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First Peggy and I would like to express our sincere thanks for all of the wonderful emails we received concerning our father’s passing.  My mother who has had a fear of flying all her life flew with us back to California!  She’s 92 and had never been in an airplane.  The stewardess announced it on the PA system and the plane broke out into applause.  She is frail, and in mourning but she has not been given the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.  

Thanks to all of you who held our family in prayer…. L. A.

1.  Middle East Update.  HAMAS vs. Israel.


HAMAS will never honor any truce or peace agreement.  They use the “time off” from a truce to reform their ranks and relocate their missiles.  The Israeli’s have only one real choice…

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5 thoughts on “I’m Back! Update on Way to Many Issues….!

  1. Go right ahead and keep talking out of both sides of your mouths. You want to condemn American police tactics ( “Police Brutality & Lawlessness?” ) on the one hand, but would bow down and lick the boots of the Israelis who are the ones teaching it to them!

    The way the Palestinians are treated is EXACTLY what is coming to this land as well, so you may as well rejoice! Your Jewish masters would have it that way, as they grind your comfortable, “Christian” way of life to halt.

    The whole “war on terror” and the”Muslim threat” is engineered to be used against “we the people” right here, and soon.

    Wake up, or keep sleeping. It makes no difference to me. The wheat and tares, we all get gathered up together.


    “The extreme militarization of American police forces has been brought to public attention by the tactics employed against Occupy protesters, which often appear more appropriate to counter-terrorism operations than to the control of non-violent protest. According to investigative journalist Max Blumenthal, however, the proper term for this ruthless suppression of dissent should be “Israelification.”

    In an article which begins with examples of American police training alongside Israeli security forces, Blumenthal writes, “Having been schooled in Israeli tactics perfected during a 63 year experience of controlling, dispossessing, and occupying an indigenous population, local police forces have adapted them to monitor Muslim and immigrant neighborhoods in US cities. Meanwhile, former Israeli military officers have been hired to spearhead security operations at American airports and suburban shopping malls, leading to a wave of disturbing incidents of racial profiling, intimidation, and FBI interrogations of innocent, unsuspecting people. The New York Police Department’s disclosure that it deployed ‘counter-terror’ measures against Occupy protesters encamped in downtown Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park is just the latest example of the so-called War on Terror creeping into every day life. Revelations like these have raised serious questions about the extent to which Israeli-inspired tactics are being used to suppress the Occupy movement.”


  2. Here’s one just from today.

    Israel trains US law-enforcement in counter-terrorism

    “The mission to Israel is a tremendous opportunity for American law enforcement professionals to learn from their counterparts in the Middle East, draw from the latest developments in terrorism prevention and bring these methods back home to implement in their communities,” she said in a statement.”…

    I guess those of the Marzulli clan and others would think it is “anti-semitic” to critique anything Israel does though. They love the actions of the Israeli government. In fact. Mary, wasn’t your dad in the IDF?

  3. C’mon Mary. Why not share this news on Marzulli’s site, like the letters from the IDF soldier, so you can all get behind these tactics!

    You know it must be right if it’s being done by “Israel”, right?/

    Besides, I see you are very concerned about the activity in Ferguson. Tell people not to worry, Israeli-trained police will be bashing heads and putting a halt to it in no time! Just like the way they treat the Palestinians when they dare to exert their desire for life and freedom in what is now and has been an “occupied territory”.

    ” If you talk to enough Israelis – you’ll hear them discounting that Palestinians ever existed. They seem to forget the fact that war criminal and former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s birth certificate says “Palestine” and that historians have written about Palestine under the Ottoman empire and before … that JFK, Golda Meir and Albert Einstein all referred to the land as Palestine.”

    • This all goes way beyond the subject of Ferguson. I don’t want to frame this topic in light of what is happening there necessarily. Leave it to the subject of the militarization of the police, by whom, and for what purpose in the long run…..

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