Watcher’s 7, Physical Evidence, DVD Review

Watchers 7

Physical Evidence


DVD Review

Watchers 7 DVD

Watchers 7 DVD

This review covers the Watchers 7 DVD only one half of a two-part package that includes a book titled Further Evidence of Close Encounters available as a separate purchase.

Watchers 7, Physical Evidence, DVD reveals compelling physical, tangible, evidence on the supernatural alien (ET) phenomena.  Because it’s a DVD, we get the sense of realism as we hear and see the interviews unveiling the paranormal.

Are we alone in our solar system? Is material evidence available using careful scientific testing?

In Watchers 6, Author, LA Marzulli travelled to South America’s Peru, climbed the mountainous rugged terrain and crawled into dark clamorous caves to look at ancient buried skulls.

In Watchers 7, Author, LA Marzulli travels across the United States and into Mexico in a dogged, but objective, effort to interview a broad spectrum panel of authors, investigative paranormal researchers, a lab technician, a hypnotherapist, including prophecy expert, Gary Stearman, PITN program host.  Each interviewer lends credence to the supernatural phenomena and its lingering effect on unsuspecting victims.

Author, LA Marzulli, many times uses high technology analyzing machines and diligently covers in-depth, superior interviews:

  • Dr. Roger Leir, DPM,  conducted an electromagnetic reading on a drywall sample when bathed in ultraviolet (UV) light, revealed small childlike webbed handprints with 4 fingers.  Dr.  Leir also presented a patient with an alien microscopic implant in the knee reflected in an x-ray as a solid “particle.”  A CAT Scan revealed the particle as a metallic object.
  • Unprecedented interview with Mexico’s leading Ufologist and expert researcher, Jaime Maussan, at his research facility.  Jaime Maussan produced  a sphere that had landed in a field for laser testing. The laser that was used to try to chip the surface however was unable to dent or break the sphere.  It was made from an unknown impenetrable substance.
  • Richard Matson, from Lab Tech Seal conducted an EDX analysis revealing high levels  of titanium.  Under closer microscopic, 200x magnification, the EDX revealed strands of what appeared to be fiber optics or  electromagnetic fields,  substantiating an unidentifiable unknown mass.
  • Cris Putnam, Author, Exo-Vaticana, discusses Vatican’s Monsignor Balducci’s public statement confirming contact and reality of ET’s,  the  Vatican’s embracing the position that  extraterrestrials are “all brothers” and willing to baptise them!  Cris Putnam emphatically clarified aliens are demonic inter-dimensional malevolent spirit beings.
  • Lunar Space Craft

    Lunar Space Craft

    Jose Escamilla,   researcher and film producer  movie:  “Celestial” luminiese glows (light) and  author expounds on China’s role in UFOs. He discusses Apollo 11 and 17 lunar “objects” from NASA publically published photos, including allegations NASA altered the original photo copies.

  • Organizer, Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure, Stephen Basset from the Paradigm Research Group, revealed whether President Obama is aware of the ET phenomena.  Mr. Bassett studies ET’s for 24 hr. seven days a week,  365 days, now what?

Author, LA Marzulli, introduced film snippets from three Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure witnesses:

  • Canadian, the Honorable Paul Hellyer testified “UFO’s are as real as the airplanes flying overhead” and the tall “Whites.”
  • Sgt. David Scott, SAF, Retired, questioned the creation of a new military force in space called “Space Force.”  Immediately the allegation was confirmed by Sen. Gravell, Space Force does exist! At which time Scott asked was the U.S. at war with an intergalactic force? Who?
  • Daniel Sheehan, JD., activist,  spoke about Majestic 12 group efforts to disclose and confirm the presence of ET’s.  He testified the U.S. government was concealing information from the people–the nation.

LA Marzulli continued his interviews with the following:

  • Gary Stearman, program host, PITN.  He answers the question if the U.S. government is in league with the ET’s and  has the government “made a deal with  the  devil.”  If so, this bears the question, “What is the ultimate goal of this relationship?”
  • From Philadelphia, PA, Dr.  David M. Jacobs, PHd with 40 years experience in alien abductions reviewed the “missing time” paradigm, confirmed performing extensive and thorough physical examinations on abductees and the sleep paralysis techniques.  According to Dr. Jacobs, abductions take place when the victims  are missed the least.  According to Dr. Jacobs, aliens are breaking through solid physical barriers, ie. floating through closed windows, closed doors, through ceilings, etc.  The phenomena is “future physics.” He revealed his despair for his grandchildren given all that he understands, especially about the hybrids of the future, and the exploitation of one species over the other.
  • Yvonne Smith, Hypnotherapist, Author-Founder of CERO International ( works with PTSD,  (post traumatic syndrome disease) victims including the alien abductions.  Hear her opinion on the lingering effects of their terrifying experience.

 WATCHERS 7 Trailer  

The invaluable information is being provided to us, the reader, to become informed, be ready for what is coming that will definitely change lives forever.  As Christians, we must share this information to help others also become ready.  This information should be discussed in our churches, our homes, our place of business, to anyone who will listen.  Send this post forward to your own readers.   Watchers 7 DVD is available on

Watchers 7 DVD

Watchers 7 DVD

Pray to the God who created this universe because it is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ that will protect and guide us.



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