Garrisa University, Kenya Attacked: 147 Christian Students Killed

Garrisa Attacked in Kenya 2Garrisa University, Kenya Attacked:

147 Christian Students Killed 


Receiving news from Kenya, Africa.  147 Christian students have been killed at the Garrisa University in Kenya in an early morning raid by the militant Islamist group Al-Shabab:

“Al-Shabab gunmen attacked a college campus in the town of Garissa in northeast Kenya on Thursday, killing at least 147 people in a bloody attack on students, authorities said.

Masked men burst into the Garissa University College in the early morning raid and reportedly singled out Christians students, separating them from Muslim peers before murdering them. ” More…(source: AlJareeza)

Article:  Kenya university attack leaves 147 dead

Updated: 5:53 am, Friday, 3 April 2015

“Kenyan troops have ended a day-long college campus siege in which at least 147 students were massacred by Somalia’s Al-Shabab Islamist group.

“The operation at Garissa University College has ended, with all four terrorists killed,” the national disaster operations centre said late on Thursday, with the attack lasting some 16 hours from before dawn until well after dark.” (source:  Skynews)



The cost of human martyred Christian lives continues to mount.

Garrisattack Twitters

“When is this going to end if Kenya’s security are not serious on their job.We’re tired of Innoncent people being killed” writes Emmanuel Kilika.

“God speed to the injured during Garrisa attack.  Condolonces to the families who have lost their loved ones”  writes Ian T.

Robert Woweru writes:  “They (students) that died n injured during the garissa attack were only enriching their lives by pursuing an education.”

Engineer Karuki writes:  “Terrorists should be dealt with ruthlessly. United we stand.”

Demarco Mwanix writes: “Sending my condolences to the families of those left by loved onces and wish the injured quick recovery.”

I, too, join my condolences to the families of those left by loved ones in the Name of Jesus Christ.

It’s a dark day for Kenya and Christians, please pray.







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