Torah Codes: End to Darkness

Torah Codes DVD 1 21 2015Torah Codes: End to Darkness

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What if you “knew” or had access to information prior to an actual event taking place? What would you do with it?

Prophecy is a “foretelling” of an event or people and places, and it’s totally 100% correct.  The holy bible teaches prophecy throughout it from the Book of Genesis through the Book of Revelation.

There are people who devote their whole lives studying and exploring the scriptures trying to capture what the Lord God is revealing to them and others through secret messages. The revealing of information can be searched out through the Holy Bible using computer technology to capture “codes” in the form of ELS, Equidistant Letter Sequence, or counting the distance between characters and the probability of the results crossing over the revealed information from the first five books of the Holy Bible, the Torah in Hebrew, in the Old Testament. Names, places, and events are all encoded.

As an added mystery, sometimes these secret messages, because of their specific place in alignment of characters in the text, can create a pattern or a picture, an image.

What is the Torah Codes End to Darkness?

The Torah Codes: End to Darkness is a DVD by producer, Richard Shaw from Pinlight Productions. Shaw was inspired to travel to Israel in 2014, specifically to explore behind the scenes with several Rabbis who study biblical codes by use of a special computer software to analyze words in the Holy Bible scriptures:

TORAH CODES End to Darkness

Miracles and Results:

God Changes Path of RocketsSome of the biblical messages are astounding, like ripping off newspaper headlines!

Richard Shaw explored some of the miracle stories and results, like the one where rockets from Gaza propelled in mid-air into Israeli territory and a mysterious wind redirected the rockets avoiding destruction, causing a terrorist to remark “Their God changes the path of our rockets in Mid-air, said a terrorist.”

In another section of the DVD Rabbi Rips talks about miracles in the Torah and to expect miracles even today.

The DVD reveals searches in the text with Rabbi Alexander Rottenberg, and finds the text will support the scriptures:

  • Flood,
  • Nephilim,
  • Giants,

Guest consultant, LA Marzulli, Richard Shaw’s partner in the Watcher’s series, remarked:  “The Torah Codes are modern-day of the “Ephod.”

Other special consultant-guests are Dan Gordon, who takes Richard Shaw into the war-torn areas of Israel’s 14 year war conflict with Hamas, and Rabbi Glazerson, “The Torah is the blueprint of Creation” and more.

Cancelling an “Event”:

Can an expected event spoken or spelled out in the Torah Codes be cancelled or stopped from happening?

You’ll have to purchase the DVD and find out the stunning revelation on that particular issue.


You don’t have to believe in the mystery of the Torah Codes, but it’s one compelling topic, one that requires careful study.

It’s such an intriguing subject that yours truly did take a small part in the making of this production and I was surprised that in contributing to this project, earned me a spot in the credits, a “codebreaker” I am.

That’s not why I endorsed this project–I did it because it’s another tool that God can use to have people explore the scriptures from a different level of perspective, it’s exciting and it’s adventurous!

I was particularly pleased that the DVD does have annotated language in English because some of the Rabbi’s have such a strong Israeli and Hebrew language dialect that it can be difficult to understand but with the included annotation, I didn’t miss a beat.

Don’t miss your opportunity to study and learn and share this information with others around you–it’s a great challenge to add this to your widening knowledge of the Holy Bible and yet another layer showing God’s revealing personality.

  • It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter. (Proverbs 25:2)

You can get your high quality professionally made DVD copy here or click on the image below:

Torah Codes DVD 1 21 2015







5 thoughts on “Torah Codes: End to Darkness

  1. “END OF DARKNESS”? You might call that “ILLUMINATION”. You’re flirting with SPIRITUAL DEATH!

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