Jade Helm 15 Linked to Possible Planned Cyber Attack?

Jade Helm Master the Human DomainJade Helm 15 Linked to

Possible Planned Cyber Attack?


Receiving information that the Jade Helm 15 military “exercise” has been linked to a possible planned massive cyber attack since 2014.

“The information provided at the link below will show you clear evidence that there has been a connected Cyber Operation Involved with Jade Helm. It’s In Big Bold Letters!

This Also shows that there has been significant Planning Into Jade Helm going back to January of 2014, and that is just the Cyber Aspect of the whole Thing. Other Jade Helm operation origins may date back even further than this.

We now have concrete evidence that this so-called Military Exercise is Connected to a Large Well Planned Cyber Event!” (source:  Dahboo777)

HUGE! Jade Helm 15 Connected to

Massive Cyber Event, Planned Since 2014


Kelly, Mia Cyber IO Planner for Exercise JADE HELM at ICEMia Kelly

Cyber/IO Planner for Exercise JADE HELM at ICE

Fayetteville, North Carolina Area
Defense & Space
  1. VATC,
  2. Northrop Grumman,
  1. University of Maryland University College


– 30+ years working with DoD
– 15 years working with Special Operations
– Experienced in Cyber Operations and Electronic Warfare Planning, CI/HUMINT, and Information
– Strong written and oral communications skills
– Detailed operational planner
– Expert at developing viable courses of action for complex problems
– Mentor and trainer


Cyber/IO Planner for Exercise JADE HELM


August 2014 – Present (9 months)Fort Bragg, NC

Cyber/IO Planner – JADE HELM


January 2014 – August 2014 (8 months)

Senior Cyber/Information Operations Planner

Northrop Grumman

September 2007 – December 2013 (6 years 4 months)

IO Planner/LNO


2007 – December 2013 (6 years)

Sergeant Major

US Army, 1st IO CMD

2004 – 2007 (3 years)

First Sergeant

US Army

1999 – 2004 (5 years)


  • Security Clearance
  • Counterterrorism
  • Operational Planning
  • DoD
  • Tactics
  • Army
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • National Security
  • Military Operations
  • Special Operations
  • Defense
  • Command
  • Military
  • Force Protection
  • Information Assurance

(source:  LinkedIn)


Q:  Is this real?

A: Unable to completely vet this information.  We’ll have to wait and see what develops although I’ve been seeing massive military vehicles and equipment streaming across Canada into the U.S. on other videos provided by the average citizen journalist with sharp eyes and good recording cameras.

Q:  What if this person is simply just that–a computer specialist for national security reasons and not necessarily to shut down the entire computer system in the U.S.?

A:  However, although she is a specialist, she sure lacks common sense to advertise her skills, education, particulary Cyber/IO Planner and Jade Helm 15 etc on LinkedIn for all to see.  More so since Jade Helm 15 is turning very ominous.

I captured the information on this specialist–if the LinkedIn page goes missing soon.

Stay Safe, Be Blessed.






13 thoughts on “Jade Helm 15 Linked to Possible Planned Cyber Attack?

  1. Oh SsM… (I gotta learn how to do presentations like this!)


    • Hey Nome! I, too, haven’t reached that Labryinth level of understanding much less produce an article or video.

      I know how to “produce” videos using the mymoviemaker from Microsoft (free download). In fact, I just did a 2:50 mini video about a week ago for a party group…anyway–I know I had to actually study “parties” in order to get the message across. I had to gather photos turn them into images, upload them into the moviemaker, move them around to fit the story line, create the “credits” at the end of the movie and don’t forget the sound track. I actually uploaded it onto Youtube and guess what? The person who wanted the “party” changes her mind. I deleted the mini video from Youtube but didn’t destroy the actual video. I have it in “storage” ready to re upload if she changes her mind. That’s life my friend! I shore it all up now to knowledge and experience–nothing wasted.

      It’s all time consuming but its a learning process. Parties aren’t really my thing but I have to admit I did learn the topic.

      It’s the topic that you have to first conquer by being well informed to get the message across. I do liken it to say, it’s basically the same when I have to create an article (a post). I have to do research into the topic. Initially, I had to learn to write it in Microsoft and rearrange and then copy/paste into my blog. Very time consuming.

      I kept asking the Lord if I was going down the right path “in writing” these posts.

      Next thing I know I was doing snippets straight onto my blog bypassing the Microsoft word program which saved me a ton of time allowing me to create more articles in less time. (I do have the software for slide presentations. I just haven’t gone into it too much yet.) Now I only use Microsoft word to save snippets of research because it’s alot of info for my mind to store. I now have several articles “in storage” but categorized better for accessability.

      What I’m saying is that you build up from “something” first. I want to eventually do screen casting and hit Youtube videos to expand my knowledge.

      I write technical information on my blog because I create pdfs and links to valuable resources. I’m trying to get more quality driven articles up for the reader, including future eBooks in the works.

      I’m not totally informed on the Illuminati and the Freemasons which is why I haven’t done articles on them. That’s not to say I am not interested but my plate is full. I do have text saved in Microsoft Word on the Illuminati. I’m researching trying to put up something that resembles a hierarchy naming names and companies involved in it, plus the Bilderbergs, yes, including Hitler and Argentina where he actually escaped after WW II. Are you aware that Hitler was a nephew of the British royal family? If my info pans out–what a stunner. It explains why he had the mentality of “royal leadership”–it’s in the genes.

      Parallel 90 degrees is very intriguing. Many topics to learn, more on vaccines coming soon and the changing of our DNA using dirty vaccines–very much like the Nephilim and their manipulated genes. I’m getting a kick out of CERN and it’s connection to the occult ripping the veil of protection…meteorites, the universe, the planets, particularly Planet X. It took me some time to gather research on Planet X but well worth it once its up. I’m being long winded–sorry.

      Yes, the articles try to lead the reader to the Word of the Lord using real life events, even learning the Word of the Lord as I write. I’ll be using more of Pastor Paul Begley’s videos because, he too, along with LA, lines up with bible prophecy and connecting the dots.

      I’m also believing the Lord has been and continues to create a network of credible biblical information ready for the reader particularly for the overseas audience. I say this because I came to find out my readership is approximately 53% from the USA and approximately 47% from overseas Asian nations–Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, European countries–Slovakia, Greece, Austria, even some from Russia, and including Africa which is taking a pounding. It’s all very exciting and unbelievable for me–never dreamed I would ever go out that far in this world!

      I’ll keep pushing forward–one step at a time. Hey, how you holding out on this Jade Helm 15 phenomena?

      Keep in touch!


      • Wow! Awesome!! I’ll follow-up more this weekend. (bit distracted with a local conference till then) Hitler too, eh … Gonz says it’s all staged.

    • This is extremely well done. I’ve read the book and the blogs and still needed this tutorial to really “see” what he was saying.

  2. Hi Mary. I’m sure you’ve probably seen this by now. It’s interesting to me that we have “ISIS”, referring to an ancient Egyptian goddess if I’m not mistaken, being allowed to operate on America’s border and probably likely will soon be allowed to invade along with other enemies such as China, Russia etc. etc. I thought it interesting considering your previous article and the whole supernatural parallel with Ancient Egypt that America shares. Unbelievable.


  3. And then there is this possible connection to Jade Helm:

    Walmarts across the country are mysteriously being closed down for 6 months… all appear to be in Operation Jade Helm states.



    Blood Moon tetrad and Schemitta Hell 2015 anyone?

    • Hey Corey! It’s beyond bizarre. My memory is a bit off at the moment but wasn’t Walmart a designated Center for Disasters, much like those myserious Domes that were constructed in case of a disaster?

      Here’s a statement from a former subcontractor, an electrician, for Walmart stores:

      “I’m an electrician and I used to work for a company that did repairs at Walmart’s, they make the contractors jump through hoops so they do not have to shut down or cause any inconvenience.”

      “If it really was a plumbing issue, they would build completely new restrooms first then repair any issue afterwards. Also, knowing Walmart’s timelines, there is no way in hell any contractors would have 6 months to complete any repair project.”

      The Walmart closure, excuse the pun, stinks of something is up and it smells like sewage to me. https://www.intellihub.com/are-the-nationwide-walmart-closures-connected-to-detention-centers-for-american-citizens/


      Just saying!!

      • Indeed it does. I find it more than coincidental that they are all in Jade Helm states. Something isn’t right here.

  4. great cannon, cryptolocker targets police, exec push on cyber-defense, snowden’s bronze bust … note also CIAS for cyberwar incubator in San Antonio

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