California Passes Mandatory Vaccinations on 2nd Try

Vaccines Mandatory Forcing CaliforniaCalifornia Passes Mandatory

Vaccinations on 2nd Try


Receiving Breaking News: California vaccine bill approved by committee on second try

“The 7-2 vote offered none of the drama of the previous Senate Education Committee hearing, when Senate Bill 277’s authors agreed to delay a vote in the face of hours of stinging testimony and pointed questions from fellow legislators about preserving childrens’ ability to get an education.”

“While this bill won’t reach everyone, it will increase everyone’s safety against vaccine-preventable diseases,” Allen said. “We think we’ve struck a fair balance here that provides more options to parents who are concerned about not vaccinating.”

“But SB 277 opponents cried foul. A press release from California Coalition for Health Choice denounced the change as “outright rigging the results of a vote.” (source:

 BREAKING: Mandatory Vaccinations Passed on Second Try

In the meantime, vaccination penalty in Australia:

Australia Enforces $15K Tax Penalty

for Parents Who Dont Vaccinate

Vaccinations is a global effort.  It will spread to other countries forcing the population into an unhealthy unwanted invasion, an assaulting, of their own bodies under severe penalties–the New World Order concept of one government, depopulation program.


Be safe.  Be blessed.






2 thoughts on “California Passes Mandatory Vaccinations on 2nd Try

  1. Of course the only ones in the current generations that will listen are the remnant (the saved and the lost soon to be saved). The damned don’t understand that both there spiritual genetics and physical genetics are being changed that they’re some other species — and a threat to The Creator’s design for mankind.

    The hybrids chimera that we see spiritually described in the Revelation Chapters 8-9 (Trumpets Judgments) are abominations. Great Babylon (the enemy angels as a group mimicking New Jerusalem, the false bride/harlot mimicking the True Bride) is the mother of the abominations of the earth. I believe that’s out of all the earth and all generations. So Great Babylon is their collective, and seen in the Revelation riding the beast as a spiritual collective.

    I’m using spiritually to mean higher dimensional. So for instance, the heavenly creatures (seraphim) around the Throne of God are sometimes seen separately and other times as a collective.

    The gent in the youtube makes the point, that what they show openly is only the tip of the iceberg. By the time the tares manifest openly — they are mature — ready to breed. Which simply means it’s time for the Holy Angels to intervene. And it’s important to stay out of their way.

    • Hey Nome! For a country that belileves in and practices isolation, China doesn’t have any problems trying to conquer other countries, regardless of culture, and impose their believes in the one child policy.

      I wasn’t aware they were exploring the chimera concept or maybe that’s the trigger the “controlling the human population” by any means.


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