Aurum: Liquid-Paper Gold

Aurum Paper Note 10th Gram U.S. EagleAurum is Latin for Gold, with its origins from 1490-1500. Gold is a precious yellow metallic element, highly malleable and ductile, and not subject to oxidation or corrosion.  

It’s used as a worldwide monetary standard, particularly in coins,  dentistry, and plating.  

It can also be found in artistic expressions of paintings and sculptures, found in gold metallic foil, gold dust particles and liquid gold.  In jewelry making, it can be found in increments of 10k, 16k, 18k, 24k (k for karat), etc.

Gold, in its raw state, is mined  in surface and shaft mining, its known resources as in mineral deposits can be found on Earth and the Moon, and asteroids, using advanced technology methods of extraction.

U.S. Mint:

James Barton Longacre was appointed Chief Engraver of the U.S. Mint from September 16, 1844 through 1869 when he died.  During his tenure, he designed three gold coins with the double eagle on the reverse side plus many other gold and silver coinage.

From 1848 through 1889, the U.S. minted the gold dollar ($1.00) composing of 90% gold and 10% copper.  It was .04837 troy oz each with varying diameters.  The three Gold Dollar designs by Longacre were:

  • first: the Liberty wearing a coronet 1849 – 1854,
  • second, the Liberty as an Indian Princess 1854-1856, and
  • the third, the Liberty Indian Princess with a large head 1856-1889

The Civil War changed the circumstances of the gold and silver coinages. People began to hoard it and eventually it disappeared from the public eye:

“By mid-1862, all federal coins, even the base metal cent, had vanished from commerce in much of the country”

The mined gold dollar coin lost its perceptive value, eventually, and in 1873  James Pollack, Mint Director in 1873, termed “the gold dollar is not a convenient coin, on account of its small, and it suffers more proportionately from abrasion than larger coins.”  His successors eventually called for an abolition of the Gold Dollar.

“Congress abolished the gold dollar, along with the three-cent nickel and three-dollar piece, by the Act of September 26, 1890.”

(source: Wikipedia)

Collecting & Confiscating Gold Coins:

Gold has become a collector’s way of livelihood.  Hundreds, if not thousands of sites, sell gold coin pieces with many books easily available for market research.

In some instances, gold can be deemed illegal to have as happens of a family of three sisters who sued the U.S. Government for ten rare gold coins found in their father’s safe deposit box:

Judge Rules 10 Rare Seized

Gold Coins Belong to Government

Aurum: Paper Gold:
So why am I making a post on Aurum aka Gold?  A little over a year ago, I became aware that the U.S. would be a part of the New World Order.  As time passed I’ve learned that this means the merging of world nations into a concept of ONE: One world government, one economy, one military, one world religion, etc.

There have been many ups and downs on the U.S. stock market, both China and Russia have strengthened their countries by pulling in massive amounts of gold, they have by their own country’s government passed laws that the U.S. Dollar is illegal in their country as a foreign exchange.

The U.S. Dollar has devalued and continues to plunge.  However, our government continues along its way.  Recently the U.S. Treasury was printing out more paper money. Questions and rumors abound if there is any gold in Ft. Knox at all which was supposed to support the value of the dollar.

Our economy is in critical financial stages but the government doesn’t respond to the crises — they stay and keep up silence on the subject and continue to print paper money.  Our economy will collapse.  It’s anyone’s guess on the official announcement by the government to the public that we as a nation have collapsed under the burden of debt.

For years gold collectors, in the meantime, have continued to scour the country buying up gold pieces from the public, turning around and melting down–remember gold is the known stable “currency” for all countries, whether or not the public will be able afford it remains to be seen, particularly for the average working American.

According to the Commodities Exchange, gold is currently selling for $1,190.40 troy oz.  In preparing for this post, I noticed a quick article predicting that gold could eventually reach $50,000 per oz!

If that’s a true prediction, best prepare for better ways of bartering for provisions because I for one do not have $50,000 for one troy oz and if I did, I’ll spend it on food, clothing, or shelter if things are too out of control or simply unmanageable.

Gold will not fill my stomach, it will not clothe me, and it will not shelter me but it’s value comes on what we can or cannot afford to purchase as daily necessaries.

Aurum: Gold Currency:

Late December 5, 2014, I received a Youtube video from Karen Hudes, Attorney at World Bank, releasing information to her audience that the world market will recognize Aurum as the official currency, effective immediately:

Webcam video from

December 4, 2014 08:31 PM

I am not here to say that Ms. Hudes speaks for the President of the U.S. but she has been above-board for a long time with her audience as well as other financiers alerting the public that our government cannot sustain its spending habits and that collapse is imminent.  She has provided a solution for the public–the Aurum.

I did a bit of further research and have found a video explaining the Aurum in the form of liquid paper gold:

1/10th Gram 9999 Gold Aurum Notes

Retail Outlet(s):

So where are the outlet(s) for purchasing the Aurum?  It’s rather curious.  I found only one retailer in the U.S. but unable to authenticate it.  I’ve written to a financial adviser friend of mine and am waiting for his reply.  As soon as it’s available I will release the information publicly.

PaperGold-The 21st Century Breakthrough in Gold


There is an abundance of scripture outlining the end of days in the bible.  Jesus Christ did speak about how this world would not be able to afford finances to purchase wheat in the end of days.  My advise is pull your bible, read the Book of Revelation–because we’re heading straight forward into it, with plagues, financial disasters, famines, earthquakes and rumors of wars–all the signs of the times we face today.





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