Torah Codes: End to Darkness by Richard Shaw

Torah Codes DVD 1 21 2015Torah Codes: End to Darkness

by Richard Shaw


Richard Shaw, producer for the Torah Codes, End to Darkness DVD was guest speaker on the LA Marzulli Acceleration Radio program earlier today, April 9, 2015.

As some of you may have already known, I have done a few articles on the Torah Codes, a most fascinating subject and, in my opinion,  a supernatural phenomena.


TORAH CODES End to Darkness

As a refresher to my DVD review dated January 21, 2015, here is the URL:

Three years ago, on April 19, 2012, I had already written an article simply titled The Torah Bible Codes, which is around the time that I became initially interested in the Bible Codes.  Here is the URL for that particular article:

In tonight’s interview, producer, Richard Shaw, is speaking about his trip to Israel and of course, in particular the process of the ELS, equal letter sequence, in the computer software program used by some lay researchers and by some of the Jewish Rabbis in Israel.

If anyone is interested in purchasing the DVD, it can now be found on Amazon:  Click here for quick accessibility.

Tonight’s radio program has now been archived and can be accessed here:

Have fun, be blessed and enjoy the radio program on the Torah Codes!





7 thoughts on “Torah Codes: End to Darkness by Richard Shaw

  1. I wonder if this word is in the bible code… “DHIMMITUDE”. It is found on page 107 of the health care bill. It looks very peculiar to me that this word is found in a health care bill that requires all to have insurance that bears Obama’s name… “Obamacare”. There are articles to be read that supposedly debunk this, but it does appear that it is there in the health care bill. I personally think that Barack Obama is the forerunner, or the “John the Baptist” of the Antichrist, preparing the way for his arrival given that we have the two peculiar scriptures found in Luke 10:18 and Ezekiel 20:29 that are alluding to him. I guess the argument could be made that Obama is the Antichrist himself given his name association with the words “The Assyrian” in the bible codes as well. But at the least, he is likely the forerunner or John the Baptist of Antichrist. But I thought it rather peculiar that we have another large piece of evidence that seemingly confirms that by discovering that the word “Dhimmitude” can be found in the very health care bill that bears Obama’s name, that requires all to have insurance. Here is what the word “Dhimmitude” means…

  2. Hmmmmm… An afterthought on my comment in my reference to Ezekiel 20:29 which reads the following: “Then I said unto them, What is the {high place} whereunto you go? And the name thereof is called “Bamah” unto this day.” After searching to see if “Dhimmitude” is found in the bible code or not, I came across this article titled “Dhimmitude in high places”. Coincidence? Not sure. But interesting. I do know that when you are seeking answers to biblical questions, God does work in mysterious ways now doesn’t he? … Lol!

  3. After doing a bit more digging, it turns out that the word dhimmitude isn’t actually in the bill on page 107 as alot of comments about this story are suggesting, I took a look myself, nowhere to be found, but it does appear that the word was found in the original draft of the bill but was edited out… according to a couple comments I’ve read of people who had the time to dig a little bit. Hmmmmmm…. seems to be some kind of intention there if it was originally there but now it isn’t after some uproar. Still very suspicious. May be something, may be nothing. But the more interesting thing is the link you provided up above concerning the gemetria.

    • Corey if you are referring to any link to Obamacare medical codes, many links are now broken. I did an article referencing a medical code but I didn’t do an image to preserve it. Some months later, I got the impression to double check the link and it was reading “ERROR”. I double checked other blogs who had used the same link and they too were showing broken link. Appears “someone” is backtracking and removing references to medical codes on Obamacare and breaking them by removing the iinitial page. However, the medical code still exists because I found another site not in the U.S. who is still listing them. Naturally, I’m saving the site for future use but I will do an image to preserve my post. The breaking of medical codes breaking links is deliberate because the public is waking up and actually reading the material being provided to them. You’re not imagining anything. If you saw it, you saw it.


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