Vladimir Putin Emerges, Alive & Well

Russia Military Amassing 3 15 2015Vladimir Putin Emerges

Alive & Well


After ‘missing’ since March 5, Vladimir Putin emerges in St. Petersburg holding  a Monday morning scheduled conference with the President of Kyrgyzstan. (live video @ RT)

With the rumor mills abounding in every direction with possible scenarios on where is he or why is Putin not visible for almost 10 days, including hurriedly recalling from London, England, Russian Embassy personnel, Attaches, a possible coup d’etat was in progress by shadow Russian government officials was seriously being considered.

Putin is alive and well.

One is left to continue to wonder where Putin has been so secretively tucked away somewhere unseen or unheard from for so many days.

Should we now believe that Putin was indeed ill with the flu that the government officials now claim?  This from the many Russian media and the “no comment’ from government officials when pressed for Putin’s location including if he was still alive.

Of course, videos like the one showing Russian troops amassing on Moscow streets alarming the general public, yesterday, March 15, 2015, added to the possible coup d’etat:

Russian Youtube Video Military Amassing on Moscow streets 3 15 2015

What is happening in Moscow:

BB, armored personnel carriers, helicopters for what?

English translation:

Russia Military Amassing English Translation 3 15 2015

“This afternoon, there was information about the movement of military equipment on the streets of Moscow.  Locals reported that the highways that lead to Moscow, literally filled columns APCs, tanks and trucks with lowered tents.

In the evening of March 14, became known new information from local residents who report military vehicles in downtown Moscow and moreover, witnesses managed to take photographs that prove these facts.

According to eyewitnesses the appearance of tanks and armored vehicles in downtown Moscow, heavy machinery hide behind emerged last night white trucks. APCs not particularly hide.  On the number of troops is not known, but according to the locals a lot of them.”

Was there a coup d’etat attempt?  Was it all contained quickly and quietly by Putin’s camp? After all, Putin isn’t called “the strongman” for nothing.  Heaven help anyone who tries to oust Vladimir Putin before his time is expired in office.

There is yet another scenario being brought forth as an explanation for Putin’s disappearance:  “Putin is another victim of a CIA fabricated internet hoax”  Putin is “On an island far from the mainland, the Valaam monastery is one of the Russian Orthodox Church’s holiest and most isolated sites.”  More… (source:  the miliniumreport.com).


One guess is just as good as another.  This Russian regime holds its secrets close to its chest and no one gets to know anything, not even the truth when asked.  So the rumor mill is validated and at best estimates, like Putin, alive and well.












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