Mysterious Disappearance AirAsia Airbus A320 Flight QZ8501

AirAsia PlaneAs some of you may already know AirAsia Flight QZ8501 disappeared over the south-east Asian sea under mysterious circumstances.

There are numerous conflicting stories and comments being circulated around the internet and media about the missing flight with some reporting the flight is missing, search launched, debris discovered, then silence on the debris. Then the search is suspended? Text received plane is safe (unconfirmed)?

This is all reminiscent of Malaysian Flights MH370 and MH17.

The plane’s passenger list has now been made available for viewing:  Click here for passenger list.

Chinese Prophecy Warning:

Gleaning from some of my “trusted” sources, the following has occurred, including a warning as early as the 15th of December reported on a Chinese website (translated into English):

“As early as the end of the world community on the 15th of this month predicted AirAsia aircraft to happen, repeatedly warned people away from Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia away, saying, “Do not listen to the words, over a period of time after the accident pulls this post, it is too late to regret a. “(network screenshot)”

…”This is the landlord, “the people have their own music” in the month at 20:15 on the 15th with the title “was ruined after MAS, AirAsia Blackhand also extended to” send a message to the End of the World community, which reads: “International Blackhand the Malaysia Airlines and Malaysia Airlines MH370 MH17 after the hijacking and shot down, as the world’s sixth-largest airline Ma Hangji this collapse, in a lethargic state. Now, the big black hand again targeted in AirAsia, as always, must ruin AirAsia, Because AirAsia also belong to Malaysia. Given Blackhand forces too powerful, too vicious heart, suggested that the Chinese passenger travel, away from AirAsia, do not become another victim of MH370. “

(full article source: Chinese Reuters Article dated 12/28/2014 AirAsia aircraft lost contact with the mainland forum posts 13 days ago discovered prophecy)

AirAsia Flight QZ8501

Search and Rescue Suspended

Aircraft information:

ModeS 8A017B 
Registration PK-AXC
Type code A320 
Type Airbus A320-216
S/N 3648
Airline Indonesia AirAsia

12/28/2014 — Flight RADAR of “Crashed”

Air Asia Airbus A320 flight QZ8501

Full Flight Information:

Flight history for Indonesia AirAsia aircraft PK-AXC:

AirAsia Indonesian Flight QZ8501

“On the 28th morning, a Surabaya to Singapore from Indonesia AirAsia flights QZ8501 lost contact with the control tower in Jakarta, Beijing lost to time is 7:17. There are 162 people, including seven crew members on the plane lost contact, it is understood no Chinese passengers on the plane.”


Text Message Reports Emergency Landing:

Bali, Indonesia, reports: “A relative of a missing passenger has reportedly received a text message from an unknown sender, stating that the plane made an emergency landing and all passengers are alive.  The Indonesian Transportation Ministry is examining these claims.”

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Dark powerful forces are at work to destroy the airlines of Malaysia now AirAsia, with warnings not to travel this airline company.

Something mysterious happened to QZ8501, Malaysian Flights MH370 and MH17, all from the same airlines company.   It still isn’t determined that QZ8501 plane is not missing and its passengers are alive and well.

Why release the passenger list if they didn’t already know the flight was doomed?

I don’t believe this story is final.  Should anything new is found, will let you all know.  Please pray for the families of the passengers.





One thought on “Mysterious Disappearance AirAsia Airbus A320 Flight QZ8501

  1. Here’s the “BLACKHAND”!
    “Soros Gets More Than a Pound

    The Malaysian jetliner, and its hidden sibling in Tel Aviv, are the instruments that should have guaranteed Zionist supremacy over the global economic and political order throughout this century. Instead, their grandiose design is collapsing under its own fabrications and delusions, as Israeli envoys scurry into the shadows like rats under spotlights. The FBI and Interpol have a monumental task ahead. Crush Israeli terrorist apparatus and hunt down their cells until world civilization is safe again.

    “Thieves, murderers and liars” are mere words that can hardly describe the crafty criminality of the Israeli spy chiefs. But what about their paymaster, what does Soros get out of the deal? For one thing, the Mossad turns over the Kinesis microchip technology as thanks for his patriotism. Chips aside, what Soros really, really wants is the satisfaction of payback against Malaysia. Few things are more important than money, and that short list includes revenge.

    The Hungarian Jew tycoon, who bought US citizenship after defrauding the Bank of England, has a die-hard grudge against Malaysia. During his cunning attempt to wreck the currencies of Southeast Asian, with the hidden agenda of buying assets and property on the cheap, Soros was slammed down by Malaysia’s then Prime Minister Muhammad Mahathir, who imposed a currency board to stop capital flight. That was back in 2008. (The Zionist-influenced Western media and Wall Street bankers quickly denounced Mahathir as “anti-semitic”, forgetting out of their dismal cultural ignorance that an Asian Muslim cannot be such since fellow believers across the Arab world are more Semitic than European Jews.)

    If revenge is a dish best served cold, Soros has ice in his veins and waited till his dying days to gouge out a pound of flesh from Malaysia’s body politick.

    At the risk of sounding as soft as Lady Portia with her aristocratic Venetian accent, let me suggest that the world community is to be governed with compassion for the poor and genuine democracy, and not by a top-down global order imposed with violence and greed from a self-appointed religious minority. So as the noose tightens on that little rogue state that would be king of our planet, let us mourn the victims of Flight 370 as much as we grieved over those who died inside the World Trade Center. Such bloodthirsty evil should never be allowed to strike again.”

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