Vaccines: The Silent Weapon of Choice

Vaccines: the Silent Killer


Aiding and Abetting:

Crime SceneIf I was writing a murder mystery, I would need several scenes that outlines the who (the victim) why (the motive), where (site), the how (weapon of choice), when (time frame), and the suspects (person(s) of interest).

Examining the crime scene is done during the investigation, gathering the incriminating evidence, and including during the investigation the accomplices to the crime are reviewed and included in the initial steps of the investigation.

Accountability is the ultimate goal and if the evidence is overwhelming, then the charges of a crime of murder, the trial, the introduction of the evidence, the judgment–the finding of guilt or innocence, and finally, the execution, if found guilty.

When a crime is being committed and people are aware of it and say or do nothing to stop it, they become a part of the crime known as accomplices. They are aiding and abetting.

Aiding and abetting is a legal doctrine related to the guilt of someone who aids or abets in the commission of a crime. It exists in a number of different countries and generally allows a court to pronounce someone guilty for aiding and abetting in a crime even if they are not the principal offender.

The Pinkerton rule:

“…parties to an unlawful conspiracy and the substantive offenses were, in fact, committed in furtherance of it…”

Murder by Design:

  • Who (the victim):  Defenseless Humans
  • Why (the motive): Depopulation
  • Where (site):  Global Nations (including the U.S.A.)
  • How (Vaccines: the Silent Weapon of Choice): Lethal pathogens (phages) in vaccines–vaccines that are laced with germ biochemical weapons against either humans or animals for the sole purpose of extinction of a species or eradication of a targeted defenseless population.
  • When (time frame): Slow and easy to avoid detection, but by 2021 (Agenda 21 Guidelines)
  • Suspects (persons of interest):  New World Order and members thereof.

To Kill, to Murder:

The bible does make many references to murder or the murderer.  Here are but a few scriptures where murder is concerned (and planned):

  • You shall not murder. (Exodus 23:13)
  • Make a chain, For the land is filled with crimes of blood, And the city is full of violence. (Ezekiel 7:23)
  • The murderer rises with the light; He kills the poor and needy; And in the night he is like a thief. (Job 24:14)
  • He sits in the lurking places of the villages; In the secret places he murders the innocent; His eyes are secretly fixed on the helpless. (Psalms 10:8)

Ebola in Vaccines:

On my last article I inferred that the Ebolavirus was a hoax and cited three examples for my point of view.

I’d like to now introduce Vaccines: the Silent Weapon of Choice, laced with Ebolavirus.

So you say, “but wait you said Ebolavirus was a hoax.”

Yes, I believe we’ve been under a “drill” to have the public believe we are under a pandemic crises solely for having the public bow down willingly to accept a vaccine to inoculate against Ebolavirus (its psychological warfare).

Introducing the real Ebolavirus at a greater, easier level to the public makes “more sense” by inserting it and a nanobot or RFID chip, into the vaccine.


So, the video releases a Whistleblower who used to work for the CDC reveals 200,000 are targeted households to receive this RFID Ebola Vaccine and soon to be in local drug stores.

The RFID chip can be used to easily find who has and who has not taken the vaccine.  For those not taking the vaccine, it would be difficult to gain employment, to buy or sell and will introduce Martial Law meant to enslave the people.

Revelation 13:17:

  • “…and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

India Holds Bill Gates Accountable For His Vaccine Crimes

Ebola Vaccines in India

Article dated October 5, 2014:

“As Bill Gates faces a lawsuit for the illegal testing of tribal children in India, it seems that his crimes against humanity have finally caught up with him.   recent report published by Health Impact News has reported that the Gates Foundation has found itself facing a pending lawsuit, due to an investigation that is being carried out by the Supreme Courts of India.

Health Impact News stated:

While fraud and corruption are revealed on almost a daily basis now in the vaccine industry, the U.S. mainstream media continues to largely ignore such stories. Outside the U.S., however, the vaccine empires are beginning to crumble, and English versions of the news in mainstream media outlets are available via the Internet.  One such country is India, where the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and their vaccine empire are under fire, including a pending lawsuit currently being investigated by the India Supreme Court.

The Health Impact News article centered largely on a four-page report that was recently published by Economic Times India .

Eager to know more, I investigated their story and discovered that the World Health Organization, the Gates Foundation and two organizations funded by them, PATH (Program for Appropriate Technology in Health) and GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization), have found themselves under fire, after a writ of petition originally submitted to the Supreme Court of India, by Kalpana Mehta, Nalini Bhanot and Dr. Rukmini Rao in 2012, was finally heard by the courts.”

Read full report for details involving big pharma, GlaxoSmithKline, HPV vaccines on 16,000 tribal school children.  

  • Gates Foundation, WHO, PATH, GAVI, UNICEF Behind Chad Vaccine Disaster.
  • Government Inquiry Holds GAVI Accountable for Multiple Deaths.

 (Source:  Activist Post: click for more)

Emerging Virus: Aids & Ebola

Emerging Virus: Aids & Ebola, Nature, Accident, International, is an eBook written by Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, Mph in 1996.

The opening text:

“To do evil a human being must first of all believe that what he’s
doing is good . . .
Ideology – that is what gives devildoing its long-sought
justification and gives the evildoer the necessary steadfastness
and determination. That is the social theory Which helps to make
his acts seem good instead of bad in his own and others’ eyes, so
that he won’t hear reproaches and curses but will receive praise
and honors.”
Russian dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn

“Despite its social and scientific importance, the origin of HIV has
been clouded in mystery. Based on the mass of circumstantial
and scientific evidence presented herein, the theory that
“emerging viruses” like HIV and Ebola spontaneously evolved
and naturally jumped species from monkey to man must be
seriously questioned.”

(click for pdf download source:  Emerging_Viruses-Aids_&_Ebola)

In this video, Leonard G. Horowitz, is clearly stating he believes that all viruses are man made:


The CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism

The New Underworld Order:

The New Underworld Order, Triumph of Criminalism, Dark Actors Playing Games is also an Ebook written by Christopher Story.  It is available for full download.

Opening text:

“THE NEW UNDERWORLD ORDER is a world in which official criminality, driven by bribery and corruption, is the norm among all layers of governance. At the vast intergovernmental level, the Rule of Law does not apply – a state of affairs which is exploited to the full under cover of a facade of hypocritical official rectitude.  But at the
country level, it is ruthlessly relied upon by corrupt intelligence cadres when it suits their interests – and equally ruthlessly flouted by operatives and officials most of the time, on the cynical basis that ‘everyone is doing it’. In particular, ‘everyone’ is engaged in perpetrating crimes against humanity – in the form of drug-trafficking operations, which are controlled by the competing and simultaneously collaborating intelligence services of the Great Powers in order to finance their corrupt operations, and to sustain the corrosive and subversive global hegemony activities of the llluminati, of which intelligence communities form, wittingly or unwittingly, the backbone, as they consist essentially of esoteric secret societies. This study, then, is about the rampant global corruption in high places arising from the free-wheeling, unrestrained abominations of the system of synarchy – rule by
secret societies.”

(Source: click New Underworld Order by Christopher Story pdf)

Compelling evidence I have presented.  You be the public jury, you find vaccines innocent, so be it and take it.  You find the vaccines quite questionable, stop and think.  You find the vaccines quilty–act on it and its makers.

Ark of Salvation:

Jesus Christ said:

  • The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. (John 10:10)

If you do not know Jesus Christ, sit down and pray Him into your life today. You need Him.  We’re facing serious difficult times and choices need to be made.






5 thoughts on “Vaccines: The Silent Weapon of Choice

  1. AMEN that, Jimmy!
    Have you heard the latest from our new Israeli/US dual-citizen, Ebola Czar Ron Klain? This from Dahboo7:

    “Exposed! Ebola Czar Ron Klain Says “Overpopulation” Is Today’s Biggest Problem!
    8,055 views 13 hours ago
    Follow the link and turn the volume up to high to hear him say himself. He offers many excuses to back his Belief, and that is, That the world is overpopulated! Isn’t It Nice to Know That Our New Ebola Czar, That we are to entrust with our Life, Thinks so HIGHLY(Sarcasm) About Our Life…. They call us the Goy!”

    “GOY” is what the Jews call NON-Jews or Gentiles. We are ANIMALS to them, and USELESS EATERS!! For anyone who wants to get pissed at me, I’m NOT the one saying this. DON’T KILL THE MESSENGER! Do you hate me because I tell the TRUTH?

  2. That’s the way it is Jimmy…sad but true! So most, not wanting to be “labeled”, just keep quiet, and then there’s others who just BLATANTLY lie. No one wants to be called that, including me, because I’M NOT. But TRUTH IS TRUTH PERIOD!! If folks would just take time to listen to them, IN THEIR OWN WORDS, they would be in SHOCK! BUT…….hands off the ‘chosen one’s’! Doesn’t matter WHAT they DO or SAY.
    People just can’t grasp that FLESH AND BLOOD cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. REAL Jews and TRUE Israel are those who’s HEARTS are circumcised. The FLESH profits NOTHING!! There is nothing PHYSICAL about God’s Kingdom. It’s a SPIRITUAL RE-BIRTH that ONLY comes from believing Jesus. Unfortunately, that leaves out most so-called Jews, because they REJECT Jesus as Messiah.
    You hear all this talk about – “whoever divides Jerusalem is cursed by God”.
    When Jesus returns, He will LITERALLY divide it, when His feet touch the Mt. of Olives. Is He cursed? That plot of dirt means NOTHING! The Psalmist said, “the earth is God’s FOOTSTOOL”!! It’s all about the Kingdom of God…NOT the kingdom of the Jews!! The Bible says, the Kingdom of God is WITHIN YOU; that is, IF you love, believe and trust JESUS!! And NEW Jerusalem is the place we want to be….NOT Jerusalem, Israel. People can’t get beyond the PHYSICAL!!
    Jewish Suprematist’, like Lynn Marzulli are leading the blind sheep right into the belly of the beast.

    • Yes. I do, Sandy! (That’s a good one!)

      Hey Mary, speaking of “sickness”…

      “In a stunning indictment of the Gaza assault as the act of a savage nation, even its president has proclaimed Israel a “sick society” incapable of dialogue with those around them and in need of treatment. In a speech at the opening of a conference aptly titled, “From Hatred of the Stranger to Acceptance of the Other,” Israeli President Reuven Rivlin – who as head of state has little real power compared to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, with far too much – suggested Israel has become a nation without humanity or empathy that has “forgotten how to be decent human beings.”
      If you need further evidence of the justice of his claim, here’s video of Israeli soldiers arresting an 11-year-old, mute, developmentally disabled boy near Hebron for the possible crime of throwing a stone as neighboring Israeli settlers cheer. This makes us sick.”…

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