Ferguson, Missouri, Grand Jury Clears Police Officer in the Death of Michael Brown

Brown, Michael 2

Ferguson, Missouri, Grand Jury Clears Police Officer in the Death of Michael Brown


In a much anticipated highly charged atmosphere, the Ferguson, Missouri, Grand Jury has reached its decision on the death of 18 year old unarmed, Michael Brown August 9, 2014, by Police Officer Darren Wilson.

The Grand Jury has cleared Police Officer Darren Wilson of wrongdoing in the death of 18 year old, unarmed, teenager, Michael Brown. “No probable cause exists to file charges on Officer Wilson.”

Governor Jay Nixon:

At approximately 5:30 pm, Central, Governor Jay Nixon, held a brief live news conference.

Governor Nixon was accompanied by Francis Slay, St. Louis, Mayor, each imploring the public to show tolerance, mutual respect and peaceful protests,  regardless of the Ferguson Grand Jury results, restraint from all sides needed to be held focusing on peace, respect and safety.

The Governor indicated “I do not know what the Grand Jury has decided.” He merely addressed steps on what the county and state will do and have done to secure the buildings and areas.

It’s unclear why the Governor didn’t include the Prosecuting Attorney but rather hold another news conference later, stretching an already on-going crises.

Did this gap in time create an open window to remove the Governor and Mayor from the heavily guarded premises by the National Guard, for their safety should violence immediately erupt once the Prosecuting Attorney announces the Grand Jury decision?

At this junction, I remember Governor George Wallace from the State of Alabama who was shot four times in an assassination attempt, hitting Wallace in the chest and abdomen, with one bullet lodged in his spinal cord, leaving him paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair May 15, 1972, by Arthur Bremer, who was later indicted, convicted and served 53 years of the 63 year sentence.

Governor Wallace, too, faced serious civil unrest in Alabama in the early 60’s, almost 54 years ago.

Unlike Governor Nixon, Governor Wallace was an outspoken segregationist:

“In September 1963, Wallace attempted to stop four black students from enrolling in four separate elementary schools in Huntsville. After intervention by a federal court in Birmingham, the four children were allowed to enter on September 9, becoming the first to integrate a primary or secondary school in Alabama.

Wallace desperately wanted to preserve segregation. In his own words: “The President (John F. Kennedy) wants us to surrender this state to Martin Luther King and his group of pro-communists who have instituted these demonstrations.” (source: Wikipedia)

Although Governor Wallace was a visible, vocal segregationist, Governor Nixon doesn’t appear to be a segregationist but they both face serious major civil unrest with racial undertones.

Perhaps it was the wisest thing to do by spreading the timed announcements between both Governor Nixon and the Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCullough at 9:00 pm eastern, 8:00 pm central.

Prosecuting Attorney McCullough:

8:12 pm CT:  Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCullough held a live news conference in Clayton, Missouri.

Briefly:  Atty McCullough opened his statements by extending his deepest sympathy to the Michael Brown family, then briefly outlined the elements of the case.

Many witnesses made statements conflicting with other(s) statements.  The autopsy report refuted Michael Brown was not shot in the back as a witness reported.

Witness credibility was scrutinized by the Grand Jury in detail.  Every  item of evidence was carefully examined of all of the testimony.  The Jury was extremely engaged in the testimony, including asking for additional evidence.

They heard from three medical examiners, examined hundreds of pieces of evidence.  There is no question that Officer Wilson did shoot Michael Brown but was there probable cause to use deadly force or acted in self defense.

The duty of the jury was to separate fact from fiction and decide if the evidence supported their findings.

Their collective decision:  “no probable cause exists to file charges on Officer Wilson.”

The full conference details is in the Live Alex Jones Youtube Channel below.

Grand Jury:

The grand jury, composed of twelve citizens selected at random from its citizens, included six white men, three white women, two black women, and one black man, had convened to consider whether there was sufficient evidence to charge Officer Darren Wilson with a crime and, if so, stating what that charge should be.

Possible Charges:

Had the jury issued an indictment, a separate jury would have been selected to hold Mr. Wilson bound over for trial on the charge of killing Michael Brown, whether it’s the more serious first degree murder or at the least involuntary manslaughter.

The grand jury process was closed to the public and was not bound for a date certain to make their decision on indictment, if any.

Unanimous consent was not mandatory under Missouri law: nine jurors is enough to find sufficient evidence to hold someone over for trial.  The Grand Jury could also find a “no charge” decision if not enough evidence exists to bind someone over for trial.


The Grand Jurors heard a shortened version of the evidence that might be presented at a trial, since they were determining only whether probable cause existed to indict someone, not to find someone guilty.

According to the information provided, Officer Wilson did testify on his behalf at the Grand Jury hearing. Other testimony in evidence included Dr. Michael Baden who conducted a private autopsy on behalf of the Brown family.

The St. Louis County Prosecutor had indicated to the public the jury could make its decision by mid or late November, 2014.

Police Officer Darren Wilson:

Officer Wilson has remained beyond camera range and has made no public statement of remorse regarding his actions since the shooting in August.

A Police Union Officer has stated according to an article posted 11/20/14 by minbcnews.com that Officer Darren Wilson did not expect to be facing criminal charges by the Grand Jury.

The Police Union Officer, Roorda, says he met with Wilson and stated Mr. Wilson had incurred significant legal, medical and relocation expenses and that a police charity has raised close to $500,000 for him.

CNN.com reported that Officer Darren Wilson was negotiating his final stages of resignation with Ferguson City officials. Officer Wilson has maintained he has done nothing wrong but his resignation was hinged on possible indictment. (source: CNN)


For the past several days, indicators have popped up showing highly organized demonstrations to take place not only in Ferguson but spreading across the country.  These indicators now have the overlaying possibility of a contrived “staged effect” to spread racism and hatred, causing major divisions across America:

  • The City of Ferguson has ramped up law enforcement personnel including 100+ FBI agents setting up a command center, ATF has sent in extra personnel including swat teams being brought into the city in the event of chaos,
  • Surrounding District Schools have cancelled classes this week,
  • The City of Berkeley has notified it’s citizens to “prepare like its a storm,” by stocking up on food and water supplies for several days,
  • Another list of planned demonstrators has surfaced on Tumbler, called Ferguson National Response showing 83 cities beyond Ferguson, Missouri, to initiate massive demonstrations. Who created this Tumbler page and at what expense, who is paying for these events? The list of cities set for these “planned responses” to the Darren Wilson grand jury decision is below:
    1. Albany, NY
    2. Albuquerque, NM
    3. Atlanta, GA
    4. Austin, TX
    5. Baltimore, MD
    6. Bangor, ME
    7. Beavercreek, OH
    8. Blacksburg, VA
    9. Boston, MA
    10. Buffalo, NY
    11. Carbondale, IL
    12. Chapel Hill, NC
    13. Chattanooga, TN
    14. Chicago, IL
    15. Cleveland, OH
    16. Columbia, MO
    17. Columbus, OH
    18. Dallas, TX
    19. Denver, CO
    20. Des Moines, IA
    21. Detroit, MI
    22. Durham, NC
    23. Ferguson, MO
    24. Gainesville, FL
    25. Grand Rapids, MI
    26. Greensboro, NC
    27. Greenville, NC
    28. Grinnell, IA
    29. Houston, TX
    30. Indianapolis, IN
    31. Iowa City, IA
    32. Jackson, MI
    33. Kansas City, MO
    34. Kennesaw, GA
    35. Lawrence, KS
    36. Lexington, KY
    37. Longview, TX
    38. Los Angeles, CA
    39. Louisville, KY
    40. Meadville, PA
    41. Memphis, TN
    42. Milwaukee, WI
    43. Minneapolis, MN
    44. Mobile, AL
    45. Monpelier, VT
    46. Monroeville, OH
    47. Nashville, TN
    48. New London, CT
    49. New Orleans, LA
    50. Newark, NJ
    51. Northampton, MA
    52. NYC, NY
    53. Oak Ridge, TN
    54. Oakland, CA
    55. Olympia, WA
    56. Oshkosh, WI
    57. Phoenix, AZ
    58. Philadelphia, PA
    59. Pittsburgh, PA
    60. Portland, OR
    61. Providence, RI
    62. Raleigh, NC
    63. Rochester, NY
    64. Rocky Mount, NC
    65. San Diego, CA
    66. Santa Barbara, CA
    67. Seattle, WA
    68. South Hadley, MA
    69. Spring Valley, NY
    70. Springfield, MA
    71. St. Paul, MN
    72. St. Petersburg, FL
    73. Stroudsberg, PA
    74. Tallahassee, FL
    75. Tampa, FL
    76. Toledo, OH
    77. Toronto, Canada
    78. Tucson, AZ
    79. Washington, D.C.
    80. West Hartford, CT
    81. West Palm Beach, FL
    82. Williamsburg, VA
    83. Worcester, MA

    (- source: the dailysheeple.com)

  • 19 “Rules of Engagement” has been created in pdf form.  Who creates this type of sophisticated information and not understand that this is pre-planned to fan the flames of unrest? (pdf)
  • Another organization called Justice for Mike Brown has published it’s own “target” public areas to hit when the Grand Jury announces it’s final decision.  Who is behind this organization?

St. Louis MO

Robert McCulloch’s office
St. Louis County Justice Center
Stephanie Karr’s office
Olin Corporation Headquarters
Judge Maura McShane’s courtroom
St. Louis County Police Department
Governor Nixon’s Office (Wainwright Building)
Department of Justice
Dean Plocher’s office
Ronald Brockmeyer’s office
Dan Boyle’s office
Thomas Flach’s office
Regal III Market
Canfield Green Apartments
Ferguson Police Department & Jail
West Florissant Quick Trip
Missouri Botanical Gradens
Powell Symphony Hall
Monsanto Headquarters
Peabody Energy Headquarters
Anheuser-Busch Headquarters
Emerson Electric Headquarters
Steve Stenger’s lawfirm
St. Louis Art Museum
Gateway Arch
Peabody Opera House
Ritz Carlton
Lambert International Airport
Mayor Slay
St. Louis City Police Department
St. Louis Galleria
Plaza Frontenac
Six Stars Market
Colonel Jon Belmar
Senator Roy Blunt
Senator Claire McCaskill
St. Louis City Justice Center
St. Ann Police Department & Jail
Clayton City Hall
GCI Security, Inc.
St. Louis County Council
Clayton Police Department & Jail
Ferguson City Hall
Lacy Clay’s Office
Stinson Leonard Street
Wells Fargo
Donors to Prosecutor Bob McCulloch
Husch Blackwell LLP
Martin Insurance Group LLC
Stone, Leyton & Gershman
University Square Company
Stone & Alter Real Estate
The Law Firm of Thomas C Antoniou LLC
Collinsville Acquisitions Inc
Thompson Coburn
Commercial Bank
Sanctuaries – these spaces will offer refuge from police violence.
Greater St. Mark Family Church
Veterans for Peace Office
St. John’s Episcopal Church
Out of Town Check-In and Art Space, Compton Heights Christian Church – Opens Noon on Sunday
  • Youtube.com Channel, Russia Today, posed a video 11/21/14: “A New York policeman has fatally shot an unarmed man while on patrol. It’s understood the officer did not warn he was about to open fire.”

When you see all this information compiled together, I get the sense of a greater force in place, a pre-planned, well staged event, taking place in America, possibly to create national Martial Law.


The 700 hours or more of transcripts, audio recordings, and forensic evidence i.e. the autopsy reports, of the Michael Brown grand jury investigation has been promised to be released to the public for review.

What does this mean to the Brown family?  Was justice served? How will the public react?  Will the public cause a chaotic scene endangering the general public and property?  Will the already gathered heavily militarized police need to be called out into the streets and start man-handling the people as they did back in August when Mr. Brown was killed? Will this event trigger widespread martial law?

Finally, it’s my best opinion that all this activity is NOT for Mike Brown; however, should it be “necessary” to step out and demonstrate, then demonstrate peacefully, exercise your due rights but be respectful of other’s property.  Show control, lead the people into a righteous prayer onto the Lord for His protection, for His righteous judgment.

Be aware that all of these staged events are meant to use racial division as a tool to set people up against each other and create chaos.  Don’t fall for it.  Be wise.

Violent demonstrations are never the answer, it will only lead to destruction.  Show your restraint and do not let others sway anyone into unrighteousness.

2 Chronicles 7:14 scripture states:

  • if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

Ustream.tv/alexjoneslive   &                                    Youtube Channel is currently televising live news:


If anyone is interested in following the live streaming of protesters demonstrating in Ferguson, click (LIVE).

I’ve been watching after 7:00 pm CT.  I will leave a link on the upper right side of the navigation bar titled ustream.tv/alexjoneslive for the next week.





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