Jackhead, Manitoba, Canada Crashed UFO Craft Photo Released & More

UFO Jackhead 2 23 2015 Leaked actual UFOJackhead, Manitoba, Canada

Crashed UFO Craft Photo Released

& More


The crashed UFO Craft in Jackhead, Manitoba, Canada, has been leaked to the public.

The image, upper left, was confirmed by ThirdPhaseMoon‘s rendering by Brent Cousins, including the caption “don’t send to anyone”.

The photo image by user on Facebook is being threatened UFO Jackhead Monday 2 23 2015 UFO Drawing Renderedby the Facebook Adm. to be taken down. User is disputing the censured attempt.

ThirdPhaseMoon has now also made available an updated video conversation with callers including “Marc” who first broke the story to ThirdPhaseMoon, confirming the media blackout in the Jackhead, Manitoba area, including the detained Indian Chief who is in his house surrounded by military. It’s believed this First Nation Indian Chief has media of the downed or crashed UFO craft in his possession.  Has the Canadian military violated the First Nation treaty with Canada?

“Marc” commited to check back within the next 24 hours for more updated information:

Breaking News! [LEAKED] UFO Crash Photo Canada! UFO Sightings 2015

1942, The Battle of Los Angeles:

The Manitoba crashed UFO craft incident comes in the wake of the 73rd Anniversary of the now infamous Battle of Los Angeles, February 25, 1942:

“The more the whole incident of the early morning of Feb. 25 in the UFO Jackhead Battle of Los Angeles Feb 1912Los Angeles district is examined, the more incredible it becomes. First reports were that “a big floating object resembling a balloon” was seen in the sky and fired upon. Another report is that one plane was seen; still another that it was “twenty-seven” planes; still another that it was “hundreds.” (source: NYTimes)

Times haven’t changed, people still want to know and need the truth.

As you can see in the Los Angeles Battle, the military invoked the “resembling a balloon” scenario to quell the public’s extreme concern for safety, particularly since that battle from the sky took place two months after the U.S. was bombed at Pearl Harbor.

Military Press Blackout & Witnesses:

UFO Jackhead 2 23 2015 Military MovementThe military is obligated to lie to the public or at least “obscure” the truth.  They have a mandate to do so legally, by design and by policy.

The Majestic Twelve website received an antique but now authenticated manuscript outlining rules that the government put into place at the time of the Roswell UFO incident in New Mexico in July, 1947 dealing with Extraterrestrial Technologies and Entities.

Here is the portion about “media blackout”:

  • Press Blackout:

a.  Official Denial: “the most desirable response would be that nothing unusual has occurred.  By stating that the government has no knowledge of the event, further investigation by the public may be forestalled.”  (more…click image to enlarge)

b.  Discredit Witnesses:  “If at all possible, witnesses will be held incommMajesticDocuments Press Blackout, Official Denial, Discredit Witnesses, Deceptive Statementsunicado until the extent of their knowledge and involvement can be determined. Witnesses will be discouraged from talking about what they have seen and intimidation may be necessary to ensure their cooperation.  If witnesses have already contacted the press, it will be necessary to discredit their stories.  This can best be done by the assertion that they have either misinterpreted natural events, are the victims of hysteria or hallucinations, or are the perpetrators of hoaxes” (more…click image to enlarge).

c.  Deceptive Statements:  It may be necessary to issue false statements to preserve the security of the site.  Meteors, downed satellites, weather balloons and military aircraft are all acceptable alternatives, although in the case of the downed military aircraft statement care should be exercised not to suggest that the downed military aircraft might be experimental or secret, as this might arouse more curiosity of the American and foreign press (more…click image to enlarge).

“It should be remembered when selecting a cover story that official policy regarding UFOBs is that they do not exist.”

If these entities do not exist, why go through all the trouble of denying, deceiving, and  discrediting? I think this whole process can be tagged “soft public disclosure.”

UFOs Burgeoning and Not Going Away:

To coin Author, Researcher, Nephilim Trilogy series, LA Marzulli’s “UFOs Burgeoning and Not Going Away” theology, another UFO incident last week was provided by commentator, Rose from Kentucky on my earlier article comments section:  “Oregon sighting report: (Whether these sightings were somehow related or not, they all happened within hours of each other last Thursday.)”  more…(NUForc.org).


The mystery of the crashed UFO craft in Jackhead, Manitoba, Canada is slowly unravelling.  The more we understand how the system works the better we can maneuver around the circumstances.

Truth is stronger (not stranger) than fiction.  But what holds us together is that we do that–we stay together and get the truth out there for the public to deal with.  We’re not in the dark 1900’s any longer.

We have the technological tools to work with and a strong public support system who, despite the intimidation, is willing to stand up and speak out.










5 thoughts on “Jackhead, Manitoba, Canada Crashed UFO Craft Photo Released & More

  1. What has happened in Manitoba is similar to what happened 50 years ago in Kecksburg, PA.

    Mary, please approve the two other links I posted yesterday – especially the link about the sounds heard in Tulsa. I think it is possible that something skipped across the U.S. and then crashed in Lake Winnipeg when it encountered extreme weather conditions.

    • Rose, I pulled up the video you posted on my previous article to post here…verrryyy strange, it’s possible there is a connection.

      Strange event in Tulsa, Oklahoma/”Astonishing”

      Any other postings you put should automatically update. I don’t have you keyed for “monitoring.”


  2. No one would listen to the male about how a un identified flying object acurred and crashed. WOW.. Reminds me of how I saw this one pretty ladies airplane was about to crash I got to the controls in spirit and prayed but the air plane still crashed.. Not dissing prayer at all…. Not only that but before that I was rushed to the hospital and when there on 52nd street where the hospital is in refrence to the 52 stars on the American Flag Jesus and one of his Angels showed up.. He spoke Terrill you are one of my Lover Boy sons.. I’m going to use you to save women… Your not one who is going to mess things up for them and then he left… Today I tell that to the church but it don’t seem to be listing….. Not dissing her neither her being (The Church).. Relic/Church Boy Nehemiah/Terrill TC

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