Denmark’s Copenhagen Cafe & Synagogue Valentine’s Day Terror Shootings

Vilks, Lars ArtistDenmark’s Copenhagen Cafe & Synagogue Valentine’s Day Terror Shootings


February 14, 2015:  Valentine’s Day Terror Shooting:  As in France a few weeks ago with satire-artist, Charlie Hebdo, so now in Denmark’s central Copenhagen.  It’s believed freedom of speech is under attack against Swedish also a satirist-artist, Lars Vilks, with drawings of the Prophet Mohummad (and Jesus Christ).

Approximately 30 to 200 bullet shots were fired from automatic weapons by two terrorists, first at a cafe then within hours at a nearby Jewish Synagogue earlier Saturday.

Copenhagen is now heavily guarded with a manhunt in progress searching for the two terrorist shooters.

Article: 14 Feb, 2015:  “Twin attacks in Copenhagen leave one dead, six injured”

“A Copenhagen café holding an event in support of freedom of speech was attacked by two gunmen on Saturday, leaving one man dead and three police officers injured.”

“The meeting was organised by Swedish artist Lars Vilks, who has faced several death threats for his controversial caricatures of the Prophet Mohammad.”

“The café in northern Copenhagen, known for its jazz concerts, was hosting an event titled “Art, blasphemy and the freedom of expression” when the shots were fired.” (source:  Telegraph)

Vilks is now at an undisclosed location.

Quotes Vilks from a Culture Center:  “It erupted panic” (translated to English).  — First broke out panic.  People crawled under the tables.  Bodyguards my left me quickly from there.  said Vilks about the momeCopenhage, Denmark Vilks targetednt when an unknown assailant attacked Saturday afternoon.  He says that none of the people who were inside the lecture hall were wounded.  We were well insulated inside.  It would have gone much worse if it had happened during intermission, while people walked out, he said in a telephone interview with the AP.”

Man dead after shooting in Copenhagen:

“The man who was shot by the Jewish synagogue in the center of Copenhagen at midnight, is dead. The police said at a news conference.  Earlier Saturday night enlightened police that a person had been shot in the head and that two police officers were shot in respectively arm and leg. The policemen are out of danger.  The police know yet whether there is any connection between the shootings in Krystalgade at midnight and kytingen against kulturhuset Krudttønden in 15.30 o’clock.” VG Direkte. (translated to English)

White House condemns attack:

“US condemns night skuddattent in Copenhagen and stand ready to assist with the investigation, according to a statement from the White House, writes Danish TV2.” (source: VG Direkte)

Live news feed available at VG Direkte.  (Click your mouse to translate to English.)

(Denmark’s Copenhagen Cafe & Synagogue Valentine’s Day Terror Shootings)


23 thoughts on “Denmark’s Copenhagen Cafe & Synagogue Valentine’s Day Terror Shootings

  1. I wonder…

    – are guns illegal in Denmark?
    – how bad is the divorce rate?
    – and the abortion rate?
    – and the pedophilia rate?
    – and they gay marriage rate?
    – and the anti-semitism incidence?

    Could it be that the western libertines are being this on themselves – outside of the protections of The Almighty?

  2. Saw this first thing this morning. B. Netanyahu is doing the SAME THING he did RIGHT OFF THE BAT when the France “attack” happened. That is, inviting all the Jews to come to Israel. Now he is telling the Jews in Copenhagen to relocate. (to Israel)

    Now initially, that sounds like a good thing, but as we know, our governments could care less about the safety of it’s people, just like the US government. So to me, it sounds more like a “PLAN”.
    That said, it makes me wonder if they aren’t BEHIND these attacks. It also makes me think about the US. There are as many Jews in the US as there is in Israel itself. So if Bibi is wanting all the Jews to come to Israel, could we expect some of these attacks in the US? NYC has a HUGE Jewish population. Will it be targeted? We’ll just have to wait and see.

    But that brings up another question; WHY is he wanting Jews to come? Is there there something diabolical going on? If “they” are trying to counterfeit Bible prophecy, which it seems they have done before, and ongoing; are they trying to get many more Jewish people IN ONE PLACE to destroy them?

    Something about all of this just doesn’t pass the smell test!! I think we need to pray for the INNOCENT Jewish people, who are NOT of the “synagogue of Satan”. Satan and his minions, whether human, or demonic want ALL people destroyed because we are the image of God. They HATE ALL people. So these evil people who control Israel and most all the others too, care NOTHING about sacrificing their own race.
    I think we can expect MORE of these attacks, and expect Bibi to call for MORE Jews to relocate.

    Netanyahu urges Jews to move to Israel after Copenhagen attacks

  3. This is no doubt a highly sensitive subject, but goes along with what Sandy is saying in the above posts. There IS an agenda.


    “Rabbi Wise also deliberately tried to hinder publicity about the Holocaust; he actively intervened to prohibit the production of “We Will Never Die,” a pageant on the sufferings of Jews during the War. Why would Rabbi Wise do this? Why wouldn’t he want the world to know about the Holocaust? Simple: this Big Jew Zionist leader wanted Jews to suffer as much as possible during the War so as to realized Rabbi Wise’s dream of establishing and peopling with Jews a Jewish state in Palestine. If the War came to an end too quickly, the run-of-the-mill non-Zionist Jews would settle back into their comfortable European existence. All Jews needed to become Zionists, and that Big Zionist goal has been largely very successfully accomplished today–courtesy of the Zionist and Allied orchestrated and manufactured Holocaust.”


    • I will look further into this observation before commenting. Give me the credible link where Rabbi Wiese interferes with the “We Will Never Die” production.

      • Hi, Mary. This link you would probably consider “credible” since it’s from the “Jewish Press”.

        That said, I also read “VeteransToday”, and find it’s content VERY credible. The only thing about it is, which I feel is a GOOD thing, is that they leave ALL RELIGION out of it. They go by FACTS and EVIDENCE and report on their findings. And A LOT of the time, the evidence leads to Israel and when it does, they are NOT afraid to say so, as so many are.

        Many CLAIM they want TRUTH, but all to often, if that truth sheds a NEGATIVE light on the beloved Israel, then it’s NO LONGER TRUTH, BUT ANTISEMITISM! Is there ANY OTHER people/nation to which this applies? …..NO!

        • Thanks for the link re: Rabbi Wise interfering with “We Will Never Die” program that Kook wanted to promote to bring attention to the Jewish people in Europe in the 40’s.

          The article, in part, states:

          “It’s well-known that the Roosevelt Administration did little to help European Jews during the Holocaust. Unfortunately, part of the blame falls on American Jewry, which was sharply divided about how to respond — a fact which caused good men in the government to hesitate, while it gave antisemites an excuse to resist taking action.”

          First off, I recognize differences of opinion. They should be respected but not be bowed down if it contradicts moral and ethical standards.

          The article is well written, concise and I mostly appreciate that this author took into account differing perspectives. The era is difficult to deal with because most of what happened and written about today, are known “results” of what actually did happen.

          The “this should have happened, didn’t happen” is in the case of Rabbi Wise’s decision to stop Kook from further antagonizing and creating a backlash of a deeper skism of anti-semitism. It was his opinion, when asked later, that there was a “pact” between President Roosevelt and the UK to have the UK take or have Palestine as a part of its Kingdom. Wise had a close relationship with Roosevelt and was privy to a “pact” between the U.S. and the U.K. which ultimately should have resolved the Jewish population predicament. (The Israelis weren’t a sovereign state at that time.)

          Q. How can anyone have known beforehand what level of atrocities Hitler would do to the remaining European Jewish people? Had Wise known perhaps he would have reacted differently but he didn’t and no one else knew either.

          Regardless, Roosevelt’s and the Uk’s “pact” fails to come to pass for whatever reason. I don’t know what the terms of the pact were and it’s not listed in the article.

          Statement: “In the 1930s, it was Wise who led the rallies against Hitler, so why did he fail so horribly in the 1940s?” Ellenson asked at a Holocaust conference organized by the Washington-based David S. Wyman Institute …”

          Wise wasn’t against the Jewish people, he had what he thought, were valid reasons. He was loyal to America and to President Roosevelt. Pretty much like the article states, that people today support Obama no matter how wrong he is.

          Statement: “Ellenson said concerns of provoking an anti-Semitic backlash should not have thwarted the American Jewish leadership from actively working to prevent the extermination of six million Jews. “Jewish leaders have an obligation to be sufficiently flexible and imaginative to deal with unprecedented situations,” he said. He said he hoped that today’s leaders would respond more effectively to contemporary dangers facing the Jewish people, such as the Iranian nuclear threat.”

          The entire situation to rescue the Jewish people wasn’t entirely up to Wise, there were other Jewish “leaders” who failed in their responsibility to take up a united voice and do something effective. That’s true even today.

          Statement: “I don’t know if Wise regretted his actions in regard to Kook, although he apparently understood that he had failed in his responsibility toward the Jews of Europe. Toward the end of his life, he wrote,
          ‘I have seen and shared deep and terrible sorrow. The tale might be less tragic if the help of men had been less scant and fitful.’

          Wise recognized his mistake and took responsibility for it. He never was against the Jewish people. At least he tried. It wasn’t his fault that the “pact” never manifested. The power to initiate and enact the “pact” wasn’t his. It belonged to a more powerful group of people in leadership roles bestowed upon them–they failed.

          Hard lesson to learn and here’s hoping that because we do commemorate Holocaust Remembrance Day, that we don’t repeat them.


        • Speaking of Holocaust, that reminds me of this video I saw a while back from an ex Israeli soldier. It makes you look at the horrors of the Holocaust in a way that I had never considered, and I would say that is true of most. It is very compelling and from his heart, you can tell.
          Please give it a listen and think about what he’s saying.

  4. When you look further into the subject, the realization of it’s truth may become more apparent.
    “The Transfer Agreement”, by Edwin Black, (himself a Jew, if it helps?) is another avenue you might look into.

    About your request…this may be credible….(of course, wikipedia is not without bias in some cases, especially when it comes to a certain subject!)…(I could give you a link on THAT kind of censorship and propaganda, too, but that’s another topic.)


    • Mary, with all due respect, I have to tell you that R. Joyner is less than one to be considered.
      While some of his rhetorical comments sound good, it seems like an attempt to bring God to OUR LEVEL rather than STRIVING TO REACH His.
      Jesus called us “friends” IF we OBEY what He said. OBEDIENCE is what He wants, then friendship comes. Joyner never once mentions OBEDIENCE!!
      As far as God wanting to be involved in our activities, I wonder if God wants to go with Joyner to his KNIGHTS OF MALTA shenanigans? I wouldn’t think so.

      Listened to the song and it is a catchy tune. But I must point out that they are singing about a HEAVENLY CITY – NEW Jerusalem, not earthly Jerusalem. The Bible says those that concern themselves with EARTHLY Jerusalem will be “cut to pieces”. I’d just assume to remain in one piece and focus on the NEW JERUSALEM.

  5. Mary, on a different note, I got this article from VeteransToday earlier. It may give you a glimpse into the depth of the intelligence gathering of the folks at VT, and it’s on a subject that you are very in to; that is the “Alien Agenda”. There are many other articles on this subject, usually by this same man; James Preston. You may want to check them out as well.

  6. Mary, maybe you’ll continue to observe “Holocaust Remembrance Day”, but the fact is, the story we’ve been told about the Holocaust is just as full of lies as all the other history we’ve been brainwashed with growing up.

    How about we remember this, also, that the Bolshevik Jews under Lenin,Stalin and Trotsky
    murdered, raped and tortured 60 million Orthodox Christian
    Russians and barely a peep is mentioned.

    Ask yourself this, why would numerous countries make it a crime
    to deny the Holocaust?

    Also, one of the first things the Bolsheviks did when they came to power was to enact laws against “Anti-Semitism”! See how that works toward their advantage? Not much different than where we’re headed today, when George Bush declared “You’re with us or you’re with the terrorists”. They define anyone who is against “them” as a terrorist. If you were against the crimes the Jews committed, you were guilty of a crime for saying so!

    I could say more, but I don’t see the point. All one needs to do is question the reality we’ve been sold on and the lies become obvious. We may not have all the facts straight, but the Big Picture begins to come into clearer focus. We’ve been lied to up one side and down the other, of that there is no doubt.


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