His Legacy, A Royal Priesthood



His Legacy, A Royal Priesthood

by SeashoreMary


Because of His hallowed sacrifice

His Legacy became my birthright.

We are a chosen generation,

A Royal Priesthood,

A special people.

We proclaim His praises.

The freedom to worship is

Better in value than the draw of Aces.

Borne from a spectacular scene, one that is unimaginable,

inconceivable, confounding to the knowledgeable

but one that needed to be made–

Jesus Christ, the Holy, Royal Baby

Was born of a Virgin, in a straw wooden manger.

Encamped by His chosen, His gentle lambs,

This the Holy, Royal Baby was appointed from before time,

Once to die to give salvation to a lost generation;

Indeed a phenomenal majestic  event,

The divine birth of a Holy, Royal Child and

The birthing of man’s salvation.

From the east a dazzling Star brightly shined

Guiding, leading the journeying Magi,

The Wise Men, riding on camels, flanked by

Exquisite coffers of  fragrant frankincense,

Saps of sweet scented myrr, and sparkling gold,

Each eagerly anticipating a glimpse of this the Holy Divine Child,

The Royal Baby of Salvation–God’s chosen, Jesus Christ.

For 33 years the Lord Jesus Christ, in his human form,

walked this dry, spiritually parched earth,

preaching, proclaiming the Gospel

should man elect to receive Him and be saved.

Then His days were numbered no more.

Jesus Christ was nailed to the Cross

That fateful December day,

Renting the veil, forever changing the claims of the sinful,

To the vision of miraculous, marvelous eternal life.

Eliminating the strife’s of this uncaring world,

Jesus Christ sits enthroned at the Father’s right hand,

Crowned the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords,

Sovereign, eternally proclaiming the inheritance of

His Legacy, A Royal Priesthood,

He bequeathed onto this His chosen generation.

It’s incomprehensible and improbable, but it’s

His Legacy, a Royal Priesthood.

What a fabulous, free, awe-inspiring offer,

Receive His Legacy, a Royal Priesthood.

Eternally proclaim His due,

Heavenly, divine praises encrusted with eternal living souls.



Ms. Mary Pacheco,

aka: SeashoreMary

Christian Author, Website Designer,  Website Consultant

Corpus Christi Website Designs   Youtube Channel   Abide In Me   Twitter


2 thoughts on “His Legacy, A Royal Priesthood

    • Hi Jeanne! I had a great time composing this article. Thank you again for your kind words of encouragement, appreciate it!

      Merry Christmas to you too (sorry for delay in replying, was having computer issues).



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