Massive UFO Fleet Recorded Harnessing the Sun’s Electro Magnetic Waves

UFO Tubular 12 29 2014

The image to the left is dated and recorded Dec. 25, 26, & 27, 2014, posted by UFOvni2012.  The video depicts a massive tubular fleet of UFO’s being seen approaching the sun.

These UFO’s appear to be harnessing the sun’s electro magnetic energy waves probably to refill their “ships” with electrical fuel.

These same types of tubular UFO’s are being seen exposing themselves in the night skies.

I wrote about this UFO phenomena on November 16, 2014, while watching a live night Ariel view screening from DarkSkyWatcher74’s YouTube Channel in Kingman, Arizona, Area 51.

Massive! UFO Fleets Rods

Near The Sun, Dec 28, 2014

DarkSkyWatcher 11 16 14 no 3“On November 16, 2014, I was silently watching live night sky activities, pattern formation of the bright stars, high depth streaming from the YouTube Channel, DarkSkyWatcher74.”


UFO Tubular 10 1, 2 2014Also spotted on October 1 & 2, 2014 StarCam from Kingman, Arizona, Area 51, by DarkSkyWatcher74.

These images are just a few that I have been able to capture recently.

What are they really?  Isn’t it time for  “public disclosure?”

According to some comments, harnessing these electro magnetic waves could trigger massive solar flares that would be thrown into the earth’s atmosphere, disrupting normal atmospheric pressure that could be causing the unusual weather changes, including the destructive volcanic eruptions being seen in Japan and Iceland.

Here’s another video posted November 15. 2-14, from composite data recorded by of a massive shield interfering with the Sun:

Object Invisible With Shields Changes

To Right & Left Through The Solar System

These sightings are intensifying and so is our weather patterns.  Are they really UFO’s from another planet either inter-dimensional or extra-terrestrial,  or are they USA government made spaceships messing with our own solar system?

Why doesn’t our government disclose the information to the public?  These objects are hidden in plain sight and affecting our planet.

Will we see major destruction in 2015?  Are we gearing up for inter-galactic war if these are classified as “war ships?”

Video below uploaded November 21, 2014:  Hoy hizo una erupción el volcán de Colima en Jalisco:


EN COLIMA HOY 21/11/2014

(English:  UFO Causes Volcano to

Explode in Colima, Jalisco (Mexico))

Anyone taking these sightings as “friendly”, think again.  These UFO’s destroy.


The Lord God did warn us about the end times and signs in the skies.  I pray that as times intensify that we, too, intensify our prayers to Him to guard us and keep us in the palms of His mighty hands.








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