Antares Rocket Explosion Update

Antares RocketThe Antares Rocket was carrying supplies to the ISS (International Space Station) when it exploded upon launch in Virginia.

It appears the circumstances for the explosion was planned in order to maximize viewership to “terrorize”!

The video below captured the explosion from an airplane:

 Antares Rocket Explosion Caught from Airplane!

Event Was Predicted Days Before!

“Come Monday night, October 27, 2014, the Antares rocket is slated to launch from the Wallops Flight Facility, in Virginia. The nighttime launch will be visible along much of the eastern seaboard. At some point during its flight, the rocket will likely suffer a so-called “cyber-attack”, resulting in a massive EMP-like explosion, knocking out electricity on the East Coast of America for good.” (source:

It’s still too early to judge on the circumstances whether it was an EMP attack or not is still unknown at this time, definitively.

Do not assume that we are under attack, it’s too early to determine or make rash judgments.






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