Elvis Presley: A Living Spiritual Legacy

Presley, ElvisElvis Presley: A Living Spiritual Legacy


Elvis Aaron Presley,

Date of Birth: January 8, 1935,

Date of Death: August 16, 1977.

January 8, 2015:  Today marks Elvis Presley’s birthday. He would have been 80.  I don’t believe that anyone has not heard of Elvis Presley.  He broke all known conservative barriers when he performed his style of music called rock n roll back in the 50’s.

I was approximately six years old when I saw my first photo of Elvis Presley.  Mom pasted it into the small, inner suitcase as she packed it sending me off to summer camp.  I can still remember her excitement — the photo was precious to her.  I had instructions to take care of it.  I never touched it, no sir…never.

I grew up listening to Elvis on the radio.  Mom would play it loud when Elvis was performing. She would dance across the floor in excitement.  It was just a phase for me but important for my mom.  What’s important to her is important to me, so I never forgot the impact he made on our lives.

Yes, I remember his performance on the Ed Sullivan show.  We, my mother, father, brothers and sisters, packed into our small living room, craning our necks over each other to get the best possible view of this very highly sought after performer from our very small television set.  The performance was in black and white.

It was a sight to behold!  We all smiled, nodding “yes!” and sighed in excitement when he sang–true to his radio performing sound.  I became a voluntary fan of his growing up–no longer needing to have him “forced” on me, for want of a better description.

No, I never knew he was a Christian musician-performer.  It’s after I’m well past my aging in 1993, when I became a born again Christian that I was in a “Mercado” where a vendor was trying to sell antique vinyl records.  A friend and I stopped and reviewed some of the vendor’s personal collection, when I saw a Christian recording by none other than Elvis Presley.

I thought I had “a gold nugget” in my hands because even then Elvis wasn’t being played spiritually and yet here was a collection of spiritual recordings, a one of a kind.

I can’t remember if I paid maybe $5.00 for the record album or not but it was incredibly cheap.  In fact, the vendor was apologetic for the $5.00 price tag because no one was interested in Elvis’ spiritual music much less pay money to hear it!  But I knew the value on it and I didn’t tell him that it was, in my opinion, priceless–I was afraid he would raise the price and I didn’t have much money to spend on extravagance.

I wasn’t thinking I would be doing an article on Elvis Presley today, in fact, if I hadn’t seen someone else make a comment that it was his birthday, the event would have gone on without me.  But I wasn’t getting any “nudging” from the Lord on what to write about.  So I started listening to some of Elvis’ music and I remembered “cow bell.”

Yes, “cow bell.”  I couldn’t remember the name of the Pastor and his wife who had been “assigned” by God, to be Elvis Presley’s intercessors so I pressed the Lord on it in prayer.  If I press-in intently, God will give me an answer.

Finally, I decided I would research on internet but kept going in circles–I couldn’t get the name of the Pastor.  I remembered the story but not their names??

Finally, when I committed to this post on Elvis Presley, the Lord dropped it into my spirit–Rex Humbard and his wife Maude!

You Gave Me A Mountain:

Elvis Presley

– You Gave Me A Mountain

Cow Bell:

So you ask “Cow Bell?”  Yes, story has it that God had impressed it upon Maude to pray over Elvis Presley, which she diligently did for many years.

Pastor Rex Humbard and Maude were placed into Elvis’ path.  They got to meet him one day, and Maude told Elvis that God had impressed her to be in prayer over him, saying “Elvis, you’re my cow bell.” This was because the leading cow in a herd wears a bell as a signal to other cows to follow wherever the lead cow led them.

Please–I’m not calling anyone a cow, not even me.  It’s a metaphor.  Pastor Rex Humbard and Maude did minister to Elvis Presley.  Elvis was raised in the Assemblies of God Church–they were Pentecostals.  Elvis Presley did believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.  He may not have been the perfect saint in the eyes of himself or others but he believed and he knew how to pray effectively.  However, as is the way of the world, he got swayed by the enormous pressure of his “musical gift” and the attention he received as a result.

“There is no question Elvis Presley’s favorite music was Gospel. He warmed up for story sessions with gospel songs, and when not on tour was repeatedly at his residence piano knocking out his favorite hymns. Elvis quite often sought-after to listen to Mahalia Jackson, the Queen of Gospel.

Elvis Presley only scored one big gospel hit on the pop charts during his extraordinary profession – 1965’s “Crying In The Chapel,” a re-release of a performance from 1960, coming at a period when he desperately required it, but gospel music both “white” and “black,” was a significant component of both his singing style and his worldview.”  More…Elvis Presley Sang Gospel.

Where Could I Go But To The Lord:

Elvis Presley

– Where Could I Go But To The Lord

“His gospel music is much-loved by Elvis fans worldwide. Elvis read his Bible and prayed constantly and was very up to date about spiritual matters. In the mid 1960’s he also held Bible studies in his Bel Air home where he lived while making his movies. He at no time sought-after being called “The King”. When an adoring fan called him The King one day, Elvis replied to her “No Honey, there is only one King and that is Jesus Christ”. More…Elvis Presley Sang Gospel.


When Elvis Presley died, Priscilla Presley knowing the relationship between Elvis and Pastor Rex, requested Rex Humbard to minister to the congregation at the funeral, which he did.

Anyone and everyone can guess whether someone made it to Heaven, but really, God knows the heart of the believer–remember that 3rd man at the cross when he asked Jesus Christ, “Then he said to Jesus, “Lord, remember me when You come into Your kingdom.” (Luke 23:42).  Jesus responded “And Jesus said to him, “Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with Me in Paradise.” (Luke 23:43)

Happy 80th birthday Elvis!

To get a copy of Elvis Presley’s Christian recordings on Amazon, click here or on image below:

Presley, Elvis






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