Flu Shot Ineffectiveness & Tulane Lab Releases Bio-Weapon Bacterium

Reviewing the Texas Legislature’s last weeks committee regarding mandatory vaccinations, I came across this newly posted video regarding the Flu Shot and it’s 82% Ineffectiveness:


Attached are three pdfs:

Vaccines A Guide to Reforming Laws

Vaccine Law Reform Guide

This pdf is a 49 issues Guide to Reforming Vaccine Policy & Laws in the U.S. Click on the image to enlarge for viewing. Click on the link above for the pdf download.

Really great reference to becoming familiar with how the judicial system works and how to become familiar with the various issues ie:

  • the Informed Consent Principle,
  • the Precautionary Principle,
  • Vaccines Can Fail to Protect,
  • Child Vaccine Schedule, More Safety Science Needed,
  • Sanctions for Non-Compliance Expanding

Vaccines 49 Doses of 14 Vaccines Poster before age 6 yrsVaccines 49 Doses PosterB Before Age 6

This is a downloadable pdf of a poster titled 49 Doses of 14 Vaccines Before Age 6? 69 Doses of 16 Vaccines by age 18?:

Again, really great outline of when each of the vaccines are taken starting at age 12 hours with Hepatitis B!!!

Vaccines Mandatory LegislationVaccines Nine bills in Texas that threaten total medical tyranny against your body pdf

This is an update and outline of each of the pending legislative bills that I sent out a few days ago with their outcome as of 3/7/2015.

Many of these bills were in Stage 1 status and two were left pending in committee.  This only means that the alert is still not over yet.  There are various stages to go through before bills become final “law.”

Please review these bills. Each of the bills that I outlined carry a clickable link for you to check periodically on “history”, introduction to the Senate and House Committee, Status, and the committee members. In other words, the fight isn’t over yet. We must stay diligent and  informed.

This activity doesn’t impact Texas only, it also impacts the other states because actions become domino in effect.  Let’s stop the process before it gets out of hand.

For those of you who live beyond the U.S. borders, this is a really great model to follow if you want action in your respective country.

For more definitive information please go to National Vaccine Information Center.


How do “accidents” happen in highly controlled or high risk laboratories?  Really???

Bio-Weapon Escapes Tulane Lab


“The Tulane incident follows several accidents with risky pathogens last year at U.S. high-containment labs that have fueled concerns about dual-use research, or studies of agents that could potential be used as bioweapons. Last summer, the government called for a nationwide search for forgotten pathogen samples in federally funded labs and a review of safety and security procedures.” More… (source: news.science.org)

Article:  “Swine Flu Vaccine is Bioweapon” dated Sunday, March 8, 2015 (time zone difference).

Moshe, Joseph Mossad Microbiologist

Request you read this article in its fullness.  The timing of this article just fits into this post and the deliberate attempts to cover up “accidents” of such monumental proportions–can’t make this up folks!

“Does this sound like an insane conspiracy theory? Sure it does. Due to the scarcity and anonymity of the sources we would dismiss it as exactly that, if it weren’t for some uncomfortable facts: Baxter Pharmaceutical has been caught, red-handed, in spreading a live, genetically engineered H5N1 Bird flu vaccine as a lethal biological weapon all over the world, destined to be used for human vaccinations. This happened just a few months ago. And only luck prevented a global catastrophe of epic proportions.”

“Baxter International Inc. had mixed live, genetically engineered avian flu viruses in vaccine material shipped to 18 countries. Only by sheer luck, a Czech laboratory decided to test the vaccine on a dozen ferrets, which all died in days. The World Health Organization was notified and catastrophe was averted. This was clearly a deliberate act on Baxter’s part, because they adhere to BS3, bio-safety level three. Baxter admitted a “mistake”. Such monumental screw-ups are totally impossible at that level. Many safety systems would have needed to be sabotaged, many key personnel would have needed to be bribed. It simply can’t be done without direction from the inside. They did not send out the wrong vial – they produced dozens of gallons of biological-weapon agent (genetically engineered live H5N1 / Bird flu virus), then sent it out as a “vaccine”.  More… (source:  unfictional.com)


  • “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6)

Please don’t become a victim for lack of knowledge.

One last thought, I’m not totally against vaccines.  I’m only going after those vaccines that maim and kill innocent and an unsuspecting consumer–you and me.









5 thoughts on “Flu Shot Ineffectiveness & Tulane Lab Releases Bio-Weapon Bacterium

      • I knew about the them but not the Laws in place! How long till they are used and will the world be enraged!?

        • @ Alan:

          Q: How long till they are used
          A: Laws are in place–it can be done today, if necessary; however, I’m believing that there would be massive outcry so Marshal Law will likely be the trigger. When will Marshall Law be enacted? Unknown.
          Q: Will the world be enraged!?
          A: I hate answering a question with a question but did you notice any outrage with the current beheadings in the middle east against the Coptic Christians and on-going by the mainstream media and limited by alternative media?

          Where is the outrage?


          • No but this is America! Not some failed state! Thank you for answering my emails personally !

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