Prophetic Dreams & Visions of the Nuclear Type

Nuclear Bomb ExplosionProphetic Dreams & Visions

of the Nuclear Type


This morning I received this message from one of my previous articles on prophetic dreams and visions:

“Hello, I have had dreams about events that have happened in the past I can’t remember many of them. However my dreams are very clear in picture about three nights ago I dreamed that there was an almost ultraviolet light bomb just above the ocean and two poles where next to it as if  the energy from the poles was keeping the bomb above the water, there were specifically two mountain heads behind this bomb as the bomb was in between, the bomb then exploded in its light, I was not afraid but concerned as I sat in what was my room in the dream and ducked as the bomb exploded when I looked up before my window was a pile of tanks piled above one another from the explosion. I then collected my clothes from the cupboard and left. I am not sure what this dream could mean.”

Below is my response:

Dear Lucinda: Thank you for visiting and for sharing your dream/vision. First of all, if your dream is of God, then my thoughts are to ask the Lord God for the interpretation, which I did.

I’m believing that the two mountain heads are two major countries who have the power to decide whether to drop a nuclear bomb on each other. Right now the nuclear bomb is in balance by the two equal poles but eventually this bomb will explode. God hasn’t revealed to anyone when an EMP (electro magnetic pulse) will be detonated. Although many in the prophetic realm believe it’s Russia bombing New York City.

At first I questioned if the dream was of God or just imagination but when you said “I wasn’t afraid,” I knew it would be God because he doesn’t give us a mind of fear when we get these somewhat frightening visions. The pile of tanks shows how powerful the bombs are that can lift up these very heavy pieces of equipment and how high the electro magnetic waves will travel.

“I then collected my clothes from the cupboard and left.” I think this means the Lord God is trying to say get ready to leave with your possessions, including your food and think about leaving. However, only the Lord God can answer that for you through prayer with Him. What city are you from?

If you care to join, I am at a website called, almost daily. We have major heavy-duty Christians who discuss as much as possible about upcoming events. We discuss when WW III will erupt etc. Maybe you will find it interesting. It’s up to you if you care to visit.

I’ve also been studying interferences or harnessing electro magnetic waves from the sun … here’s the most recent video that I saw a few days ago that might interest you:

Interacting With Our Sun Causing Chaos NASA

“I should note here though that many times events should have happened but didn’t. It doesn’t mean it was false, it only means that God is warning and we should be in prayer to stop the event from happening. There was a prediction of catastrophic proportions that was supposed to have happened last August, 2014–an asteroid was to crash on earth but it didn’t happen. Warnings went out to prepare for it but I’m believing that through prayer, this particular event was “stopped” from happening. That’s not to say that it just might have shifted enough to cause a delay.

If I may, I’m going to pull your dream and do a write-up in a few minutes as an article so that others may also learn from it. Keep in touch, let me know how things develop for you.”






10 thoughts on “Prophetic Dreams & Visions of the Nuclear Type

  1. The following links are good examples of why people should beware of prophetic dreams and visions. Alot of these visions and dreams, although some widely known, can be misleading and contradict scripture, which means that they are not from God. Although some visions and dreams are legit and truly from God I would suppose, many are not.

    • Hey Corey! Read both links…interesting. The one on the end time delusion has so many points–much critiscm. Leads me to believe he has never experienced a valid vision but he definitely feels he should classify this type of experience as a “neo Pentalcostal movement aka delusion.”

      “The neo-Pentecostal movement is largely responsible for so many in the modern day church taking this passage to mean that we can recreate the wonders of Pentecost anytime we want, even as we dream! The human experience is what is valued most highly in the Pentecostal experience. It is almost as if we can rise above the need for scripture, replacing doctrine with the heady rush of personal experience. The “Baptism of the Holy Spirit”, a kind of higher, second Holy spirit event in the life of a Christian, is taught as something not only to be desired but actually required to be complete as a Christian. This is doctrinal error, as the Holy Spirit comes to help us through the entire process of regeneration and leads us in the progressing and growing of our sanctification. There is never an issue of having to receive the Holy Spirit at another time in a different way.”

      So he appoints himself as the ultimate speaker for the Christian? He most definitely is entitled to his opinion, even if he is wrong in some areas. Not all of his points are without merit. But I’m not going into it–it’s too much.

      “The Pentecostal doctrines concerning speaking in tongues, healing, and prophecy today are taught as the norms of the Christian experience, and those lacking in the daily exhibition of these gifts are looked upon as unfulfilled in their Christian walk. A complete discussion of the errors of modern Pentecostalism are beyond the purview of this discussion.”

      I do not believe that if one doesn’t “walk” daily in these gifts that one is unfulfilled in their Christian walk. Plus, the title “Prophet” does not box itself into prophesying. I certainly do not consider myself a “Prophet” but I have at times been given a word to give to someone whom I had no fore knowledge that they were already expecting a response from the Lord/God. But I always test that It’s God who gave me the “word of knowledge.” The Word of Knowledge is a spiritual gift–one not taken lightly.

      re: “Doesn’t this clearly spell out that prophecy comes from a movement of the Holy Spirit, not by pulling a string on God like a puppeteer manipulates a marionette? The true prophets of God always wrote as they were moved, or carried along, by the Holy Spirit. Thus the modern day prophets put the cart before the horse, by declaring that they initiate the prophetic process by tugging on God’s prophetic dream string, and obediently God plays along by moving in the requested direction.”

      NEVER believe that we can tug at God and try to manipulate Him like a puppet! How ludicrous!! Why would someone try to demean the Lord God??

      re: “Because God did something in a certain way in the past, we cannot force his hand to repeat the act in future” and “Pentecost was not meant to be a repeatable event. It was a one time only, glorious event which commemorated the beginning of the church of Jesus Christ. We in the church today would do well to stop trying to counterfeit the signs and wonders given to the apostles alone as authentication of their ground-breaking work in laying down the foundations of the early church.”

      I don’t think this author has ever attended a service where the Holy Spirit descends upon a congregation and everyone bows down and worships in spirit and in truth. Never does the bible “lock out” or it’s a “one time only” event to never happen again attitude.

      Never should a true believe ever lock out the study of scripture and their meanings. Never think we know all because we don’t. The bible is loaded with mysteries waiting to be explored and revealed. I didn’t write the Bible but I will learn to live by its principles–one day at a time.

      I’m contradicting the contradictor. Enough said…



      • Hi seashore,
        I’m definitely in agreement there. I do know that the Holy Spirit is active in the church in alot of ways. I do remember my own baptism of the Holy Spirit shortly after salvation. I agree that the author probably has never attended a Holy Spirit infused sermon. I do think it’s probably wise to not dismiss it as something in-authentic. I guess my main reason for putting those links there was for the false visions part of it. Some that contradict scripture that have been given the mark of authenticity it seems. I do remember reading about your own powerful experience with God somewhere… perhaps it was on this site or maybe L.A.’s. I thought it was very fascinating.

        Blessings to you

  2. Hi Seashore. Interesting video above concerning the sun getting whacked by Planet X. I was fortunate (I think?) enough to get a couple photos with my camera one morning in December of a strange other fainter glow in the sky along with the sun. I posted them on my wordpress gravatar images. Although the pictures don’t do it justice for how they appeared seeing these glows with the naked eye, you can still tell there is something there in my photos.

    Hopefully Marzulli will open his comment section back up eh? Personally, I don’t think there was anything to be upset over. But that’s just me. Everyone’s different. Oh well. A nifty website you have here. I’ve visited a few times before and plan on again regularly.

    • Corey: re: “the sun getting whacked by Planet X”…what makes you believe it’s Planet X? I would recommend watching several videos by fellow Christians: BPEarthwatch on YouTube and DarkSkyWatcher74
      WTF Burned Up Over Arizona NASA I’m Waiting For The Recovery Team To Show Up

      Definitely Planet X is affecting our solar system but so is man.

      Food for thought my friend.

      Yes, I’m praying over LA whom I believe is overloaded with research and just got tired and irritated. This means he is 100% human!!

      Gotta go for the moment.


      • Re: Planet x whacking the sun Lol! Just a hunch on my part…lol
        I definitely agree, man is also messing things up with high technology, super secret alot of it.

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