My Invisible, Invincible Friend

Jesus Christ FriendJesus said:

“Friend, I am doing you no wrong.” (Matthew 20:13)


My Invisible, Invincible Friend

by SeashoreMary

© 2014

I look around and I don’t physically “see” You!

Yet, I know you’re there my Invisible, Invincible Friend!

There is a sense of an undeniable presence, an awareness,

of a Special Being, a warm wrapping of the Son’s irresistible rays

Filtering over my face

Bringing joy from Your sweet embrace.

You, my Invisible, Invincible Friend!

I see You within my spiritual eye,

My Invisible, Invincible Friend!

I see You as the seasons dramatically change,

From wintering wisps of snowflakes

draping the cold lifeless ground,

Bringing life ’til those sprigs abound.

From spring’s budding, sprouting, embryos

I see You my Invisible, Invincible Friend!

I see You stretching out from the supernatural

cutting into this natural world of confusion and chaos.

Your riveting reach is deep

circumventing the “natural”

dripping Your indestructible power

changing the unchangeable at this hour.

I see You my Invisible, Invincible Friend!

I don’t see You in those lost stranger’s faces

those ever searching chases

falling into oblivion

disappearing into the shadowy unknown, short of forgiven.

For they bowed not their contrite heart

to the Mighty Unstoppable Lord of Hosts,

Indestructible, Indisputable, All Knowing,

God of Eternity, full of Glory,

Jesus Christ.

I see You, my Invisible, Invincible Friend

For You’ve gathered me into Your Eternity!

© 2014

by SeashoreMary



Ms. Mary Pacheco,  aka: SeashoreMary

Christian Author, Website Designer,  Website Consultant

Corpus Christi Website Designs   Youtube Channel   Abide In Me   Twitter


2 thoughts on “My Invisible, Invincible Friend

  1. I love what the Lord has you doing with the poetry my friend. I love how you love Him and lift Him up high the way He deserves! There is no greater love than that God and Jesus offer to mankind. Bless you for putting words into life that pleases Him!
    Thank you Mary!

    • Hi Lily!
      Thanks for your visit and always for your kind words. Yes, I’m enjoying the challenge over these poems.

      I never thought poetry would be a part of my future and I owe it to you because I was encouraging you in your poetry and the next thing I knew I became curious about it and you see the results. Only God can do that dramatic change in me!

      Blessings always my friend,


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