Super Moon vs Blood Moon

This weekend the moon will shine it’s brightest and fullest.  It’s not one of the four blood moons (the tetrads).

Is there a connection between the moon and disasters of wars, floods, earthquakes, and tsunamis?

The four blood moons (tetrads) are historically tied to the Jewish nation of Israel and holy festivals, where something major is about to happen:

April 15, 2014 Jewish Passover

October 8, 2014 Feast of Tabernacle (Sukkot)

April 4, 2015 Jewish Passover

September 28, 2015 Feast of Tabernacle (Sukkot)

According to Irvin Baxter, evidence is showing that Christopher Columbus was Jewish, whose discovery of America was not totally confined to Queen Isabella but rather by Jewish rabbis who were trying to find a country to escape the inquisition in 1492, during a blood moon event:

Absolutely fascinating!

God does speak through signs and wonders, are you listening?


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