Airbus A320: Laser Targeting Testing Destroyed German Flight 4u9525

Sympathy  When Someone You Love Becomes A MemoryAirbus A320:

Laser Targeting Testing Destroyed

German Flight 4u9525




Israeli News Live with Ben De-Nun reports that NATO War Games gone awry is what caused the Germanwings A320, Flight 4u9525 to crash.




German Airliner Downed By NATO War Games

In todays video DeNoon was reading from an article dated Wednesday, March 25, 2015, in Czechoslovakia posted by (link translated to English), reads, in part:

“Russian Ministry of Defense announced today in a report for internal purposes Kremlin that traps from the Northern Fleet showed that yesterday’s crash of the German flight Germanwings 4U9525 in southern France was a “direct result” of the missed test liquid high-energy laser defense system (HELLADS, High Energy Liquid Laser Area Defense System,) of the US Air Force, who tried to shoot down intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), but instead destroyed civilian airliner, killing 150 people on board.”

“According to this report, the Ministry of Defence North Central fleet, which is in full combat pohotovosti was informed about the incident yesterday Severomorsk submarine chaser, which currently operates in the Mediterranean. He announced that over southern France, Italy, western and south-western Switzerland were detected large-scale atmospheric electrical anomalies. The area where this Severomorsk detected, as the report indicates also happens to be a combat operational areas 510T combat squadron of fighters US Air Force operating of base Aviano in Italy .”

“It’s strange how the report writes that these anomalies that occurred in a combat squadron 510T operational area in southern France, yesterday occurred at the same time as the failure of the British civilian radar systems; It was confirmed on Flight Emergency: “A bit of Manchester looking at radar, I’ll look up and see that the A380 just glides over BA, but nothing on the radar? Hm. “”.  More… (source:

“MO The report also states that the military structure USA-UK-EU often threaten civilian flights for its war games over the continent, such as last year, when between 5 and June 10 temporarily disappeared from radar 50 aircraft in Austria, Germany, Czech Republic and the Slovak” More… (source:

“Slovak air traffic control in its statement of radar failure admitted: The disappearance of objects on the radar screens was associated with the planned military exercises, held at various locations in Europe.”  More… (source:

“Specific “intercontinental missile test” (ICBM), which was used for this test, as the report says, was released the day before, on Monday morning, the US Air Force base in California, and the Obama regime about it said that it is a message to the world about Washington nuclear capabilities. “”  (source: is reporting information from Russian intelligence reports.  Is Russia to be relied upon for accuracy given the recent developments between the U.S. and Russia?

There is an enormous behind the scenes activity taking place between the U.S. and Russia’s on again, off again relationship.

Just today I saw an article that both countries are working on a joint project: “US & Russia to Build New Space Station, Plan Joint Mars Project”.

I can say that at least it’s understood that The disappearance of objects on the radar screens was associated with the planned military exercises, held at various locations in Europe. The technology to disappear from radar screens does exist as was seen from my earlier post.

However, back to Andreas Lubitz’ involvement in downing the Airbus…he’s a scapegoat.

I’ve read article after article how it’s almost impossible to have the door to the cockpit inaccessible, including that the plane is equipped with a satellite phone system to communicate with authorities on the ground available to all flight crew members, both inside and outside the cockpit.

This information was available on March 25, 2015, the day after the downing of Flight 4u9525, but is just now migrating into the West.

Being hit by a fighter jet was already disclosed on my previous post.  It’s the “why?” that was confusing.

Questions on where is the passenger manifest has still not surfaced.  I read another report today alleging:

  • A Spanish intel team was aboard specializing in cyber-terrorism, they were the target (limited confirmation)
  • The Spanish team was involved in an investigation of the “Swiss owned” company, Crypto AG (highly confirmed)
  • Crypto AG is a Mossad front. (highly confirmed)

Soooo, should we believe this story or not?  I’ll leave it up to you the reader for your own opinion.

The Czech article lines up with my own belief that a fighter jet shot down Flight 4u9525 but not by accident. What is the probability that a missed test liquid high-energy laser defense system  just happen to hit 4u9525?  Electrical systems are designed for accuracy.

One, of a possible more, reasons has been revealed by an article out of Czechoslaviakia.

It doesn’t change the outcome.  People died needlessly in the name of weapons of mass destruction.






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    • Sorry for the confusion on the error code regarding some of the links. Initially, I didn’t want to link them because Orgo-Net already had them linkined but I didn’t delete the url.

      I’ve gone ahead and updated the links to avoid further confusion.

      Thank you for your comment.

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