Orlando Prophecy Summit March 5-7, 2015

Orlando Prophecy Summit March 5-7, 2015


The second annual Orlando Prophecy Summit will be held Thursday, Friday, and Saturday March 5-7, 2015, in Orlando, Florida (USA).

Live streaming will be available for anyone who is interested in the summit but unable to physically attend:

Prophecy In The News March 2015

A $50.00 fee is being charged for on-line accessibility.  Click on image above for the Prophecy In The News website registration or here:  ProphecyInTheNews.



Re:  UFO Crash Craft from Jackhead, Manitoba, Canada

I’m still doing some research into the incident, so all is not lost.  The story is intriguing, mysterious and not about to go away.

Re:  LA Marzulli’s Acceleration Live Radio Program

LA Marzulli’s Acceleration Live radio program for last Thursday night’s live show is now archived. Click here for his show dated 2/26/2015:  AccelerationLive.





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