Is Pope Francis the Anti-Christ?

I loPope Francis the Tangove music.  I’ve gone from pop rock, to Rod Stewart’s rhythm and blues, to Willie Nelson’s country western to Michael English’s Christian music. Music has its place, whether in the home kitchen, opera houses, open venues in stadiums, etc.

I believe that the Church has its own place inviting people to enjoy the power of uplifting praise and worship onto the Lord.  I’ve heard the words and chords of Ave Maria, musicians playing the Latin beats of Hispanic musical instruments honoring the Lord with their talents but still dignified onto the Lord–all beautiful.

But I have my limits when it comes to openly dancing the tango at the altar for what-ever the misguided purpose it was intended as shown on the video below.

There is a scripture where King David is known to have danced onto the Lord:

  • Then David danced before the Lord with all his might; and David was wearing a linen ephod. (2 Samuel 6:14)

Nowhere in the scriptures does it state that David danced seductively with someone else.

I have attended many a Catholic mass all solemn in a dignified manner so when I see the tango being danced, I am speechless because these people, in my opinion, did not dance onto the Lord, they danced onto themselves.

Pope Francis’ Tango Mass

condemned by Pope St. Pius X

If you remove the visual “tango dance” and listen only to the music, I actually like the rhythm of the Spanish music, but not the dance at the altar.

The altar is a holy place, a consecrated place where we are to honor the Lord, not create a disrespectful scene.

I am also quite aware that the Pope is trying to be “inclusive of the gay community” by opening the doors wide open, but not at the risk of diluting sin.

God has already deemed homosexuality a sin.  Should we keep quiet and not address questionable issues by the Vatican?  Is Pope Francis the Anti-Christ?

Can the Pope not trust the Lord God enough to understand that it is the Lord God who will “bring” onto Himself His chosen into His holy sanctuary?

The Pope has crossed the line because he includes others to join in to his own private agenda and not promote God’s agenda.

Topless men dancing for Pope Benedict XVI

inside Vatican: is he Gay ?





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