Radiation Radcon Levels Rising: From Reaction to ProAction

Nuclear Explosisions since 1945Radiation Radcon Levels Rising: From Reaction to ProAction

The Fukushima Nuclear Reactors catastrophe has already occurred.  The problem has been realized and identified with short and long-term research results now being examined from the nuclear fallout, Cesium 137, a gaseous element from the atomic family, a nuclear poison, that burns and destroys living tissue.

Let’s get a better understanding of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.  Below is a Youtube video of a speech by speaker Senior Scientist, and Program Director, Steven Starr, March 11, 2013, Clinical Laboratory Science Program, University of Missouri, titled “The Implications of the Massive Contamination of Japan with Radioactive Cesium,” results from nuclear fallout that was recorded outlining some of the studies that have taken place both at Fukushima and the Chernobyl (Ukraine) incident 28 years ago:

Steven Starr

Senior Scientist

University of Missouri

What we need to do now is to focus on possible remedies, explore various public and private agencies who are mobilizing to “fix” the radiation fallout problem.

U.S. Government ProAction:

According to the most recent quarterly “scorecard” by the U.S. Department of Energy new applications for nuclear reactors have been received and some have been approved for construction:

“The NRC has approved a final rule on the continued storage of spent fuel and has lifted a two-year suspension on final licensing actions on plant licenses and license renewals. The rule incorporates a Generic Environmental Impact Statement that can be referenced by the environmental reviews for site licenses.

The NRC has published the final rule certifying the General Electric-Hitachi Economic Simplified Boiling Water Reactor (ESBWR); the rule will go into effect in November. The 1,594 Megawatt reactor is one of the most advanced designs currently available and employs passive safety features to maintain core cooling in the event of an accident.” (source: energy.gov pdf)

As great and confidence-instilling report that the government has issued as of October, 2014, nowhere does it mention any attention to the Fukushima radiation fallout and its effects on the U.S.

Further search leads me to a series of articles that the U.S. Dept of Energy is addressing the Fukushima incident.

A Factsheet exists outlining the creation and ongoing responsibilities of the 2012 created U.S.-Japan Bilateral Commission on Civil Nuclear Cooperation:

“The third meeting of the U.S.-Japan Bilateral Commission on Civil Nuclear Cooperation was held on June 12, 2014 in Tokyo, with Japan’s Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Shinsuke Sugiyama and U.S. Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel B. Poneman leading the discussions as Co-Chairs. The delegations included participants representing a wide range of governmental agencies.

Established at the U.S.-Japan summit held in Washington, D.C. in April 2012, the Bilateral Commission serves as a standing senior-level forum to foster a comprehensive strategic dialogue and joint activities related to the safe and secure use of civil nuclear energy and the response to the accident at the Tokyo Electric Power Company’s (TEPCO) Fukushima Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Station (NPS).” (source: U.S. Dept of Energy.gov)

According to the same article, the Bi-lateral Commission focused on five subjects:

·      Nuclear security;

·      Civil nuclear energy research and development;

·      Safety and regulatory issues;

·      Emergency management; and

·      Decommissioning and environmental management.

“The United States and Japan agreed to enhanced information sharing between the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Nuclear Regulatory Authority on PRA and related topics and confirmed plans for the next NRC-NRA Steering Committee Meeting, which will be held in Winter 2014 in Tokyo.”

“The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will continue to facilitate technical exchanges with subject matter experts to address many of Fukushima’s critical cleanup challenges. Both sides also agreed to continue holding quarterly teleconferences to exchange information and to discuss specific technical areas and future cooperative activities in support of Fukushima’s cleanup and to continue direct partnerships with U.S. DOE and EPA National Laboratories to address technical cleanup issues at Fukushima.” (source: U.S. Dept of Energy.gov)

Nowhere in this June 13, 2014, article titled, Factsheet: Third Meeting of the U.S.-Japan Bilateral Commission on Civil Nuclear Cooperation, does it cover issues of radiation cleanup methods in the U.S. from the Fukushima fallout.

Private Citizens ProAction:

One proactive groFukushima Is Hereup has mobilized to address the Fukushima fallout: Fukushima Response.  Fukushima is our problem now.

This group has proactively set up realistic goals to:

“see” what you can learn about what’s really happening,

“share” with others information that is being withheld from the general public, and

“tell” and contact all levels of leadership from congressional state, and local or regional elected officials, to churches, organizations, social media, radio, etc.,  you belong to and demand action be taken that Japan has a duty to the international community to accept outside assistance in avoiding further damage to the environment, including the public at large and declare that the Fukushima meltdown be raised to “Level 8 Nuclear Disaster.”

This proactive group has gathered valuable information, provided leaflets for general distribution, proposals for international efforts ie. United Nations General Assembly and United Nations Secretary General, to creating online petitions for local governing bodies for investigations, assessments and actions, all downloadable material available at FukushimaResponse.


A sample of downloadable material on talking points, is titled “Global Crises the Fukushima Daiiachi Nuclear Power Station” its impact on Japan, the U.S. and around the World, condenses the situation to a talking point level for educational purposes, click pdf.

Radiation Radcon Levels Rising Summary:

We need to get past reacting to talking about the Fukushima radiation radcon levels rising disaster, and be proactive, including placing pressure on our government to educate the public on what kind of measures are in place to stop further air pollution, including the Chemtrails, and what has anything been done to get rid of the nuclear waste, Cesium 137, already in our atmosphere.

I’ll leave you with this one last short video, Ukraine experienced another nuclear power plant accident yesterday:


Ukraine “Nuclear Accident”

1,000-Megawatt Reactor

Pray to the God who saves.  Pray to God, Jesus Christ, for His mercy, for His solution on what we are seeing taking place not just in the U.S. but from around the world.






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