Mysterious Sounds & Strange Booms: Nuclear Explosions

Booms, Mystery USA Image

Mysterious Sounds & Strange Booms:

Nuclear Explosions


I’ve been monitoring various news articles on the mysterious sounds and strange booms across the U.S. and in Europe.

There are numerous theories and strange “way out” comments from all sorts of people with ideas that are unsupported but are simply guessing.

I’ve finally come across enough chilling but credible articles that support my understanding that many, if not all, of the mysterious sounds and strange booms are not all from meteor showers and reported to the American Meteor Society website, but rather from straight nuclear testing and real war taking place underneath the earth’s surface.  The Pentagon says there are around 5,000 bases in total with around 600 overseas.

The U.S. image above is an ongoing tracking map on of the various cities of reported strange sounds beginning January, 2013:

“This is a tracking map of loud booms & strange sounds starting in January 2013.   Will also track meteorite/fireball sightings with or without accompanying sound. This map can be embedded on your web page or linked to. All of the events listed here have been verified and can used as an accurate reference; it will be updated regularly…”


Mysterious Sounds and Strange Booms :

Mystery Boom Shakes Idaho! Similarities to Nuclear Test!

Published on Jan 4, 2015:

Seismographs reveal ‘explosive’ data not consistent with an earthquake.
Booms, Mystery Twitter Seismometer Boise, Idaho 1 3 2015…………

“The morning earthquake rattled and felled items and triggered road-blocking rockslides but did not cause any injuries and major damage.

The earthquake, followed by a magnitude 4.0 quake 12:34 a.m. Sunday, comes during a swarm that started about two weeks ago involving nearly two dozen quakes in the Challis area, including a 3.7-magnitude quakeon Dec. 22 and a magnitude 3.4 quake on Dec. 23, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.”

Read more here.

Evidence: Sonic Boom Quakes Caused by Nukes:

Pure Energy System Reports, with supporting explosive evidence that the mystery of the Sonic Booms are caused by Nukes.

Booms, Mystery Seismic SignaturesThis website is rich with supporting evidence for the nuclear testing theology taking place underneath the earth’s surface.  They have stated that some of the “tests” are not always testing but straight nuclear war against purported extra-terrestrial beings or aliens at war with humans or rather the military.

“Today I’ve received a phone call and a number of emails from people referring to an interview that David Wilcock conducted recently with Benjamin Fulford, who asserts that the recent DC and Denver Quakes were spurred by underground nukes wiping out two of the New World Order bunkers by “white hat” elements in the U.S. Pentagon, signaling the end of days for the dark cabal that have been running the planet for millennia. The interview concludes with a discussion about how with this victory over the dark elements of the former powers-that-be, that many hitherto suppressed energy technologies will soon be released.”

“Here is a government website that gives a comparison of a nuclear test and an earthquake on seismograph. Here is a comparison they show between the May 11, 1998 Indian Nuclear Test, and the April 4, 1995 earthquake in Pakistan.”

I’m familiar with the underground bunkers and cities that the black ops have been building.  The best documentary I know on this was done by Jesse Ventura in his “Conspiracy Theory” series.  I built a feature page on the 2012 episode in which the last half of the program was devoted to the underground bunkers that have quietly been built by dark elements in the U.S. Government looking out for their own survival with no thought for informing or preparing the population at large.

Here is a portion Booms, Mystery Seismograph Readings for Earthquakes with Nuclear Testsof some material that my awakened friend, Fred Burks compiled, who was formerly a translator for two U.S. Presidents”

I strongly recommend you click on the source to read the entire post.  It’s illegal for me to post all of their information as it would violate copyright laws.

Do you remember the “earthquake” in Washington, DC?  “Virginia 5.8 magnitude earth “wasn’t a natural earthquake and not a HAARP earthquake”.


Deep Underground Military Bases:

(DUMB means Deep Underground Military Bases)

Note: I removed the hyperlink on the comment re: Jesse Ventura’s 2012 Conspiracy Theory segment of the underground bunkers because the videos have all be removed or “no longer exist.”

I went into YouTube to find this particular video program but couldn’t find it—it’s been removed. However, I can personally attest that this particular show did exist because I saw it when it initially appeared on TruTV.

I did find a YouTube video that was uploaded with 9 minutes 31 seconds of the Underground (Bunkers) Facilities with Jesse Ventura that was videotaped and uploaded:

Jesse Ventura Ozark Illuminati Underground

U.S. Army’s Secret Military Bases Across the Globe Revealed: 

Article Dated Dec. 15, 2013:

“The U.S. military can be a sensitive lot when it comes to the location of their military facilities.

With military bases on every continent, in every corner of the world, for the kinds of tasks they perform, it’s no wonder that many of the locations are blacked out and hidden from public view.

The Pentagon says there are around 5,000 bases in total with around 600 overseas.

Josh Begley, a data artist, decided to set himself the task of mapping all known U.S. military bases around the world, and collect satellite pictures of them using Google and Bing Maps.”



U.S. Military Foot Prints World Wide:

Begley has found the coordinates for 650 bases, and published pictures for 644 of them.

Booms, Mystery U S Military Footprints Worldwide

How do you measure a military footprint?

The images at this website are absolutely stunning.  Known military locations compiled of U.S. Military bases worldwide are intricately detailed using Google imaging/mapping.

There are enough bases to support the mysterious sounds and strange booms across the world.

I clicked on one in particular and a pop up appears identifying the military installation:

Booms, Mystery World Wide Images of U.S. Military Footprints







Russia Reports Nuclear Explosions:

One last article:  dated August 24, 2011 Titled:

Russia Reports Nuclear Explosions Hit Vast US Military Tunnel Network

US Quake 2011 – Strange Sound during Game before the Earthquake

It’s the sound of millions of cubic feet of rushing air.

“According to this report, this unprecedented nuclear attack began on the evening of 22 August when one of the main air pressure relief tunnels for this CIA tunnel, located at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa Florida, was forced open allowing millions of cubic feet of air to rush suddenly into the atmosphere. The unique sound of this event was captured by video [1st video left] during a baseball game being played at Tropicana Field near MacDill, though US officials blamed the “mystery noise” on a faulty sound system.”

“Most interesting to note is that this attack comes nearly a decade to the day after the 11 September 2011 internal war between the CIA and the US military establishment that rained destruction upon America, and then the world, but whose final battle has yet to be fought, or won, by either side.

To what the final outcome of this titanic struggle will be it is not in our knowing, other than to note that when two powerful forces like these collide, and as they have done so many times in the past, the ultimate losers end up being the American people whose delight in total ignorance as to what is happening around them continues to astound the whole world.”


(source:  whatdoesitmean)


The information supporting the theology of the mysterious sounds and strange booms in underground nuclear testing and/or war with extraterrestrials is pretty compelling.

People continue to hear these mysterious sounds and strange booms and are looking for answers—I was too.

Today, January 5, 2015, I received this YouTube video:

Mystery Boom In Pennsylvania Shakes Homes

Sends Animals Running for Cover

Booms, Mystery Hazleton, PA Cty Luzerne 1 5 2015The mysterious sounds and strange booms were heard in Luzerne Cty, PA on January 1, 2015.

My “light bulb” went off in my head and I remembered all those articles I posted last year on Radcon Levels.  I checked Radcon Levels (radiation readings) for the area and came up with three, one of which is in Hazleton, PA, Luzerne Cty,  a few miles from the reported mysterious sounds and strange booms.

Evidence hiding in plain sight, only we didn’t see it even with the mysterious sounds and strange booms which I now believe are nuclear explosions! Are we too conventional and too trusting of our disloyal government that we don’t see that perhaps World War III is in progress underground, a three-way war between the U.S. Military, CIA, and Aliens and we’re caught totally uninformed?





2 thoughts on “Mysterious Sounds & Strange Booms: Nuclear Explosions

  1. This is a good post, Mary. I have recently been paying attention to stories/videos about these “booms”, as a friend, here where I live was awakened about a week ago from a BOOM. Thanks for the info.

    On another note, someone sent me Marzulli’s post about the “Cephar”. I wanted a DEFINITION for the word. The word, WITH THAT SPELLING doesn’t come up, unless it is in reference to this book. I won’t EVEN call it a BIBLE!
    But the word that does come up is CIPHER. Obviously, using a different vowel would hide what it is. CIPHER is OBVIOUSLY the correct word and here is definition:
    noun, often attributive \ˈsī-fər\

    : a way of changing a message to keep it secret

    : a person who has no power or is not important
    Full Definition of CIPHER
    a : zero 1a
    b : one that has no weight, worth, or influence : nonentity
    a : a method of transforming a text in order to conceal its meaning — compare code 3b
    b : a message in code
    : arabic numeral
    : a combination of symbolic letters; especially : the interwoven initials of a name

    As far as I’m concerned, Zulli has sank to a new LOW! This is KABBALAH, and he is promoting the trash! You realize what Paul said about “another gospel”. This makes me VERY sad, and besides that, it INFURIATES me at the same time.

    • Excellent point! We are told to be wary in these last of the last days. Keeping things simple and our eyes on JESUS is the order of the day.

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