Chinese Flag Flying Over Capital of Washington State? Not On Our Watch!

Chinese Flag over WHChinese Flag Flying Over the

Capital of Washington State?

Not On Our Watch!


Update:  Correction…the Flag flown over the State Capital of Washington State not Washington DC. Editorial Error.


A shout out and “Thanks” to our vigilant U.S. Veterans patrolling the White House grounds. They took notice of an unwanted and unwelcome Chinese flag flying high in the midst of the U.S. flag over the U.S. White House in Washington, D.C.

Immediately the vets brought it to the attention of the State Police who took control of the situation and had the flag brought down.

Pro-Action was taken by merely adamantly speaking out in a non-violent way.  However, it begs a question. Who ordered it to be flown in the first place?

Chinese Flag – WTF

There is much speculation on the name of the Jade Helm 15 upcoming military psyop, exercise. Why is it named Jade Helm 15?

Jade:  the mineral and color green jade associated with China’s green jade dragon steering the ship:

Chinese Jade green ship


  1. the entire steering apparatus of a ship,
  2. a wheel or tiller by which a ship is steered


for the year 2015.

Still think this is all someone’s imagination?

Jade Helm 15 is still a go!

So who is really governing (steering) the United States? Has the New World Order, One World government, kicked in without notifying the U.S. citizens?  A silent take over, coup d’etat, without firing a shot? Are Americans jaded?









4 thoughts on “Chinese Flag Flying Over Capital of Washington State? Not On Our Watch!

  1. Over the White House too? I thought this was over the State House in the state of Washington… as bad as that still is. Very interesting article. I knew there must be some sort of significance to the term Jade Helm. It’s been said many times by a certain individual, or many, that the globalists are using America to build up China to use it as the spearhead of the New World Order. I think the takeover may have indeed begun, undeclared of course.

    • I’ve seen two videos linking Jade Helm to China–one by Steve Quayle and theoldmarine1. Just makes sense. Then I saw the Chinese flag flying–I think I understood “it must be then.”

      Creepy though.

  2. This is very ominous stuff if you haven’t seen this yet posted over at Infowars.


    • Hey Corey! Nope I hadn’t seen Infowars videos today. I just saw the one you posted. In seeing it I had a thought that we didn’t pay attention to what our troops were doing in VietNam and the destruction caused. I had a brother who served in the U.S. Marines in VietNam. He never spoke about anything they had done.

      Maybe we’re now paying for what the U.S. did back then–oppression, mayhem, destruction…

      Keep in touch!


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