Earthquakes Quaking & Mt. Ontako Volcano Erupting

Earthquakes Quaking & Mt. Ontake Volcano Erupting

Receiving reports that a Mt. Ontake Volcano from Japan has erupted:


Mt. Ontake Volcano suddenly erupts

in Japan;

250 hikers trapped, several injured


70+ Earthquakes @ Mammoth Lakes:

Earthquakes, California

Earthquakes, California

Early this morning, September 27, 2014, I received information that more than 70 Earthquakes in 1 1/2 hours at Mammoth Lakes, California, and Geysers  had taken place.

The quakes continue as of 5:00 pm (central) September 27, 2014:

It appears the source/list of the quakes is automatically being updated in California, continuously: List.

Something is taking place!

Added to the seismic activities taking place, I listened to an audio radio program from the Hagman & Hagman show dated September 26, 2014 (last night), outlining very serious events that we are facing, perhaps within this next year.  The issues covered are pandemic in size, so be ready to take notes, if necessary.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Outbreak of the Ebola Virus, added information of the source, believe it’s already in the U.S.,
  • Ebola Virus and the reaping of $$$ from the U. S. patent and royalties,
  • History of vaccines and their biochemical usage against humanity for depopulation purposes,
  • Upcoming financial collapse, perhaps by 2015.
  • Military wants to have a coup against our government and why it’s not possible, yet,
  • Trans-humanism (the creating and/or combining the human cell with an animal cell) and its ramifications,
  • plus more, etc.

The topics are intense, they are not sugar-coating anything.  Be prepared, take stock of your supplies, and/or making preparation to face the unthinkable.

This information is not being made to frighten anyone but rather have you prepared psychically so you can prepare your friends and family on what is happening in America and how to deal with it as Christians and plan accordingly.

As always, do you know Jesus Christ? Do you have a relationship with the Lord Savior?








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