Taiwan TransAsia Airways flight ATR72-600 Crashes

TransAsia Airways flight ATR72-600

Taiwan TransAsia Airways

flight ATR72-600 Crashes


Update:  Total of 58 people, 17 people missing, injured 28 people, 13 people were killed, 140 cm depth, the body 2 of 3 in the water temperature of 10 degrees.


“At least 10 people are injured after TransAsia Airways flight ATR72-600 was forced to ditch in Keelung River after takeoff from Taipei Songshan Airport in Taiwan.

The plane had 58 people on board, en-route to the offshore island of Kinmen,when it crashed into a river in New Taipei City after ramming into a highway viaduct, Taiwan’s Central News Agency (CNA) and Agence France-Presse reported.”  (source: jpupdates.com)

TransAsia GE235 Crash: Raw Footage of

Plane Ditching Into River In Taiwan


TransAsia’s Plane Crashes

in the Keelung River – Live

TransAsia Airways Model ATR-72, B22816 from Taipei Songshan to Kinmen small civil aircraft, crashed in the startling news of the Keelung River, the police and fire rescue.  (source:  video)


The ATR-72 plane belonging to TransAsia Airways crashed into the Keelung River in Taipei’s Nangang District after hitting an elevated bridge, the Civil Aeronautics Administration said.TransAsia Airways Plane Rescue

The plane, carrying 53 passengers and five crew members, took off from Taipei Songshan Airport at 10:52 am en route to Kinmen, but crashed 10 minutes later.

31 missing; 13 dead.  Rescuers still working to remove the bodies of those in the plane.

#TransAsia: A crane is being used to lift the head of the plane from the water: CTI TV News from Twitter

Removal of baggage and several rows of seats earlier is helping to try and reach those trapped.

Majority of passengers headed to China … was a large tour group on board.

Apple Daily is reporting that the pilot radioed a mayday with both engines out.

Difficulty turning plane right side up because it’s halfway stuck in the river mud.

Please pray for victims and family.





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