Mystery: UFO Disc Crashed in Jackhead Reservation, Manitoba, Canada

UFO Jackhead Reservation Manitoba, CAMystery:  UFO Disc Crashed in

Jackhead Reservation, Manitoba, Canada


Receiving information of possible downed UFO disc in Jackhead Reservation in Manitoba, Canada.

UFO Disc crashed within the past 21 hours in Jackhead Reservation in Manitoba, Canada.  Canadian military removing the round like disc UFO from the frozen lake.

Facebook comments being made as I type this update:

“UFO crash reported on the Jackhead reserve in Manitoba, Canada.  Apparently the Canadian Military have vehicles lined up on north shore.  They are threatening anybody who tries to take pics…lots of eye witnesses.  Thur is round object being hauled across the lake being pulled by snow mobiles and bombardier.”  Facebook Notes made by a Brent Mancheese to CNN 21 hours ago.

Also received ThirdPhaseMoon video a few moments ago discussing the downed UFO disc:

UFO Sightings Flying Saucer CRASH

Jackhead Military Base! New Update 2/19/2015


Two hours ago, Brent Mancheese commented again in Facebook questioning the downed disc incident.

UFO Jackhead Reservation 2 hrs ago 2 19 2015

“Dunno how true this is but if anybody can call back to jackhead.  If your from thur juss to confirm.  5 military Semi trailer trucks and 5 military police vehicles juss pulled into jackhead.  It’s starting to make me wonder if this is true.”  (source:  Brent Mancheese)

Mancheese received a response from Matt Catcheway:

According to Matt Catcheway, “UFO nUFO Jackhead Reservation Matt Catchewayear Jackhead?  It’s actually a plane says military.”

Was this incident a hoax?  Is the Canadian military concealing the disc?  Why threaten the public for taking photos?

Another comment made approximately 1 hour ago:

UFO Jackhead Reservation 1 hr go Mancheese

Mancheese:  “I think this is still up in the air.  People are ibm with info and from reliable sources too…so I don’t know.”

“Something was seen going down by 8 fishermen they reported it…why would they not let the media know if it was a plane crash.”


According to the caller on ThirdPhaseMoon telephone interview, it’s genuine.  According to Mancheese, “it’s still up in the air.”

We’ll see what tomorrow’s interview with the caller has to make available.  The downed airplane scenario is a common “explanation,” that the governments like to use to a very questioning public.

What did the eight fishermen see?

If I receive any more news on this incident, will let you all know as this story continues to develop.








One thought on “Mystery: UFO Disc Crashed in Jackhead Reservation, Manitoba, Canada

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    This is the link to last night’s radio program:

    Today, Reuters reports: Jordan calls fight against extremism a “third World War”


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