State of Texas Islamic Tribunal?

Islam TribunalState of Texas Islamic Tribunal?


If anyone is reading the current turbulent state of affairs in the middle east, i.e. particularly the recent live burning of a captured Jordanian pilot in a cage by the radical terrorists, jihadists ISIS, aka: IS, ISIL, with Jordan’s King Abdullah vowing revenge against those who perpetrated the heinous act of murder, you would be highly concerned to learn of the recent announcement of an establishment–an Islamic Tribunal, in the State of Texas, the first of its kind in the United States.

The middle east is besieged with war-torn weary, hungry refugees in Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, etc. inclusive of mass murders, beheadings, the mass extermination of Christian followers in the middle east under the banner of Islam.

Establishing the Islamic Tribunal is causing a stir among several sites who are reporting on this Tribunal, but main stream media has basically remained silent on the issue.

Religious Fundamental Beliefs:

We Christians follow Jesus Christ as our Lord God and Savior according to all doctrines and principles that has been written in the Christian Holy Bible.

The Islam faith follows the doctrines of the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad.  The religious sentiment of Islam is an anti Christian spiritual belief.

Allah and God are not the same.  They are extremely different based on the spiritual beliefs or doctrines practiced.

These doctrines are polarized to extreme points of principles and practices.

Islamic Tribunal Mission:

Establishing the Islamic Tribunal, according to their own site is to  fulfill:

  • “the need for a mediation and non-binding arbitration firm that adheres to Islamic principles in the Muslim community has been a long time in the making.”
  • “This institution will serve an important niche in our society because we as Muslims in the United States need to unite on our common belief and creed. United under one tent, have one voice, with no differences, and stop all the infighting. Allah SWT says, “And hold fast, all together, by the rope which Allah (stretches out for you), and be not divided among yourselves.” (3; 103)”
  • “With the phenomenal growth of our institutions it is obvious that American Muslims need to work together for a common goal, helping each other for the sake of Allah SWT and show non-Muslim communities that we are here in this country to spread peace and love. It is important to always show support and that we are willing to lend a helping hand to all Muslims and non-Muslims, to let them feel the mercy of Allah SWT. This was the sole purpose of Allah SWT sending the Prophet Muhammad, may Allah’s peace and blessing be upon him. Allah SWT says, “We sent thee not, but as a Mercy for all creatures.” (21; 107) (source: Islamic Tribunal)

“Need to Unite on our Common Belief and Creed”:

Does creating the Islamic Tribunal over ride the beliefs and principles or the Laws of the U.S. Constitution or the State of Texas laws?

I would say “Yes and No” simply because according to all that is written in the Quran–it’s mandated that they, the Muslim community, follow the Prophet Muhammad which contradicts the laws of this country–no matter how peace-loving they claim to be they are not.

I reviewed their site carefully and can only state that they are misrepresenting themselves as “Judges” and “Attorneys”.  Clearly, they are not formally familiar with the U.S. jurisprudence system and certainly are not legally licensed as Texas  Judges or Attorneys to practice law.

Islamic Tribunal Judges

Imam Yusuf Z. Kavakci is the only one of the four who may have some knowledge of legal ability but he was “certified” in Turkey–not the U.S, with a Law degree from the College of Law, Istanbul University.  His credentials and loyalty are not to the U.S. or state courts.  According to his video, he is following the jurisprudence of Islam “according to Islamic law, Islamic jurisprudence and Sharia principles based on the Quran…” (video: Islamic Court).

Imam Moujahed Bakhach is an accredited family mediator and qualified arbitrator and received his certifications from the University of North Texas.”  A “certification” does not equal a formal law degree to practice in the U.S. or State of Texas.

Imam Zia ul Haque Sheikh:  “After working as an imam in the USA since 1995, and seeing the various cases that cross my desk, I see the urgent need for an Islamic Tribunal system that also complies with the American legal system.”  Although he holds a PhD from the Graduate Theological Foundation, it doesn’t reflect a license to practice law in Texas.

  • Masters in Arabic and Islamic Theology
  • Memorizes the complete Qur’an
  • Can speak Arabic, Urdu, English, Punjabi, Gujarati fluently
  • Has written a complete explanation of Imam Bukhari’s Book of Iman
  • He is one of the instructors at Bayyinah Academy in Irving, Texas, where he is one of the main teachers of Arabic morphology.

The information provided doesn’t show his education or law degree from the U.S. or State of Texas making him highly suspect that he is an attorney eligible to practice law in the State of Texas.

Dr. Taher El-badawi:  Of the four holding the Islamic Tribunal, this man is more knowledgeable in the laws of  the State of Texas, with a Master of International Law however, it doesn’t state he is licensed to practice as an Attorney in the U.S. or Texas.

  • Ph.D. in Islamic Studies –SHARIAA- from Graduate Theological Foundation -GTF- Mishawaka, IN. U.S.A. May, 2011
  • Master of International law (L.L.M.) from Southern Methodist University –SMU- Dallas, Texas, U.S.A., 2008
  • Bachelor of law (L.L.B.) from Alexandria University – Egypt – 1990 the first professional law degree in Egypt (4 years)

This Dr. has full knowledge of Sharia laws which makes me shudder.  One needs to study Sharia laws to understand its severity in the “punishment of violators” as set out in the Quran and punishment would include beheadings, decapitation of arms and legs, — it’s ok to rape wives, have multiple wives, rape minors, etc.

According to the Graduate Theological Foundation accreditation:  “The Graduate Theological Foundation is an ecumenical and interreligious non-profit educational foundation chartered by the State of Indiana. This charter provides that the GTF may offer programs and grant degrees in areas of ministry.”


I have to question their ethics alleging their ability to “judge” laws in the State of Texas.  I don’t believe that an individual with a degree from another state to practice law in the State of Texas is acceptable.  Each state has its own jurisprudence laws to administer and I’m not seeing a license to practice law in the State of Texas no matter how impressive they may be.

This means that anyone who goes before this Tribunal–the rules are stacked against them for protection under the laws of the U.S. and the State of Texas because they will only adhere to Islamic doctrines and principles, “according to Islamic law, Islamic jurisprudence and Sharia principles based on the Quran…”

It’s unethical and quite frankly, it’s also against the law in Texas to practice law without a license.

So, are they licensed to have an Islamic Tribunal?  Checking the online Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, not one of the four judges/attorneys/or even the Islamic Tribunal is registered or licensed as required by the laws in the State of Texas.

Much to do about nothing?  No, but I’ll say this, it’s really a good step if you start with a lie, soon everyone will repeat it and now “its established” as truth.

There are three sites that I recommend reading:

  • Lone Star Mecca: Islamic Association Of North Texas Building A “Vast Community” In the Heart of Texas
  • Islamic Tribunal Using Sharia Law In Texas Has Been Confirmed


President Obama is not a Christian he is a Sunni Muslim.  He has for many years honored the doctrines of the “Holy Quran”, his words, not mine but has no problems undermining the Christian belief system.

Establishing an Islamic Tribunal is a step in uniting the Muslim community. Should they break U.S. and or Texas laws, they are subject to be charged under U.S. and Texas laws. They are not exempt.

The Hispanic Community has an organization called LULAC with a Charter in other states.  Anyone can join it as a community but it’s not a “legal” system and cannot dispense justice.  That’s not to say that if disputes arise within LULAC, they do have a Charter to defer to for resolution but cannot dispense legal justice.

One defers to the U.S. and/or Texas laws for oversight if legal rights are violated.  Be informed–stay in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.



























15 thoughts on “State of Texas Islamic Tribunal?

  1. Hi, Mary. Let me start by saying this; I am IN NO WAY putting my stamp of approval on this. It should NOT be, and I am AGAINST it. That said, I think “they” are pushing the FEAR of this Sharia Law thing to the forefront. It’s what they are WANTING us to see. My question is this; What’s REALLY going on?

    I think they want us to become familiar enough with Sharia Law to see just how brutal it is, and to strike FEAR of it. As you said in your post, you “shutter” at the thought of it, and it IS horrible.

    I see the Hegelian Dialectic at work here. “THIS is where we are……. but we can’t have it anymore; …..this is the other extreme…..(Sharia Law) but NOBODY wants THIS!!!!……so is there a middle ground that we can all live with? ……AHHHH……there’s Noahide Law!!! Everyone will have to give and take”,….. and “they” get EXACTLY what they wanted all along – Noahide Law. And I don’t need to tell you that it’s ALREADY on the books!!! (1991) Noahide Law is to KILL CHRISTIANS who believe in JESUS. But in Judaism, THEY HATE JESUS. In Islam, at least they say Jesus was a good man and a prophet, NOT SO in Judaism’s most holy book – the Talmud. They have utter HATRED for Jesus and His followers, just like they did when they talked with Jesus face-to-face when He was here on earth. Judaism IS Phariseeism, only NOW they are worse than they were in Jesus’ day. It was He that said;
    Matthew 23:15
    15 “Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

    • Sandy,
      I would agree with you that there is a certain segment of Jews that are responsible for the funding and rise of Islam. They (this certain faction of Christ rejecting Jews who are engaged in Luciferic worship and occultists) are the main ones responsible for the creation of this “New World Order” system being put into place as we speak a.k.a. Mystery, Babylon The Great. God himself also says as much in Revelation 18:4 when he warns “his people” to come out of her and to not be partakers of her sins and partake of her judgments. If I’m not mistaken, this faction of Jews figure heavily and prominently into the Freemasons. And if I’m also not mistaken, the book of Daniel speaks of the Antichrist being of the tribe of Dan. But the platform and structure for his rise already exists in the network of spy front organizations such as AIPAC and a whole host of others throughout America backed with the occult side of it. I wrote a somewhat more detailed comment about this in the comment section of the January 30 blog from L.A. Marzulli’s blog site.

      • Hi, Corey. So glad to see that you are willing to dig and ask the questions that most WILL NOT. Sad to say, it will be to their own demise, both physically, and spiritually.

        I have read all your comments below, and I can tell you’ve done some digging and I commend you for it. Don’t stop now, believe it not, there’s MUCH MORE, both historically and most of all BIBLICALLY.

        For anyone who is not aware, I think it is important to know about the Khazars. Upward of 85% of Jewry in the present State of Israel are Ashkenazi Jews. But these are descendants of the Khazarian Empire and have NO bloodline roots to the Abrahamic bloodline. Yet these Ashkenazi Jews say, “this is OUR land, God gave it to US”, and neither they OR THEIR ancestors had ever stepped a toe on that land. The Palestinians, whom they are killing and destroying their homeland have more Abrahamic blood in them than these Ashkenazi Jews!

        So what does this mean? It means there are counterfeit Jews laying claim to that land, and killing anyone that opposes them. Even IF they were bloodline Jews, God laid out conditions for them to have the land…..OBEDIENCE to HIM!! Deut. 28 is just one place you can find that. The first part describes the blessings they would have IF they were faithful to God, but the majority of the chapter tells what would happen IF they didn’t. Would you say that they are walking in OBEDIENCE right now, or in fact ever since 1948? NO they are not.

        If you look in Genesis chapter 10, check out some of the names of the clan of JAPHETH; Ashkenaz, Meshesh, Tubal, Magog. Sound familiar? It should because these are some that Ez. 38-39 says would invade Israel in the last days. That “invasion” started in 1948, and NOW they occupy the land. In 1948, it was a land of “unwalled villages”. NO MORE! There now are MANY walls, and they are talking about walling in the whole state!!

        I would remind you that the Bible bloodline “Jews” descended from Japheth’s brother SHEM, thus the name “semites”. How can one be a semite and was of the clan of JAPHETH? But that’s what the Ashkenazi Jews say, and again, over 85% of Jewry in Israel are Ashenazi. Figure that one out!!! And guess where the Khazarian Empire was right smack in the middle of? Wait for it…….UKRAINE!!! Ring a bell? Check out this link, the story was first written in the “Times of Israel” news outlet. ~Sandy

        • Hi again, Corey. In the above comment I gave you some history of the majority that occupy Israel, and all that is good to know, but if you’re like me, the BIBLE is the bottom line. At the bottom, I’ll provide a link to a series of sermons that are just wonderful. He gives you all the scripture one would want, PLUS SOME for God’s conditions for having “the land”. If you REALLY want BIBLE PROOF that the founding of modern state of Israel is of MAN and NOT GOD, you need to listen to these sermons. It is ALL BIBLE!! What true Christian can refute it? I suggest listening to them in the order given. I think they will help you.

  2. I strongly recommend this guy’s book titled “Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives have penetrated Washington”. Very disturbing book to read. There was also a follow-up book written by him and a co-author titled “Muslim Mafia: Inside the secret Underworld that’s conspiring to Islamize America”.

    • Alot of the info in your link would certainly clear a few prophetic mysteries and seeming contradictions away and clarify the picture a bit for us. One of those mysteries is how can the Antichrist be of Jewish origin (from the tribe of Dan) as the bible describes for us in the book of Daniel, but yet, in the book of Revelation we read of people’s heads being chopped off for identifying with Christ? Beheadings are associated with the religion of Islam and would seem to indicate that the Antichrist will be Muslim. Actually, the more you look into ancestory and bloodlines, the two positions put forth in the bible don’t contradict each other at all when you take all this information into account. That info seems to indicate that Jewish heritage is found in Islam itself. God is very precise and accurate with his word. We may not have all the details in scripture, but a little digging for the truth can reveal the stunning accuracy of scripture and that the bible truly and really is the inspired word of God. I strongly recommend the following interview with J.R. Church by Tru News’ Rick Wiles. It adds more fuel to the fire.

      • I remember listening to this interview a while back. The one thing that stood out to me was, as the closing music was starting to play, Rick asks Mr. Church; “Who is the synagogue of Satan”? Mr. Church sort of chuckles and says; “I don’t know”. I think he DID know, but he WOULDN’T say it. Very few would answer that question.
        It’s just like you mentioned in one of your comments; the Volitaire quote; “You know who the REAL enemy is; they are the one’s you can’t talk about”.

  3. Corey, have you investigated the Talmudic Noahide Laws yet?

    Mary actually blogged about these to some extent. Maybe she can find it and post the link again?
    If not, do a search on “Noahide Laws + Beheading Christians”, and you’ll see a completely different picture other than one having to do with Islam.

  4. Not to sound rude, but just letting you know, Pro-Israel (Zionist) preachers like JR Church and others are knowingly or unknowingly preaching a “different gospel”. I’m sure you’re apt to disagree, but I don’t have time to discuss it now.

    I do want to say, it is very nice to see you here commenting!
    I have read some of your posts at Marzulli’s and am happy to see you acknowledging what too many Christians these days are afraid to address, and that is any mention of “the Jews” in less than an exalted position.

    • Thanks for the info Jimmy. I have not heard of the Talmudic Noahide laws. I’ll look into it. You learn something new all the time as the rabbit hole goes deeper! I will say that I do believe that the Jewish state formed in 1948 ratified by the United States was indeed the fulfillment of biblical prophecy and that the Jews are back in the land as scripture foretold. But you are correct… any mention of the word “Jews” in any negative light no matter how brutally intellectually and factually honest will result in you being severely attacked and labeled a “Jew hater” or “anti Israel”. It seems that Christians in particular are severely afraid to acknowledge the glaringly obvious. Although I fully understand why, at the end of the day, it has to be discussed and acknowledged if one wants a true and proper understanding of the mechanics involved in the world’s present predicament of a continuous slide towards destruction. Christians tend to feel obligated to not say one thing negative, or more accurately, one thing factually negative, for fear of the label and/or incurring the disfavor of God. One does not have to be a “Jew hater” in order to point out the glaringly obvious facts.

      Demonic powers and their leader Lucifer plays heavily into it as they are using these Christ rejecting segment of Jews that have been placed in powerful positions in government (State Dept. and the like) as well as these various front organizations.

      I think it was Voltaire who once famously said to just take a look at the group of people who you are not allowed to present any negative facts about and you will have the answer to the true perpetrators. Again, I’m not implying that we have to dislike or hate the Jews, but just to point out a certain segment of them being used by the fallen one to orchestrate and implement world government a.k.a. Mystery, Babylon the Great and all it’s accompanying nation destroying evil.

      • I would also ask, do you think it’s possible that this Talmudic Noahide laws concept will Intentionally use and facilitate Islam’s rise in order to fulfill the prophetic scripture concerning beheading in the tribulation period. I do tend to Still think that Islam will have something to do with it given Islam’s current rise on the world scene and it’s infiltration of the West. But the evidence would show that the organized “Jewish Illuminati” is intentionally facilitating their rise for their own use I.e. the beast of Revelation being ridden by this woman, or said another way, being controlled by this woman. I know I’ve said a mouthful, but I guess I’ll have to do the research.

      • I should also probably clarify here as I did on Marzulli’s blog that it’s not the average Joe Jew walking the streets of Israel, America and Europe and wherever else that is any sort of problem. The culprits behind the rise of this evil, Satanic Islamic ideology are the institutionalized, freemasonic, Luciferic segment of Jews being used by the fallen one i.e. Satan. And again, all this info that people generally are afraid to speak of concerning this segment of Jews has already been pointed out by God himself in scripture in Revelation 18:4. We’re not really saying anything that God himself hasn’t already acknowledged.

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