Radiation Radcon 4 Concern & 5 Alert in US

Radcon 5 Alert Dover DE 12 16 2014Radiation Radcon 4 Concern

& 5 Alert in the U.S.


December 16, 2014, the NETC.com website has published a Radiation Radcon 4 Concern & 5 Alert in the United States.



The Radcon 4 Concern/Watch:

The Radcon 4 Concern/Watch areas are located:

Radcon List Sites Radcon 5 and 4  dtd 12 16 2014

near San Juan, PR,

near Cleveland, OH,

near Aurora, IL, Champaign, IL,

and St. Louis, MO.

The CPM in St. Louis, MO report indicates 216 CPM (low 12 high is 220 cpm).

Radcon 4 St Louis MO CPM 12 16 2014






Radcon 5 Level Alert:

The Radcon 5 Level Alert is near Dover, DE.

Radcon 5 Dover, DE 12 16 2014

Dover, DE has three electrical power plants but more power plants are located near and around the City of Dover.

The three power plants in Dover are in the same area code of 302 (NRE Energy Mgmt, McKee Run Generating Station, and Griffith Energy).

According to the data provided by NETC.com (Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center), the Level 5 Alert in Dover, DE is station ID 4:321 reading 126 CPM (low 7 – high 127).

Radcon 5 Alert Dover DE Station ID 4 321  dtd 12 16 2014

To “read” the data, click on the interactive US Map in the NETC website, to the listed areas.  Click to enlarge the map because some of the Radcon 4 Concern/Watch areas are being overlapped by the Radcon 1 level Radiation Background levels.

The more you click up on the map the larger and detailed the map becomes. When you click down, the map decreases in detail size.

The City of Dover (and State level) does appear to be “well stocked” with guidelines in case of a radiation emergency. They have created a Handbook for Responding to a Radiological Dispersal Device First Responder’s Guide as a training manual for Fire, EMS, Police, and Hazmat.

The informative Handbook includes a Flow Chart for Responding to a Radiological Dispersal Device. Click here for Handbook pdf.  The 88 page Handbook is replete with guidelines including 14 Appendices:

Radiation Handbook 14 Appendices

From the Overview down to Glossary, some items covered are:

Primer on Radiation Measurement,

Exposure vs Contamination,

Health Effects of Radiation Exposure,

Acute Radiation Syndrome,

State and Local Radiation Control Program Contacts, etc.

Telephone numbers for all 50 states on where to call and contacts to speak with about radiation information are included.

I would recommend everyone to become familiar with this Handbook, if possible.  This handbook can act as a general guideline for us to become informed and what to expect in case of an emergency.

Fukushima Article Updates:

To the right side of the screen, the three top articles on the Fukushima updates are being captured through the RSS daily feed from ENENews.com.  Needless to say, the headlines alone are devastating to read and comprehend not just in Japan but from the United States:

  • Video: Cemetery blocks filled with babies downwind of US nuclear site — “This needs to be talked about, the children… murdered” — Mother: My newborns died within hours, tumors all over, brain disintegrated after massive stroke — “Body parts, cadavers, fetuses… the nuclear industry took in the dead of night… from all over US” 12/16/2014
  • Report: Massive release of Fukushima radioactive waste being planned — Gov’t Official: I was overwhelmed by amount of contaminated water from reactors, we must dump it into ocean — Experts: Much of melted nuclear fuel is now particles which are inside the water (VIDEO) 12/15/2014
  • Magazine Editor’s Final Words: Fukushima exponentially more dire than Chernobyl — Deteriorating plant threatens mass extinction around world — It’s made a deep impression on me recently — You have an obligation to be aware of conditions there (AUDIO)  12/12/2014

 Nuclear Watch:

Fukushima NRA Cementing tunnels stop inflow +

Okuma OK storage facilities 12/12/14


What’s the take away in all of this activity?  I can only surmise that we continue to closely monitor circumstances in both Japan and in the United States about the radiation levels.  Become familiar with the Handbook pdf provided above.  As long as we stay abreast of the situation, we become confident and if necessary should communicate with the scientific experts with data who are better educated to handle these emergencies.

One more observation.  Although Dover, DE does show a Radcon Level 5 Alert, I’m confident that it will be contained and eliminated.  I have found that America’s highest resource is her people.  We have a valuable country with highly skilled professionals who are well-educated in their respective fields of ability.  I don’t believe they will sit back and allow destruction to overtake America.  At least not without speaking out. Some have already come forward by forming committees to address radiation, a weapon of mass destruction, which is becoming a problem in America.

It’s not being informed that’s scary to me.  I’ve learned through researching for credible material for articles to post here so that others may also learn.

It’s the knowing and understanding that brings peace because then we can make wise decisions.

Jesus prophesied:

  • My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6)






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