Liberia Ebola Cases: West Africa Crises Fading

Ebola West Africa Map

Liberia Ebola Cases:

West Africa Crises Fading


The Liberian government has reported that the Ebola centers are now almost empty–the West Africa crises is fading.

“There’s only one thing missing from this latest Ebola treatment center: Ebola patients.

The Washington Post reports that the worst of the deadly outbreak appeared to have passed before the first treatment centers were even completed. A Liberian government official tells the Post that the centers were built “too late.” (Washington Post)

Last September, 2014, the CDC had predicted a worse case scenario of 1.4 million patients in West Africa, triggering the U.S. to send in 3,000 troops as part of a $750 million arrangement to fight Ebola and to assemble the medical units  “as a crucial safeguard against an epidemic that flared in unpredictable, deadly waves.”

Possible Causes for Decrease:

Questions for the reasons for the sudden decrease are still being reviewed:

Q.  Was it that Liberians had changed their behavior to avoid contracting the disease?

Q.  Had early increases in bed space at Ebola centers been enough to isolate those with the virus?

Q.  Was there more effective use of contact tracers, who tracked down and isolated people exposed to the virus?

“Experts say it was probably all of those changes, though the inflection point of the epidemic will be studied for years by epidemiologists.”  (Washington Post)

Mali Officially Free of Ebola Virus:

According to Mali’s health minister, Mali has been declared official free of the Ebola Virus:

Mali’s health minister declares the West African country

officially free of the deadly Ebola virus


Experimental Drug Testing Continues:

ZMapp, the experimental drug, will continue to be human tested:

“A clinical trial of the experimental Ebola drug ZMapp may be ready to get under way in infected patients in West Africa in February, the latest effort to combat the current epidemic and any future outbreaks.”  (WSJ)

“Beyond Zmapp, testing of other therapies and vaccines is also picking up pace. The University of Oxford this month began a clinical trial in Liberia of Chimerix Inc. CMRX +5.81% ’s experimental antiviral brincidofovir. Up to 140 patients will receive the drug in the trial, and their fatality rates will be compared with historical death rates in the same treatment center among patients who didn’t receive the drug.” More… (WSJ)

Genetically Modified Cattle May Hold Cure for Ebola Virus:

According to several other news sites, it seems that experimental testing using genetically modified cattlEbola GMO Cattle with Human DNAe with Human DNA might hold the “cure” against the Ebola Virus.

“The genetically modified cattle are able to produce human antibodies after cloning and later vaccinations against a number of viruses, including Ebola, NBC News reported. “These animals [cows] produce very high levels of human antibody,” Eddie …(Sputnik International)

Flight from Paris Quarantined:

Russian Plane QuarantinedIn the meantime, a flight from Paris was grounded today in Moscow’s airport for approximately 4 hours then released:

“A full passenger plane was quarantined in Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport for about 4 hours, after pilots told the ground staff one of the travelers was suffering from suspected Ebola symptoms.”

“…the patient was suffering from acute respiratory infection. The traveler and her husband, who were both transiting through Moscow, have been given a temporary visa to receive treatment at a specialized clinic in the city.”  (RT)

Anna Popova, a passenger on the flight, twitted on Twitter along with the image to the left (translated to English)

Russian Plane Quarantined Anna Popova Twitter





To understand that the West Africa crises is fading is really great news.  I don’t think the Ebola Virus is totally over yet.  No known “cure” was discovered and speculation abounds on what really caused the decline.

Experimental human testing continues and now it includes GMO cows with Human DNA as a possible “cure?” The “powers that be” are bound and determined to force feed the Human RNA DNA with animal cells, ultimately altering the human “God created image” particulates.

The war against depopulating humanity isn’t over.  Keep praying over Africa.  I definitely believe God’s hand hasn’t lifted from Africa–thank you Lord for hearing our prayers of relief over Africa.





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