UFO’s: Ancient Alien & Modern Technology

DarkSkyWatcher 11 16 14 no 3

On November 16, 2014, I was silently watching live night sky activities, pattern formation of the bright stars, high depth streaming from the YouTube Channel, DarkSkyWatcher74.

The image to my left is a “live” snap shot (timeline 3:09:44 through 3:10:41 ) from my computer of an “alien” UFO streaming across from the lower right side screen, upwards to the middle and disappearing to the upper left of the screen.  As you can see, the thin pencil shaped craft is quite colorful, shades of red/orange, creams, and white lights.  I wouldn’t dare explain its size in diameter or depth because it’s too high in the sky for me to decide and I don’t have an engineering “eye” for distance. However, I wouldn’t mind saying that I think it’s extremely elongated and quite clear (click on the image) so I am safe to say it’s large.  The video runs approximately 4 hours.  I didn’t get to put in all four hours of viewing, I just happened to be watching for a few minutes when I captured the image.

Would you say this is “luck” which I really don’t believe in but rather “God’s hand” for me to have seen it at the moment I did?

What type of craft is this?  Is it man-made or alien?  I really do believe that the U.S. does have advanced jets equipped with extremely high technology devices for night viewing and doing night maneuvers for the military.  This particular craft is not a known commercial or conventional jet in the sense that we know what a jet looks like and it’s not an airplane or balloon or flares out in the desert and it’s not a Chinese lantern, it’s too defined and defies known flying patterns because of its angular but straight course.  It didn’t bother to cloak itself to invisibility either.

The live streaming camera was and continues to be anchored in Kingman, Arizona, located in infamous Area 51.

There are two videos that I would recommend everyone to view first by Richard Shaw, Ancient Angelic Technology and the Jim Marrs lecture involving Sumerian and Modern Technology.

Ancient Angelic Technology:

The first one is by Richard Shaw: Ancient Angelic Technologies, the Wisdom of the Ancients.  His perspective takes us to the Book of Enoch and the Christian Holy Bible.

Richard Shaw is well versed in biblical teachings and technology.  He owns Pinlight Productions which produces the Watcher’s series with Author, Researcher, Lecturer, L.A. Marzulli.

It’s exciting for me to have someone so enthusiastic like Richard Shaw express his opinion on ancient angelic technology because he “sees” the scriptures from a “live” or supernatural point of view.  That’s what we need to understand–the travels into time, how it was supposedly done, and go beyond inter-dimensions (aka: matrix) that exist in order to fully appreciate what God is trying to say to us today.

Richard Shaw:

Ancient Angelic Technologies,

The Wisdom of the Ancients

Modern Technology:

The second video is a lecture by Author, Investigator Jim Marrs,  “Jim Marrs- Hidden History 2014 UFO lecture.”

Jim Marrs has an extensive history in research having penned many historical books on “conspiracy theories” only to have them proven to be fact and not fiction.

I saw this video because I was researching the Rise of the Fourth Reich theory.  I’ve researched Hitler, going through many videos, documents from the FBI vault of historical documents and trying to understand his philosophical attitude on why he hated the Jewish people causing WW II.  It’s intriguing and my research continues.  Note, it’s undisputed, Hitler did have high-tech alien UFO information well in advance of the western world having built the first UFO or flying saucer in Germany.

Sumerian TechnologyJim Marrs lends his historical insight to why the U.S. really invaded Iraq–the drive to get the ancient documents that Saddam Hussein had stored in his treasure trove vaults in the basement filled with secret Sumerian UFO technology.

Jim Marrs chronicles the ancient race of the Sumerians through Hitler tracing through today’s race for laser weapons, inter-dimensional space travels, and space ships, etc.

Jim Marrs believes the Sumerians were the first human beings on earth to develop electricity, and advanced technology equipment, even travelling to other planets, before a great destruction took place, wiping out the civilization.

I don’t completely adhere to Mr. Marrs’ biblical point of view in some areas, but my point is that he makes sense in chronicling history as far as technology:

Jim Marrs-

Hidden History 2014 UFO lecture


I hope the next time you look up into the skies you will remember some of what has happened, continues to happen, and the future holds what will happen as far as technology is concerned. We have extensive knowledge of technology and I know that I won’t view my mini tablet or my cell phone in the same way as I used to.

These are skills that take special interests in capturing the next device with programming capabilities that could make life easier or destroy us, depending on what’s driving it to fruition.

God told us prophetically about time travel, about supernatural and natural technology, what to expect for the future — are we listening to Him well enough to appreciate what He has created to help man develop into his full potential, enjoy travels well beyond our imagination, if we understand and run in it wisely or it will destroy us.






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