Forgiving & Receiving Forgiveness: Reaping a Financial Miracle

How to Pray for a Financial Miracle

How to Pray for a Financial Miracle

I am delighted to present Jim Paris, Editor-in-Chief of and his journey to forgiving and being forgiven leading to a financial miracle.

Answer to Prayer:

Jim became my mentor, teacher in how to create and build websites, blogs, images, marketing, etc. utilizing the internet.

His teaching was an answer to my prayer when I went to the Lord in about 2003.  In prayer, I admitted to the Lord, “Lord, I’m bored.  I need more.”  I needed a new direction in my life after spending 32 years as a public employee in various realms of classifications ending what I thought was my professional career as an investigator with the State of Texas.

(Little did I know then, I would continue researching and investigating current events and linking them into what the Lord spoke about in His Word, the holy bible as biblical prophecy.)

I spent a year intensely studying the Word but I was bored, I needed something more except I didn’t know what.

It was past midnight one night, and sound asleep I woke up unexpectedly from a deep restful sleep.  Startled, I asked the Lord “Is something wrong Lord?”  I listened intently for a response but I didn’t get it in my spirit.  I looked across my bedroom, my pets were on the floor sleeping soundly.  I listened to the night sounds–nothing was amiss.

As is my custom should I awake from sleeping or it’s just very late, I turn on my small TV in my room to listen to christian music to ease my spirit back to sleep.  The music wasn’t playing but there was Jim, live, as a guest on Daystar with Joni Lamb, explaining to the late night audience, that the Lord had compelled him to appear on TV to teach a two-year lessons program on creating websites, building blogs, images, marketing, etc. utilizing the internet.

Being already proficient in computers, and the internet, this program would add to my knowledge at a significant level.  I was intrigued at the proposal.

Then I heard/received in my spirit, “Is this something you would like to do?” I smiled, picked up the phone, called in and signed up for the program.  The program was initially being sold for a one year study program but the Lord had compelled Jim to increase it to a two-year program, with advance education without increasing the tuition fee.

It’s been a wild experience and I’m being modest.  Today, having the boldness to “speak” by writing publicly, and establishing myself,  I am now classified as a Christian Author having written more than 150 articles on my site, plus reviewing books of interest, publishing my point of view on Amazon, a website designer, etc. and have two Ebooks in the works for self publishing on Amazon.

However, this article isn’t about me, it’s about Jim Paris.

Jim Paris & How to Pray for a Financial Miracle:

Jim wrote an Ebook titled “How to Pray For A Financial Miracle,” now on Amazon. He is now seeking finances to expand the Ebook into a CD, an audiobook, and produce a movie with the same title, “How to Pray for a Financial Miracle.”

This realm of production requires financial support to get it off the ground, show the world what God can do and does do, if someone goes to Him for answers to a financial need.

Supporting How To Pray for a Financial Miracle:

Jim is seeking public support for his project.  His donation page to his project can be found at Kickstarter, explaining in detail, the various levels of giving.


I am of the opinion that God’s Word is truth…you reap what you sow.  This is one of my ways to “give” to Jim’s cause by publicly stating Jim is the real deal, he is genuine, and he gives much in the way of education.

The e-book version is showing free today!

How to Pray for a Financial Miracle

How to Pray for a Financial Miracle

Get yours free today!




P. S. Please don’t forget to consider funding this project at Kickstarter.



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