of the powerful influential attendees, read the eBook you will be surprised (or not) of the many familiar names involved.
  • Federal Banking Agency Audit Act of 1978 and it’s “exclusions”
  • Elasticity, inelasticity (the inflation/deflation concepts)
  • and Fractional reserve banking (sound or unsound banking practices)
  • social engineering
  • The Fed is the financier of War (war bonds i.e. financing the View Nam War)
  • Quantitive Easing (QE)

Part V: Did the Fed Kill JFK?

Introduces Presidential Executive Order 11110 (the issuing silver certificates) signed by President John F. Kennedy 6/4/1963 This Executive Order gave the authority to the United States Treasury to print money with complete autonomy from the Federal Reserve. (source: Paris, James L.; Yetman Jr., Robert G. (2013-11-22). JFK Assassination: Executive Order 11110 – Did The Fed Kill JFK? (Kindle Locations 765-766). Premier Financial Communications. Kindle Edition.) In other words, the Executive Order  would seriously end or heavily damage the powerful influence of the Fed.

My Question’s:

Q: Is the Fed representative of the foundations of America?

Q: Does a conflict of interest permeate the Fed in its lending policies without government interference and/or semi-auditing?

Q:  Does the Fed encourage or work with transparency?

Q: Does the U.S. government (the GAO) really have “influence” through governance with the Fed or does the U.S. “just recommend” policy?

Q  Can we repeal “Acts” to require the bankers to adhere to fair auditing practices that all other businesses are required to follow and disallow existing “exclusions?”

Q: Congress has the power “to coin money, regulate the value thereof” so why doesn’t it?

Q: Why allow the Fed to work under Constitutional power?

The answers are found in the eBook.


The authors will walk the reader through a two-fold revelation on the conspiracy theory of “Executive Order 11110-Did The Fed Kill JFK?”  by the banking Mafioso’s, the Fed.

First the eBook includes a historical revelation of how our banking system came to be, and the walk-through ends with, second,  the current almost sovereign, beyond accountability,  Federal Reserve functioning system (its current and future manipulating interest rates behaviour and the anticipated financial collapse today in effect in America).

I believe I have a greater understanding of our current economic crises created by the Fed and to liken them as the prime suspects in the killing of President Kennedy is highly plausible since they stand to not only lose controlling power but untold trillions in money.  I agree, they should be, without question, on the list of suspects.

Speaking of suspects, the Warren Commission Report is seriously flawed.

There is a memorandum in the eBook from Deputy Attorney General  of the United States, Nicholas Katzenbach to Bill Moyers, special assistant to President Johnson, issued the day of President Kennedy’s funeral, directing the Commission to point all evidence of the assassination in the direction of Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin.   “Executive Order 11110-Did The Fed Kill JFK” eBook reveals the memorandum, in detail, for the reader to understand clearly that deliberate misdirection should be showered over an unsuspecting mourning public who has a sincere belief that our government couldn’t and wouldn’t be covering or manufacture false evidence.

Here’s a pdf link available of the Warren Commission Report:  http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/GPO-WARRENCOMMISSIONREPORT/pdf/GPO-WARRENCOMMISSIONREPORT.pdf.  The Warren Commission points all evidence in the direction of Lee Harvey Oswald as the lone assassin.

My respect to the authors for reporting the Federal Reserve system with its tentacles into our financial economy, enough to possibly kill to protect it.

Executive Order 11110, Did The Fed Kill JFK

Executive Order 11110, Did The Fed Kill JFK

“Executive Order 11110-Did The Fed Kill JFK” eBook can be purchased on Kindle through Amazon.com.



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