Super Bowl XLIX: Occultist Human Sacrificial Event of the Year

Superbowl Perry, KatySuper Bowl XLIX:

Occultist Human Sacrificial Event of the Year


It’s Super Bowl XLIX tonight at the Phoenix Stadium, in Glendale, Arizona with the New England Patriots, vs Seattle Seahawks (6:30 pm on NBC).

Bets are on the table and under the table.  Who will covet and run, not walk, away with that winning trophy for the seasons best football players in the NFL?

With a heavy snow storm barreling across the country blanketing the midwest and creeping north-east, millions of travellers will find themselves indoors watching the Super Bowl game.


Security is super tight at the Phoenix Stadium.  The event been designated as a Level 1 by the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security.

Planning for security against a possible terror attack should be a mind twister.  It depends on who (NWO) wants to create terror in the hearts and minds of millions of people watching live around the world.

David Chase Taylor, #1 Whistleblower, from has written an article outlining all the possible false flag scenarios that could be carried out live tonight, among those are listed below:

Top February 1, 2015 Terror Plots:
A. Live Chinese or Islamic Nuclear Terror Attacks (New York, Washington, DC, West Coast)
B. 9/11-Style Attacks (Arizona, Chicago, New York, Washington, DC)
C. Cyber-Hijack of Super Bowl XLIX Telecast (Nuke Attacks, Chinese Invasion, Porn)
D. Surprise Chinese Attack (West Coast)
E. Obama Coup D’état (Washington, DC)

Top Nuclear Terror Targets:
1. University of Phoenix Stadium (Glendale, Arizona)
2. One World Trade Center (New York, New York)
3. United States Capitol Building (Washington, D.C)
4. West Coast Cities (e.g., Las Vegas, NV; Los Angeles, CA; Portland, OR; San Diego, CA; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA, etc.)

(More… source: David Chase Taylor)

Super Bowl Bingo Card:

Superbowl Bingo Card 2015

Security aside, the party must go on.

Jimmy Fallon, host of the Tonight Show, has been bitten by the Super Bowl frenzy.  He has created the Super Bowl Bingo Card 2015 making it available on his Facebook page to be shared by party goers everywhere.

“You can turn it into a drinking game or play for fun.”

“It’s time for Tonight Show (Drinking Optional) AZ Super Bowl bingo!

Every time you spot one of the items on your card, mark the square (and take a drink if you want). First to five in a row wins!

There are a bunch of different cards for you to print out if you’re having a party, but it’s just as fun if you’re playing solo.

Have fun, pals!” (source:

Half-Time Show:

Perhaps the highlight really isn’t the football challengers, but rather the half time show featuring the prodigal child who sold her soul to the devil, Katy Perry, former gospel performer/singer.Superbowl Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Book Cover

The half time show promises to full blast or ramp up the real intended target–the audience–who should be completely spell-bound by the event, while adrenaline pumps not only on the players but the audience.

Tonight has been touted an Illuminati ritualistic, occultist human sacrificial event of the year!

According to Katy Perry, her special guest is popular American performer rock singer-songwriter, Lenny Kravitz, record producer, and actor.

Genre: Rock, funk rock, hard rock, neo-psychedelia, neo soul, soul rock.

Here are two videos that best outlines the symbolic gestures, images of the Phoenix rising, (opening supernatural portals), the 33rd Parallel, costumes, and performances.







Should you watch the Super Bowl tonight, plead the Blood of the Lamb of Jesus Christ over you and your family because this event is definitely designed with you in mind.








12 thoughts on “Super Bowl XLIX: Occultist Human Sacrificial Event of the Year

  1. Hi Mary. I have been thinking about the ‘blood sacrifice for about a week now. As I’m sure you know, someone, usually with a name that’s recognizable,, MYSTERIOUSLY dies.

    A few days ago, I reached out to some friends, and asked them to start praying for WHOEVER it would be this year. I, myself have stormed the courtroom of heaven,m asking for God’s mercy upon whoever it was to be, even though I didn’t know a name to name.

    Last night, I read that Whitney Houston’s only daughter, Bobbi Brown, age 21; was found by her husband yesterday in their Atlanta home, face down in a bathtub full of water….JUST LIKE HER MOM!! She was unresponsive, not breathing, and didn’t have a pulse. Her husband began CPR on her til medics arrived. When she got to hospital, she was breathing, and alive. She was put into a medically induced coma, for swelling on the brain, and today is on a ventilator.

    It sounds like she was literally resurrected from the dead!! Praise the LORD for that. Just think, what may have been going on with her while she was unresponsive!! What Satan meant for evil, GOD can turn for GOOD. Imagine what a story she could tell, if she comes through this.

    I believe God heard our prayers, and spared who would’ve been this years’ blood sacrifice. PTL!! I would ask you and all your readers to pray for this young lady, that GOD would raise her up, and heal her. That she would have NO brain damage and be made whole and have a testimony that would reach many people. Would THAT NOT BE A POWERFUL TESTIMONY???!! A blood sacrifice would be victim, restored to physical life, as well as receiving the Gift of ETERNAL salvation?? WOW!! Thanks the God we serve!! PTL!!!

    By the way, Atlanta is on the 33rd parallel. So is Los Angeles, where her Mom dies…more than likely a blood sacrifice herself. Please pray for Bobbi Brown. ~Sandy

    • Hey Sandy! Thank you for your observation. Yes, I’m familiar with the Bobbi Brown story and yes, I come into agreement with you that her story comes to light, that she lives in the name of Jesus Christ!

      When Whitney Houston died in the bathtub, I was completely floored. I followed her story because she was such a powerful influential entertainer. I don’t really think her daughter’s situation was accidental. Whitney Houston was murdered. I’ve since learned that there is a group of media bosses who actually murder someone who is no longer pulling in mega money as entertainers but with a spectacular death, the public will buy “in memory” of the deceased their music, which is ultimately what it was. I’ll try to find the link to that story and share.

      Ok, it was Alfred Lambremonth Webre (a judge from Canada)…I occassionally listen to his Youtube channel when I understood how Hollywood really “uses” the celebrities. I don’t think Bobbi was accidental, however, time will tell.

      Part 2 – Ole Dammegard: Assassinations of Whitney Houston & Jimmy Hendrix

      Blessings Sandy–hang in there!


  2. It’s interesting to compare how the pharaoh saw his dreams compared to Joseph, and how Nebuchadnezzer saw his dreams compared to Daniel.

    Similarly, the vision of Katy Perry’s “ruler” (producer) compared to LA Marzulli, where KP sees a woman in flames riding a metallic lion vs. LA’s point about mystery babylon riding some beastly abomination. That abomination, a beast with 7 heads might by a hyperdimensional description of 7 beasts, 7 world empires, that were/are not/yet are. I’m suggesting that the beast the woman rides describes in The Revelation is the same as the beastly empires of Nebuchanezzer’s dreams, (from Daniel’s perspective). {10 horns in Revelation ~ 10 toes in Nebuchadnezzer’s dream}

    So who’s “the woman riding the beast in The Revelation?” Obviously not Katy Parry — who looked drugged to me, perhaps on paxil or xanax. Something strong enough to squelch the fear of the acrobatics, but not so much as to goof up the lip-synchs. Drugged ~ drunken … like the woman riding the beast in The Revelation.

    In The Revelation we also learn that “great babylon is cage for every foul bird.” “Every” is also likely hyperdimensional language referring to the manifestation through all generations impacted. If so then the current manifestation spanning peoples, tribes, tongues, and nations might be the world wide web. The similarity of “the cage” to matrix to web contrasted with “The Kingdom of Heaven” to “New Jerusalem” to “the parable of the net” is quite striking.

    If so, at some point we’re all going to receive the call to come out from her, to not receive of her plagues. And that may well include exiting the web! Which by that time might have a 666 access code, with a EULA that in fine print says — agrees to bow to 666 system and its genius leader, to buy, sell, or work….

    ps. Folks seem to have missed in the superbowl ads that cocaine cola went AI bringing sentience to the web with a #MakeItHappy “she like” personality 🎭. jeje … I didn’t know “It” could be sad.

    • On a similar note… “the tower of babel” (contrast with Temple of God)

      “the ziggurat of babel” … has fallen (has fallen) … and become rubble

      note: whereas New Jerusalem may be the gateway to all dimensions … the Lake of Fire (babylon fallen, bottomless pit(?), the deep ditch) might be the gateway of no return

    • Good points…I really don’t think anyone has revelation all nailed down. I’m still learning and the longer I stay in prophecy, the deeper it gets in meanings, symbollism, etc.

    • Sandy: Thanks for the “review” link. Quite interesting. The reviewer didn’t mention the few opening seconds of the UFO appearing and landing on earth and opening up into the Super Bowl venue (earth). That’s about as “disclosure” as it may get this year.

      I’ve never seen the Hunger Games show but now I understand why Lenny Kravitz was involved.

      I do understand why Missy was involved — promoting racial inequality aka: violence.

      If anyone thinks that the Super Bowl audience doesn’t involve the world, think again. I rec’d this link today attesting to the number of people who viewed the half time performance. The board literally lit up by changing colors when half time performance was held and changes colors again right after it was over.

      Super Bowl Tweets On Animated Heat Map

      • It is definitely a global thing, They even watched on the International Space Station.
        Mary, I am a huge football fan, but in the last few years, God has allowed me to see that “messages” are being given by TPTB, who say, in mockery of God that they will do nothing without revealing it first.

        I’m more a college fan than pro, and the last 3 years I have seen messages given in these BIG venues, not only SB, but also in College National Championship game.
        This year, for BOTH of the big games, the message was the same, EAST versus WEST. In both games, the EAST wins.

        I think they were sending messages about the economy, East dominates West. (Think China)
        Next think about all the commotion about deflate-gate. (Deflation)
        Last night, the East team overtook the West in the last quarter. (Think Oct.-Dec.) Isn’t in always in the fall when we have our economic woes?
        A few days before SB, as I was digging into some things, I sensed in my spirit, “If a fight breaks out during the game, it means, not only economic war but a fighting war”. Sure enough, the game was almost over and a brawl ensued….my heart sank.
        After the game was over, I was checking out the headlines about it. One in particular caught my attention: “Pats win after Hawks MELTDOWN”. My heart sank again at the word meltdown.
        Job 33:14 says; “The Lord speaks once, yea twice and man perceives it not”.
        I believe TPTB, who THINK they’re God, used this in mockery. They spoke once at the college level and again at SB.
        YES, the halftime show is more about the spirit world, but I believe messages are also passed in the game itself. I have copious notes from the last 3 years of the college National Championship, and have been able to predict the lands grabs from last year and the killing of Christians beginning the year before that. They spell it out in these big games.
        Like I said, this year is EAST overtakes WEST, and they spoke it TWICE. I think it’s gonna be a bumpy “4th quarter” for the West. We’ll see soon enough.
        Though in the the dark days ahead, we as a nation may find ourselves at war, but we as BELIEVERS are told:
        Ephesians 6:12King James Version (KJV)
        12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

        It is important that we KNOW where our refuge is:
        Psalm 91:1King James Version (KJV)
        91 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.

        HE IS our hiding place….Fear NOT!!


    • Nome! W E L C O M E!! Missing everyone. Praying LA will reopen his comments section. I’m thinking he is heavily invested in his research and got irritated. I’m aware that we all have high driven personalities and speak our minds while we type without thinking of how others may perceive what we’re trying to say.

      Anyway, your observations are always welcome here as anyone else who I can understand.

      Blessings, Mary

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