Watchers TV – Interviews Bill Salus!

Watchers TV!

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Check it out!

You can also view it here at Watchers TV!

This is our first show where we interviewed author Bill Salus.

Bills new book, about the ancient prophecies concerning ELAM, is a cutting edge read that will leave you with a new understanding of what the prophet Jeremiah penned thousands of years ago.

Bill brings all of his Biblical erudition to this interview!

You won’t want to miss it!

L.A. & Richard

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8 thoughts on “Watchers TV – Interviews Bill Salus!

  1. Today on Marzulli’s blog, you said:

    “Israel is being heavily criticized by the media and public for appearing like this huge heavily armed bully picking on the so called defensive innocent Palestians.

    If you take the heavily armed Chikungunya virus in a mosquito, and the mosquito bit onto your body and you did nothing to protect yourself, you will absorb the virus, and be, perhaps mortally wounded.

    By design people are quick to slap that rebel mosquito to kill it before it strikes if you can see it before it bites you. It’s called protecting yourself.”

    It’s obvious you never watched “The Zionist Story”, not bothered to learn ACTUAL HISTORY, or you’d know who the real “mosquito” is.
    The Palestinians ARE trying to defend themselves, but with so much AID from America, they don’t stand a chance.

    You so-called Christian Zionists are the most ignorant and cold-blooded people I’ve ever encountered. You want to see people killed because you think it pleases God?! Is God so petty that He wants people to kill each other over a parcel of land? Is that what Jesus tells you in your heart is right?

    I know I’m wasting my time posting here, but someone needs to.
    Thanks to Sandy also, for having the courage to say what needs saying!
    You know Marzulli doesn’t allow dissent from his pulpit for long.
    The few who go against the grain wind up banned permanently.

    The Truth invites investigation!
    Only liars have to shut down the opposing viewpoints.
    Gee, kinda like in communist controlled countries,….Hmmm…

  2. Third “botched” execution in six month’s! Does anyone see the writing on the wall? They are botching these ON PURPOSE, so there will be public outcry for change; and there WILL be! Coming soon…….GUILLOTINES!! & Noahide Law; courtesy of Judaic Rabbi’s!

    • “When the bodies of three Israeli teenagers, kidnapped in the West Bank, were found late last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not mince words. “Hamas is responsible, and Hamas will pay,” he said, initiating a campaign that eventually escalated into the present conflict in the region. But now, officials admit the kidnappings were not Hamas’s handiwork after all.
      Repeated inconsistencies in Israeli descriptions of the situation have sparked debate over whether Israel wanted to provoke Hamas into a confrontation. Israeli intelligence is also said to have known that the boys were dead shortly after they disappeared, but to have maintained public optimism about their safe return to beef up support from the Jewish diaspora.”


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