Mystery Continues: UFO Craft Crashed in Jackhead Reservation, Manitoba, Canada


UFO Jackhead Google Earth Image Location northern Lake Winnipeg Manitoba CAMystery Continues: UFO Craft Crashed in Jackhead Reservation, Manitoba, Canada


Updated 1:10 pm CT:  ThirdPhaseMoon has released their video portion of their live broadcast from Feb 20, 2015:

ALERT! UFO Cover-Up Share This Before Its Shut Down! [UFO CRASH] 2015


Just finished listening to the ThirdPhaseMoon live radio blog cast, Friday, February 20, 2015, 10:00 pm CT. Host for ThirdPhaseMoon had lined up callers from Manitoba to share their experience and knowledge of a downed or crashed UFO craft this past Wednesday.

Throughout the hour the incoming Canadian callers would get disconnected.  Interference was felt by the radio host and his frustration over the situation.

The host was able, during the live broadcast, share information that he had received emails from eye witnesses with texted cryptic information:

  • “Your government needs you.  Keep quiet” pointing  a finger at them.
  • “They told us we have one hour to evacuate.”
  • “That’s all I’m allowed to say.”
  • “Don’t send to anyone.” (implied text message)

The eye witnesses have been intimidated and are now afraid to speak out.  People are unhappy with the shut down and the military presence in their area.

The host mentioned he has received photographs that he feels are legitimate but unable to download them onto a video pending consent from the senders who are now not able to communicate outside their territory.

According to the radio host, one photo shows that it’s not an airplane but has “definite structure” about half-size of a football field 40′ – 50′.  Another photo shows people running to the scene, including military personnel on snowmobiles.

Throughout the one hour program, the host would continue to encourage callers to call in.  A few callers who did call in shared their own personal experiences of abduction and one particular caller indicated his family was a generational abduction family.  His father, mother, he and his sister have all experienced it.

As soon as the radio broadcast is made available for public sharing I will let you all know.

I did manage to capture a statement made from another source within the area indicating:

  • “I talked to one eye-witness seen something falling 1:30am Wednesday morning with bluish-green lights, he’s wondering what it was he saw, another honest fisherman said they were told to leave the lake Wednesday and not allowed to take pictures.”

I’ve sent a message earlier today requesting more specific information but I haven’t received a response.

From what research I did gather, the Indian Reservation is Kinonjeoshtegon First Nation aka Jackhead Indian Reservation.  Manitoba First Nations treaties

It is a band of Chippewa Indians in the Interlake Region of Manitoba with a population of 229 inhabitants, with 195 primary English-speaking residents and 35 speaking the native aboriginal language.  The Reserves associated with this band are Jackhead 43 IRI and Jackhead 43A.

A pdf of the First Nations in Manitoba is available for viewing:  click here: First Nations

The region has experienced extreme wind cold crawls of minus 40 to minus 50 degrees.  I say this because one caller who called in indicated that he has noticed weird weather anomaly within the area of the downed craft.

In closing.  There is a general feeling is that there is a definite government cover up.  The area is in shut down mode including communications.  People have been intimidated and are now afraid to come forward to share their experience voluntarily.

Until something further develops, this incident will remain mysterious.





6 thoughts on “Mystery Continues: UFO Craft Crashed in Jackhead Reservation, Manitoba, Canada

  1. Tulsa sighting report:

    National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
    Occurred : 2/19/2015 15:00 (Entered as : 02/19/2014 15:00)
    Reported: 2/14/2015 2:12:05 PM 14:12
    Posted: 2/20/2015
    Location: Tulsa, OK
    Multiple witnesses to a strange sound near Tulsa.

    This is a first for me, so not sure where or who to report it to and it may be nothing. I live in a suburb on the outskirts of Tulsa, OK.

    This last Wednesday at about 3:00pm, (I know as my son’s bus came during the event) we started hearing the strangest noise we’ve ever heard over my home. We ran outside as did many others, when it did not stop like a normal aircraft passing would. The cloud cover was immense, but we could tell something was overhead. Not just loud, but you could feel the pressure change.

    A bunch of people went outside as this went on several minutes, and felt like it lasted forever. I wish I could accurately describe the sound and the way it felt. My dogs did not bark like they normally would, they went and hid. Cars were stopping and everyone was trying to see what it was.

    The only thing I saw, was after this noise had passed from overhead, I saw 2 fighter jets fly by at a very low altitude right over my house, through a small cloud break. This noise kept going and going. If it was some aircraft, it would have to be circling around and around for the entire length of time.

    Even stranger, after, the news here reported at least 12 power transformers spontaneously erupted in fire causing over 1000 people to lose power. Maybe a coincidence, but weird.

    Nothing was mentioned anywhere about the air event, except on Facebook conversations. My sister in law heard it at her house about 12 miles south, and this was right over my house going in a northeast direction, so it was that loud. They went out to see what it was there, and couldn’t see anything either. My other sister in law lives close to my neighborhood, and said she was afraid it was the end of the world and was thinking only about her son at school. At the grocery store yesterday, I overheard two people talking and one mentioned they thought it could be “haarp” related. I had to look that up to see exactly what it was.

    Whatever it was, it was bizarre and even stranger that the transformers blew up and that nothing was mentioned about it from our news sources. I just wanted to report it somewhere. Even if it was military maneuvers, it’s worth reporting. Obviously the military was involved somehow as the 2 jets that were following it could be seen.

    Sincerely, ((name deleted)) Sent from my iPhone

  2. Oregon sighting report: (Whether these sightings were somehow related or not, they all happened within hours of each other last Thursday.)

    National UFO Reporting Center Sighting Report
    Occurred : 2/19/2015 11:55 (Entered as : 02/19/15 11:55)
    Reported: 2/19/2015 11:09:08 PM 23:09
    Posted: 2/20/2015
    Location: Arlington, OR
    Shape: Disk
    Duration:12 seconds
    I clearly witnessed a UFO sighting for 12+ seconds on the Columbia River near Arlington, OR on 02/19/15.

    On Thursday, February 19, 2015 I was driving from Kennewick, WA to Vancouver, WA on the Oregon Interstate 84 West that runs along the Columbia River. At 11:55 a.m., I was approximately 1/4 mile from the green Gilliam Co. road sign. The weather was clear with some sun and high white and dark rolling clouds.

    A train came up along side of me on the raised tracks to the north of the Interstate. On the north side of the train track, setting lower, is the Columbia River bed and river. I looked over at the train as it passed me, wondering how fast it was traveling as I was driving approximately 68-69 m.p.h.. I noticed the back few train cars were flat trailers, faded pinkish in color, with some flat product wrapped in white and bright yellow plastic, and a little bit of the plastic was flapping in the wind. I did not notice any other cars around me on the Interstate at the time.

    As the train got approximately three car lengths ahead of me, I heard a very loud rumble. The sound was not like a train track sound, but more like a very close jet rumble. I had my two front car windows, and my back passenger window, down approximately 3″ each, because of the outside mild temperatures. I was shocked by the sound and was trying to figure out why I was hearing, what I thought must have been the train sound, even though I knew it sounded odd, after it had already passed me.

    I glanced back at the train to the left and caught something out of the corner of my eye to the right that made a downward fishhook motion from above the river water, as if it had descended and leveled. I looked directly out my passenger window and parallel with me was a small domed craft, what appeared to be hovering, but it also stayed parallel with me as I continued to drive. It was approximately 10-15 feet above the Columbia River water, well below the Interstate and train track. There were no boats in the water and this was an obvious aircraft with an obvious shape, above the water.

    I glanced back again at the last train car that was now ahead of me on the track and back to the craft for size comparison, and the craft appeared to be slightly larger than half a train car.

    The craft shape was slightly domed on top and was symmetrical. It appeared to be directly facing me as it stayed parallel with me. On the end of the dome, on the left and right, were small extensions that looked like downward wing tips.

    The underbelly was slightly domed, but not as much as the top part. In the center of the side wall facing me, was a smooth small protruding cone, or rounded tip of some kind, with a perfect black circle on the end. Above this cone, was a shape that resembled a bell dome, or what came to mind at the time was the shape of a WWII German soldier hard hat, with a slight curl on the end and small brim at the top. The center of the bell looked flat, which looked like a cockpit window of sorts, but there was no glass reflection or difference in color from the rest of the craft. The overall color was a dry flat blended, almost swirled, grayish green, very similar in color to that of the river, but the river was shiny and glossy, and this was an obviou! s flat color, and again, obviously shaped and raised above the water.

    This entire event was only a matter of seconds, approximately 12, but felt slow motion at the same time as I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

    The craft, while appearing to stay even with me while I continued to drive, and the train out of immediate view now, made a 1/4 slow even circular turn to the right and paused for a second. As it did this, I did not see the profile of the cone or brim that was on the front. It appeared a smooth, almost fluid, transition. There were no shapes or markings on this side, only the same grayish green color. The craft then very quickly made a 3/4 right turn, bringing it full circle, and it shot upward, heading northwest toward the Washington side of the Columbia River, in a steep, just slightly angled, climb, well above the mountain on the Washington side of the river. As it made its final turn before heading upward, I heard a loud brief swoosh sound.

    The craft appeared to turn black once it moved away from the water. In a matter of 2-3 seconds, it disappeared in to the white rolling clouds above. There were no visible lights on the craft, no jet trail, no heat or fume waves visible. Nothing.

    I drove to the next small town of Arlington, OR, and pulled in to their park. My heart was racing and I felt nauseous. I think I was in shock from what I had just seen.

    I texted my immediate family members and told them what had happened at 12:20 p.m. At 1:17 p.m., I sketched a picture of what I saw.

    To my credibility, I am a ((50’s)) year old mother, and grandmother who holds a ((deleted)) Degree in ((deleted–arts and sciences)), and two ((deleted)) Degrees with ((deleted–honors)). I have never experienced anything like this before, but I can not refute what I saw today.

    • Rose! You’re a total sweetie! It’s just a bit after 7 am at the moment. Just woke up to new info a few moments ago. Need at least an hr or so to update and publish asap…

  3. This is fake, the original posters on facebook, admitted it was a joke, and they made up the orignial statements on a possible crash, check out brent mancheese facebook, he had the orignial posts, and admitted it was a hoax, Third phase of the moon is an admitted CGI hoaxsters,

    • Hey! I just backed up re: your statement re: Brent Mancheese’s joke. Initially, he rec’d a share from Facebook’s Apee Traverse who rec’d her “share” from Aunty Adeline Traverse with same language: “So my Aunty Adeline just called and said the military trucks are lined up by the lake on the north side and there’s skidoo’s coming in with a bombardier pulling a large round vehicle of some sort ” dtd February 18, 4:35 pm…So perhaps Brent may have been “smoking sht” but he merely reports what he rec’d. I’ll back up on Aunty Adeline. The “Marc” on the video from ThirdPhaseMoon sounds legitimate though. Why is there a communications blackout from that area? ThirdPhaseMoon is trying to confirm details themselves. Thanks for the info and I’ll keep digging. SeashoreMary

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