1250 circa Black Book of Carmarthen Connection to Ghostly Aliens

Book of Carmarthen Wales Dinosaur1250 circa Black Book of Carmarthen

Connection to Ghostly Aliens


For the past 750 years, 1250 circa, the Black Book of Carmarthen, was hidden from the public.

The Black Book is named for the color of its antique animal leather binding.  It is believed it was written in the St. John the Evangelist Priory at Carmarthen, Wales, circa 1250, and is now owned by and kept at the National Library of Wales under an environmentally controlled condition to protect the delicate text.

“It is now thought by modern scholars to be the work of a single scribe writing at different periods of his life before and about the year 1250. This makes it one of the earliest surviving manuscripts written solely in the Welsh language. It was designated one of the ‘Four Ancient Books of Wales’ by William Forbes Skene (1809-92), although he believed it to have been written much earlier in the twelfth century.”

“The manuscript came into the hands of Sir John Price of Brecon (1502?-1555), a man with antiquarian and literary interests. He had been appointed chief registrar of the crown in ecclesiastical matters and in this capacity undertook the task of searching the monasteries dissolved by Henry VIII. He found the ‘Black Book’, it is said, in the possession of the treasurer of St Davids Cathedral, the manuscript at the time reputed to have come from Carmarthen Priory.”  More… (source: National Library of Wales)

As can be seen in reviewing the online manuscript written in Welsh, the captivating manuscript is poetic in nature with more thoughts and verses written in the margins, along with sketches, some of which have been erased. With the invention of modern ultra violet lighting and photography imaging, some of those images can now be clearly seen:

Ghostly Gray Aliens and Invisible Verse

Found in Medieval Black Book of Carmarthen

“The Black Book of Carmarthen together with the rest of the Peniarth collection of manuscripts is now housed among the Special Collections of the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, the collection having been purchased in 1904 for the proposed National Library by its primary founder and foremost benefactor, Sir John Williams, baronet (1840-1926), physician to the Duchess of York. The price he paid for the collection was £5,500; the Black Book of Carmarthen was valued at £400.” (source: digidol.llgc.org.uk)

The poetic manuscript was painstakingly written in the rich Gothic print style with bold leading capitaBlack Book of Carmarthen from Wales f 3 v.l letters, many in colors of blue, green, and red.

Browsing the digitally enhanced historic pages on-line reveals the almost invisible alien faces on one of the pages as seen in the video above.

While emphasis is clearly on the alien and ghostly apparitions in the video, there is included a sketch of a docile dinosaur and an odd-shaped left hand with five fingers.  Was this a left-handed scribe tired of pressing meticulously to create those special characters?  Another source referred to some of those sketches as “doodles,” not realizing that we, today, would recognize the spiritual significance of the interdimensional malevolent aliens, ghosts and definitely the not so friendly dinosaur era.  Apparently circa 1250 also faced the same phenomena–interdimensional aliens, ghosts, and dinosaurs given the Renaissance Age and Medieval culture of King Arthur, Knights of the Round Table and the incantations of Myrrdin (the Wizard Merlin) who are also mentioned in the book–visually artistic nonetheless.

 “Although it was written in the 13th Century, the Black Book features poems relating to events that had take place centuries earlier.

It refers to battles in the Hen Ogledd, or the Old North – northern England and the Scottish Borders, and the mythical drowning of the village of Cantre’r Gwaelod.” (source:  BBC.co.uk)

Browsing the interactive poetic manuscript can be seen online by clicking here:  Peniarth MS1.

Analyzing UFO Data:

On a related subject, there is a virtual UFO map of data–visualizing time series data, analyzing UFO sightings from the National UFO Reporting UFO Data Analyzing from 1933 to dateCenter from 1933 to-date.

“The first thing that jumped out was the increase in sightings during the 1950s and 1960s. It turns out that the CIA’s U2 program may be responsible for several of these report. In late 2014 the CIA took to Twitter to take credit for nearly HALF of the UFO reporting in the 1950s. A copy of the report from the CIA’s own archive’s can be found here.  The next part of my deep dive was learning more about the “famous” sighting at the 1933 World Fair noted in the data. When I entered 1933 World Fair into Google something didn’t seem right…” (source: Quantbait.com)


It’s always amazingly interesting to me to tie history to today’s events–UFOs and aliens!  I believe it’s called “evidence” to substantiate what the Lord God is today revealing to those who have an ear to hear and an eye to understand.

From unearthing little black antique books to high resolution computer software, methods to record information–all ready and willing to be explored.












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